In Pictures: SmackDown vs Raw 2011 Character Models Revealed

THQ have released official character models for all the WWE Superstars featured in SmackDown vs Raw 2011. Check out all the Divas below!

They all look so realistic this year, I can’t fault any of them.

Thanks to Meagan for her help.

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  • RangerDeon

    They do look good.
    I wish Alicia was in her skirt that she wears. But I can live with what they gave us (AT LEAST SHE’S ON IT! YUSS!!)

    Now, I want IGN to do what they do every year and show me their entrances. I’ve seen Beth’s photo and I am so glad they finally let her do that….thing she does when she sits on top of the ropes right before she flips back.

    I hope they fixed Eve’s entrance. And update it. Same with Kelly Kelly. They gave her the same entrance from over 3 years ago. Update it THQ!

  • Ana_Nattie_rules

    They did the worst job on Maryse. Her face isn’t quite right. Besides that, I kinda only critic Kelly’s hair. Its weird.

  • RangerDeon

    That’s just the photo. It’s not how it’s actually going to look in the game.
    You can tell that from Eve’s photo. Her hair isn’t on one side like that in the game.

    I’m guessing Kelly’s hair is going to be the same as it was last year.

  • Kaledrina

    they look great. the reveal video looked as if natalya was the same model used as last year, glad to see that’s not the case.

    the only thing i’m disappointed with is that not only are the bellas in street clothes, but they’re not identical outfits either.

  • bortman

    mccool looks like ashley tinsdale or ashlee simpson. your pick. lol

    natalya, beth, gail and the bellas has the best models.

    melina looks like she have a saggy boobs, maryse nose is so pointy. lol

  • jaded

    Wow. They look good. Usually they look like crap. Someone from THQ did mention that they had upped the polygon count for the Divas, so they now have more than the male superstars. (The trade off is they can’t be in six person matches). But good job on the Divas.

    @RangerDeon The SmackDown vs. RAW website is doing the entrances and stuff. Some are up today. IGN isn’t doing that anymore. They haven’t done it since SvR 2009.

  • MickieFan226

    They all came out pretty good this year. To me, I think that Beth Phoenix came out the best. Michelle McCool’s face looks a bit off, maybe it’s just me.

    I’m glad that all the attires are up-to-date, except for Alicia.

  • Jake

    Kelly’s hair wont be the same. It’s curly this year

    Nikki Bella looks so much better from what we saw in 2010

  • Jake

    RangerDeon – I think they are releasing some today on the official website but I’m not sure but I did hear the guy say that in the Roster Reveal

  • madslam2009

    While the attires look outdated thay look very life like

  • RangerDeon

    Jaded & Jake — Thanks, pals. I’ll go check it out.

    You say they won’t be in 6-person matches? Again? Ugh…why did they do that again? I miss when I can have 6-diva matches. Or even have my tag team (who has a female manager) have 6-person matches. :(

  • Bourne2Fly

    Eve’s is my favorite thus far.

  • Kaledrina

    “You say they won’t be in 6-person matches? Again? Ugh…why did they do that again? I miss when I can have 6-diva matches. Or even have my tag team (who has a female manager) have 6-person matches. :(”

    yeah, very crappy decision. apparently it has to do with the women having “too many polygons”. it’ll be interesting to see if you can still have, for example: gail and melina w/ eve as valet vs mccol and alicia w/ maryse. ‘cos that’ll still be six divas in one match.. therefore the polygon issue isn’t the real reason.

  • Kaledrina

    so, on wwe’s website where they have all the model renders.. they have one of batista. thing is, he’s been released which is why he wasn’t announced last night.. makes me worried that mickie james won’t be in afterall, as surely her render would be up now just like batista’s is?

  • ABC


    There are still 14 unannounced wrestlers (not including Tiffany and DLC wrestlers) so Mickie is probably one of those

  • DylanDynamick

    Almost all of the model’s outfits were makable on the create a superstar thing on the website. But so was mickie’s top. so maybe she will be included. I really hate that tiffany isn’t playable :( I love her! And who thinks trish and lita will be playable?

  • rodneyclint

    Yeah I think Mickie could still be annouced seeing as the only people on the roster on WWE’s site that were not in the original reveal are Batista and Hornswoggle. That still gives us 12 or 13 more superstars that haven’t been revealed to us yet and I think Mickie will be one of those. She was released pretty recently and before she was let go was obviously a major player on the roster.

    As for the renders, I can’t complain about anyone really. They all look good and Kelly’s render doesn’t do her in game model justice from what I saw in the video. She looked spot on which is a lot more than I can say for last year’s representation of her. As for Eve’s entrance, it’s the same one from last year’s game and I think Beth is the only person who has recieved an updated intro. Maybe Kelly but I doubt it, looked the same too but they showed a small portion of it.

  • Jack5326

    Maryse’s face looks like they modelled it on one of Sabrina the teenage witch’s Aunts. Other than that, they all look awesome. :)

  • rodneyclint

    Oh, and damn THQ for giving the Bellas casual wear. I don’t understand why they do that in videogames. If you’re going to do that, at least give them alternate wrestling attires since it is you know, a wrestling game. Now they’ll have to be valets in my game because it irks me to see them wrestling in skinny jeans and Toms.

  • Ayzali

    Well these look really nice! I really like Nattie’s I hope the Superstars look awesome too because I’m a fan of the overall game. Can’t wait for the release!

  • divafan23

    Where’s Layla? D:

  • melina prez

    gails face looks fat maryses attire is horrible new color perferably purple and gold and melina has a better oufit and they FINNALY did good on michelle the bellla twins = managers i would have perfered alicias current attire and beth looks great kelly kelly dont even let me get started, natalya looks really real eve looks great and i cant belive laylas not on the main roster shes womens champion !!!!!!!!!

  • Luis

    i think they all look good.
    except the bella twins.
    what are they wearing? haha

  • sugarrush28

    I’m so happy my girl Alicia Fox made the cut. Michelle looks way better from last year. Good job. I have to say that my fave model though is Natalya’s. She looks almost real.

  • unscripted & flawless

    › natayla’s looks stunning! that pose – the outfit – the details, absolutely amazing. no comment on the bella all. *coughdon’tdeservetobeinthegame. alicia fox looks amazingg as well as beth, and eve. to be honest, i liked gail’s attire more last year – i know she got an update, but it was really pretty last year. kelly kelly looks, okay, could be better. ( lolz @ someone naming maryse’s picture maryese ) She looks good too as well as melina. And last, but certainly not least, michelle’s attire has always looked amazing, and i hoped for that attire for a long time, though now that her attire has gotten even better, i kinda hoped for it to be up-to-date, lol, but either way, i’m contempt and i love her render.

    › alsoo, i hope they keep that whole customization ( only the color ) of the attires because it was a cool feature.