Karen Angled Out of TNA

Hate to say, “I told you so” but I told you so! Last month, it was revealed that Karen Angle was seeking a divorce from husband Kurt, which led me to speculating it would only be a matter of time until Karen was edged out of TNA. Here’s what I wrote:

Now that they’re seperating, I’m taking bets on how long it’ll take TNA to decide they no longer need Karen’s services. We all know the only reason she got to cash a pay cheque every month is because of her baby daddy! I’m thinking post-Bound For Glory, any other takers?

Although not officially released, Mike Tenay said on commentary this week that Karen was taking time away from the company to concentrate on being a momma! It may not be post-Bound For Glory, but the pay per view is tonight so close enough! *Dusts shoulder off*

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  • marco

    HAHA i was right
    with no kurt kern is not needed at all
    by slutty angle

  • Rob

    She should have been gone long ago, she contributed nothing and took up air time that could have been used oh for say actual wrestling? Plus what she did could have easily been covered by their performers doing promo’s and other interviews with the blonde model it is that does them back stage. The only reason Karen appeared was because of her husband.