In Pictures: Angela Fong Sizzles in New Bikini Photoshoot

Former WWE Diva, Angela Fong aka Savannah is in the spotlight over at the Heyman Hustle site, in what looks to be a new bikini photoshoot.

Angela looks smokin’ hot!

Check out all the pictures here.

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  • JaiRate86

    She is smokin hot! It is a shame that she was let go! She could put on a great match e.g. vs Alicia in Queen of FCW finals which is what SD needs! Also, she would’ve been a great contribution to the divas and to WWE’s move into the Chinese market (which they probably wanted anyways!)

  • madslam2009

    Man now I want me some Saki Bomb

  • donnie darko

    ROFL @ Madslam

    She is a gorgeous woman. Maria, Mickie James, Savannah, Katie Lea and Serena..shame on you WWE. Your creative teams and Johnny “Lives in Jupiter Ace” have really fucked up this year.

  • art1e

    @ donnie darko maria was useless & im glad shes gone…

    shame angela was let go i think sd really needed her…plus she can wrestle…

  • Marshy

    WWE could always give them a second chances on being on their roster.I don’t think that they should have Johnny Ace doing the evalutions or come to any of the tryouts anymore,cause he is messing up the Diva division big time.

  • donnie darko

    @ Marshy, or how about they can his @ss once and for all? Sounds better.

    @Artie – Maria was a good character. She wasn’t any worse than Maryse. Or are u hatin because of her shoot interviews? Trust me, I wasn’t too happy when she said Lita was one behind the wall…whatever the hell that meant. And saying Melina slept around a lot..but anyway, Maria was a decent character.

  • DarkMaverick87

    WWE never should have let her go. I seriously hope they bring her back as a wrestler.

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    This woman is just so pretty. Asian woman, are, overall, very beautiful. It still saddens me that she was released.

  • imj1995

    I don’t think she’s going to get signed back just this yet. I mean when you search her name on google all you see are pictures of her breast and we all know how PG the WWE is now.

  • debralicious

    I love angela fong. I couldn’t wait for her to start wrestling on TV but WWE had to release her. Fuck. She should go to TNA, she lives in Florida either way.

  • Marshy

    @donnie darko that canning Johnny Ace’s behind sounds a whole lot better too, I was thinking about that too.What is the point of keeping someone of his caliber on the roster to scout talent if he looking for women wrestlers to pose in Playboy,when we hardly ever hear any of the WWE Divas posing for Playboy as of lately,so what is point o looking for models and when women wrestlers from the independent scene ae ready to go,they don’t need that much training when they already got the know how down pact. Angela Fong,Lena Yada,Mickie James,Katie Lea and Serena shouldn’t never be released from The WWE.

  • Looking Glass

    Hmmm I wish Angela would send one of her matches into Danger next time she does her evaluation things for SHIMMER, in a Untitled Show, Allison said she saw bits of Angela’s work and was impressed with her potential and Angela herself sounded keen to continue with wrestling, someone needs to let this girl now, SHIMMER would be amazing for her.

  • Eric

    She is sooo hot. I almost went straight.