SmackDown Redux (July 23rd, 2010): “Skirt Tiffany?!”

Following a successful pay per view title defense last Sunday at Money in the Bank, Women’s Champion Layla relaxed this week on SmackDown as she was thrown a celebratory party by BFF, Michelle McCool. Watch below:

After exchanging gifts, which miraculously end up being two halves of one pendant [they're psychic apparently], in comes GM Teddy Long to announce that Layla will defend the Women’s Title next week against Tiffany, or as she’s now dubbed, ‘Skirt Tiffany’.

Despite being a short segment, I can’t even lie — I cracked up on more than one occasion. First at ‘Skirt Tiffany?!’ and then the Teddy-isms. Very funny. Again, Layla’s comic timing is perfect. I find her extremely enjoyable to watch in these little skits.

As for the match between Tiffany and Layla next week… wow! What a fast turnaround for Tiffany from wrestling debut to title shot. I think she’s worked really hard over the past few months, had consistently good performances in the ring and I look forward to seeing her wrestle Layla. Do I think she will win? Probably not, but it’s nice to see her being given an opportunity. She’s no worse than Kelly, Alicia, Eve or Maryse, who have all been in the title picture in the WWE of late, so why not?

My only gripe is that I tend to feel there should be some storyline development leading to a title shot i.e. a No.1 Contender’s Match or a battle royal. It is quite random that Tiffany is just granted a title shot, especially so soon after Kelly’s. Perhaps this will be a pit-stop leading to Kelly getting a rematch? We’ll see how it plays out last week.

Nothing more to really write about SmackDown this week. I enjoyed the humour of the segment, though.

If you want to see this week’s obligatory ‘Rosa in Training’ segment, click here. Not even worth discussing, to be honest.

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  • Kevinmci

    The dance :P lol

    Is Rosa face now?

  • theregoeskitty

    yeah i think Rosa is face too

    the segment was fun, but a match should have followed it

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    Yeha I think high-fiving Big Show confirms her face turn. Why is this not worth discussing? I’m the third person to bring it up

  • MickieFan226

    Gosh I love LayCool more and more each week! When they did that dance it was to funny.

    Hope Layla & Tiffany have a good match next week. I’m sure Layla will retain!

  • Kevinmci


    I think it is. Maybe it means the whole diva’s roster against LayCool. Which could lead to some good stuff.

  • Alex

    Well Rosa looks happy so why not let her enjoy it

  • PedroPedroso17

    Poor Rosa, I’d think she was next in line for a title shot, even tho she’s not a good wrestler by any means it would make sense if she was next, as she was the one that cost Layla a match before Money in the Bank. But hey what do I know?? As far as I’m concerned, Tiffany/Layla could be a great match, let’s wait and see…

  • Kaledrina

    i’m still waiting for a purpose behind the co-champion thing other than it being a chance for michelle to call it “our title”.

    the randomness of it all suggests something happening next week.. whether it be a mistake made by mccool, it being turned into a handicap match or perhaps even the debut of aj lee.. perhaps my hopes are a little too high, though.

  • Toby

    Skirt Tiffany? LMAO; love you Layla! xD

  • Teri

    I loved Layla’s face when she said “SKIRT TIFFANY?!”


  • mffl413

    love it! by the way i am so jealous of michelle’s abs! FLAWLESS!!!!

  • ohiofan1

    What is with the black gloves Layla wears now?

  • melina prez

    Lay-Cool r Flawless and they will be next week after SmackDown and rosa is face now i think

  • Alex

    @ ohiofan1 like Eric would say they’re her trophy from vanqishing maria LOL

  • The_Eric

    I can see Tiffany winning next week (I hope it’s more than wishful thinking)…The only one downside to that…I can totally see Tiffany giving Kelly a belt and them becoming co-champs…BTW, did they ever explain how Michelle was able to get a second belt? Since, in theory, people work their asses off for a title belt, it seems weird that Michelle was able to get one a week after Layla won… For the sake of logic, I have to point this out…They both got each other gifts that the other didn’t know about, but they managed to buy matching halves to a ‘best friends’ necklace…

    Fingers crossed for Tiffany next week!!! I can’t wait to read the spoilers…

  • SoRandy4Rosa

    Theres no way in hell Tiffany will win the title. If they wanted Lay-cool to drop the belts, it would’ve been to Kelly at the PPV.


    Just like SoRandy4Rosa said if they were going to have Layla lose the title it would of been sunday and if they want Tiff to be champ i could see Kelly winning then giving Tiff a belt

  • JJ

    I could honestly see Tiffany winning the title next week. I’m really 50/50 on whether she will or not. The WWE seems to be going with these quick title wins that come without enough build (Eve, Alicia, Layla) and the fact that they’ve hyped it like they have done here makes me think they might give her the win.

    I like Tiffany but I don’t think she should get the title, purely because she’s had no build towards it; it’s all been about Kelly. Tiffany has been the girl to stand at the side, or lose a tag match when required. She’s been really solid since coming to Smackdown, so I could see her getting it as a reward of sorts.

    Scenario I could see them doing is what someone on here suggested they do with Kelly. Next week, Tiffany beats Layla to shock everyone. Vickie comes out and says that Michelle and Layla are co-Women’s Champions, Michelle takes out Tiffany, LayCool retains the title. That could be a good build towards Tiffany eventually getting the belt (or at least make for a few good weeks of TV before AJ debuts, fingers crossed).

    I really like Rosa’s backstage segments! Sure they’re not hugely important, but they’re entertaining enough and giving her TV time, and evene development! Rosa made Vickie jealous one week, got weird stares from CM Punk, cost Layla a match just before a PPV, and high-fived Big Show. It seems to be a quiet development into a face!

    @ The_Eric
    I think WWE missed an opportunity to plug their merchandise! WWE sells replica belts, made out of the same materials of the real belts, which is what I’m imagining Michelle is carrying around. I would have liked Todd Grisham to bring this up. Better yet, have Tiffany and Kelly Kelly come out with replica belts one week to screw with LayCool!

  • ilovelita

    So does that mean Rosa Mendes is a face because she gave Big Show a high 5?

  • Skylar

    kinda weird defending a tittle 2 straight weeks,i have never seen that before i dont care who wins i just want kelly kelly AWAY from holding the tittle or being the contender!!!

  • ilovelita

    And at least the Women’s Champion appeared after the PPV following her succesful victory at Money In The Bank. I don’t know why Alicia Fox wasn’t!

  • Skylar

    Cody Rhodes is not dashing and hes annoying as hell.

  • Justin0422

    I hope my favorite diva Tiffany wins the title :) I’m not reading the spoilers though. Rosa is really growing on me. She is one of my favorite divas. I think she is funny and I love her cute little segments and I hope she turns face. If she does then AJ will definately be heel. That way it will be all even. And if Tiffany wins AJ can feud with her for the title and maybe start something with Lay-Cool. Like have them hate eachother.

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    Ahh LayCool has certainly grown on me lol, well at least Layla. This segment would’ve been better with a #1 contenders match and LayCool not knowing about it due to their little party. I dont think Tiffany will win mainly because its even more random than Eve’s first title match, which unfortunately she won. Rosa’s backstage segment was worth discussing, shes like a super tweener right now because last week she accidentally cost Layla her match. This week she got a hi-5 from Big Show.

  • mffl413

    michelle really towers over everybody