Exclusive Details on WWE’s Signing of Aloisia (aka Isis the Amazon)

As Diva Dirt first broke, WWE recently signed Florida-based independent wrestler Isis the Amazon to a contract recently. Isis debuted tonight on WWE NXT as Aloisia, one of the six rookie Divas competing on season three of NXT, which is due to begin next week.

We are told that Isis was signed to her contract two weeks ago with WWE specifically earmarking her for a spot on NXT, presumably due to her unique stature as she stands at 6’9″ tall.

Isis was first spotted at the FCW Arena a few weeks ago and again at an FCW live event last Friday, leading us to speculate that she had been signed. A reliable source confirmed our story on Monday and tonight, she debuted on television.

The rookie was originally going to go under the name of Lindsay on NXT, however for whatever reason, she is now known as Aloisia. Her NXT pro will be Vickie Guerrero.

You can follow Isis/Aloisia on Twitter here.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/thewweuberfan TheWWEUberfan

    Maybe this is hope for KONG?!

  • http://www.facebook.com Trevon

    Who in the hell came up with Aloisia, but still looking forward to seeing Isis the amazon on TV can’t wait.

  • http://vetaj.blogspot.com NurseBetty

    I just hope they don’t make her a gimmick! Her and Beth would be great together as a team. I wish Beth was her Rookie and Vicki with Naomi

  • fanboy

    Really hope they stuck with Isis… and please treat her with resepct WWE don’t pair her up with Khali or Santino… or whoever…

  • alexl467

    If they’re able to sign her up I think it would be interesting if the WWE paired Kong with Isis and have them regularly compete in the tag team division.


  • Jayd211

    i dont kno i hated Aloisia (the name) when i first heard it but after reading it over and over again ive adjusted to it

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    I really hope that’s her attire. I love AJ’s, Isis’s, and Maxine’s attire. She looks amazing i rather have her win instead of AJ well first im going to see how good of a wrestler she is.

  • spiffy

    And I thought they couldn’t top McGillicutty as a bad name

  • http://UCW.co DarknessRuler

    Did Madison and Isis buy the same outfit somewhere??? <__>

    But anyways I hope they don’t just release her if she gets eliminated

  • mojodoom

    Josh Matthews is right, You don’t need to know her background. Just take one good look at her. She’s an attraction, even with a sub-par wrestling skills she’d still be a success. I don’t think we have to worry about her getting future endeavored if and when she gets eliminated. It’s obvious that Isis/Aloisa is going to be WWE’s new pet project. They paired her with the most over heel in all of WWE.

  • Ryan1919

    Awesome, I’m a big fan of Isis so I hope she goes far in the competition.

  • Tron

    @NurseBetty, she’s basically already a gimmick, sorry to say (which is especially true if what I’ve heard about her lack of wrestling skill is true). If she sticks around past NXT, WWE will more than likely have her challenge Beth for the name of most dominant Diva. Beth will likely win, and she’ll disappear after a few months if WWE can’t find anything for her to do. I rather not sound so pessimistic about it, but that’s just the way WWE tends to do things.

  • donnie darko

    She’s bigger than Chyna and Beth. If she muscles up considerably and dies her hair darker..she’s going to look like an evil bytch! Alright. I think the winner will end up being AJ Lee, last eliminated is Aloisa. Then ofcourse on Smackdown soon after..Vickie has hired a new personal bodyguard and Aloisa is reintroduced! Or she can just bring her in to take out Beth? A Wrestlemania clash of the Glamazons is in order!!

  • Jack5326

    What’s wrong with Aloisa as a name? It’s dominate sounding, enigmatic and unusual, just like her character. It’s sure as hell better than Lindsay, that gives her no additional character whatsoever. Can’t wait for Season 3! :)

  • The Crying Light

    I don’t like “Aloisia” either but I guess that’s only because “Isis” is so much more powerful given its mythological association. Plus, to me, Aloisia sounds like something you would come up with after desperately trying to produce a unique sounding name. It just feels a bit contrived like those names wrestlers get in TNA.

    But that’s just my opinion. It’s really no big deal. A rose (or a thorn) by any other name would still smell (or sting) as… um… ah forget it.

  • saxtaz79

    I have to agree with Tron that she’s already a gimmick because of her height and size. In that same token though she’s different than the other divas and any other diva they have had (seriously when was the last time you’ve seen a 6’9 diva?) A gimmick I could see and wouldn’t necessarily see her wrestling would be the Big Show and The Great Khali fighting over her.

    However I agree with the majority and would like to see her and Beth Phoenix either tag together or fight it our for the dominate diva role.

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    Isis is going to have a great future. I don’t remember WWE releasing athletes of her stature, so she’s safe.

  • http://shohanusa.proboards.com/ LuckySeven

    I’ll admit that I’m surprised to see her get on TV so far, but still happy for her. As for her ring name, well at least WWE tried. I looked it up and Aloisia is old German for “famous warrior” supposedly.

  • FCW Divas

    i like the name Aloishia, i sounds like a force to be reckon with, and dominate,, I am lovin Season 3 NXT, cant wait

  • GlamazonKimFan

    Im still really against the idea of her being in the divas divison!! You cant seriously put her against another female even Beth, unless they bring her in and start a programme with the men like Chyna, its gonna get boring fast!! Im behind Jaime and AJ!!!

  • https://twitter.com/Ana_THDanielson Ana_Nattie_rules

    GlamazonKimFan: Sure, she’s tall, but I though she would look even taller next to them. There is a lot to do with a woman like that. I seriously see her dominating and them Beth returning and finishing her winning streak.

  • alexl467

    If they’re able to sign her up I think it would be interesting if the WWE paired Kong with Isis and have them regularly compete in the tag team division.

    Diva Dirt Writers,

    Do any of you know if the WWE is actively trying to sign Kong to their promotion, because I would really love to see either or both of the above and an early Undertaker / Kane type feud occur between the former Knockout & Isis?


  • Ian778

    Pairing Isis Reo with Vickie G was genius!!! and i could see a storyline after NXT of how Isis could pretty much become the Diesel to Lay-Cool’s “HBK” heat or something like that….

  • WWEDivaFan09

    I’m in love with the idea that there is now an NXT women’s competition. These women have the talking down packed for sure, I can only hope they back it up in the ring too.

  • Robert

    You’ve got a new Diva named Aloisia on Nxt and she’s 6’9″ which too me is a hindrance.Why;cause the bigger they are the more uncordinated they are .Just go back an look at Eli Cottonwood.He too had height.And it didn’t do him any favors.And with Aloisia not having that agile speed in the ring is a hindrance.So I don’t give credence to her winding up challenging Beth for the Most Dominate Diva.NOt Just quite yet.She’s had no in-ring time in FCW and she’s now gonna be on National TV which brings a new set of problem’s.Remember she’s gotta compete against the other Diva’s and put on a show and what kind of games will they have for her to have to try her at.The smaller Diva’s will have speed to their game and will most likely gang up ou and take her out quickly.They did that too Eli .Her wind up challenging Beth for the most Dominan Diva on the WWE roster .She ain’t even close tothat yet.And someof the challenges witl be to her disadvantage.And all Diva’s’ said on National TV isn’t as easy as it looks.Like I say Aloisia hasn’t even had any in ring time in FCW now she ‘s gonna be on TV learning what she should have at FCW .