NXT Week 5 Opinion Polls: Rate Episode, Who Impressed & Did Right Person Get Eliminated?

NXT week five is in the books and we’ve seen our first elimination. That means once again, it’s time to vote. What did you think of this week’s episode? Rate the show below, vote for the Rookie Diva who impressed you most and tell us… did the right person go home?

Vote below:

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  • Bobby Burchill

    Rated the show a 4 as I enjoyed everything but the bull riding.

    Most impressed with Kaitlyn. Most of the girls didnt get to do much, so of the choices in the poll, I most enjoyed/was impressed with Kaitlyn. If Vickie was an option though, I’d vote her.

    The right girl went imo but I dont say that in a negative way. I love Jamie and I think some more time in FCW is best for her so that she can get better. It was hard for her to stand out when you had AJ & Naomi as the best wrestlers, & Maxine/Aksana/Kaitlyn each had their own character to make up for their experience in ring. She just got lost in the shuffle, and FCW could most likely help her out with training & persona.

  • http://twitter.com/iTripp Tripp

    Maxine – [That octopus stretch was killer]

  • Johnny_91

    I meant to put this in this newer post haha:

    I would like to start by saying that I have absolutely nothing against any rookie, but

    I REALLY dont like the fact that Kaitlyn is the only one getting an all out storyline. So unfair.

    The whole show was practically about her and Vicky. WWE likes her so much that she has a feud with one of the biggest, if not the biggest, heel in WWE. … The fans hate her to bits, so of course they’re going to cheer their heads off for the underdog Kaitlyn.

    I wouldve been fine with it if everyone had some kind of storyline, but what about Jamie? She was bland and generic as it is, plus no storyline? How the heck were the fans supposed to get behind her? Naomi, Maxine, Aj have no storyline. Aksana is barely getting something.

    It’s not fair.

  • xfrenchkiss

    5! Honestly, I don’t know what else in a hour length of time WWE could’ve done in NXT that wasn’t done. This was just a great week for all of the girls, so far, my favorite episode of NXT, yet. Aksana impressed me the most. She was good in the ring and I loved how Maxine actually selled her double clothesline right! They have pretty good chemistry and I thought both girls did great. Maxine, also impressed me. She plays the classic heel so, so well. She reminds me of a heel outta’ the Golden Era, or at least the closest we’re going to get to it next to Maryse. But, Aksana gets my vote just because the way she stayed on that bull and her pushups were just sick, she was able to really get the crowd behind her and try to push herself into being a fan favorite, hope to see her further continue.

    And also, sorry Jamie, but yes it was the right decision. I know neither Aksana, or Maxine (at that time) had won any competitions but I don’t think when it comes to voting its going to draw down to competitions, matches, etc. Jamie just didn’t come up with a character or something to offer. Hopefully, now she can go back to ring announcing or polishing up her moves. I did feel bad for her after she got eliminated, she looked so sad, but it was definitely the right choice because I would’ve flipped had any girl got eliminated over her.

  • http://www.twitter.com/kaledrina_x Kaledrina

    managed to watch everything but the talent contest via youtube. really good episode, i think. i ranked everything the same as tripp. i think i must be a lover of the underdog or something, but i’m really keen on maxine. great clothesline in her match with aksana, too.

    i think jamie was the right decision. as mentioned she didn’t really have anything going for her that others don’t already.

  • Billy James

    I hate that Jamie was eliminated first. I don’t understand why everyone hates Jamie. I rather watch Jamie than say Michelle McCool. I personally know that Jamie cares about the WWE fans and with some training in the ring, Jamie is going to be a good WWE Diva. I have met Jamie and she is one the nicest people you ever meet and she is 100 % not stuck up like Michelle McCool.

  • ItsRayVolution

    I rated the show a 4 since it managed to impress me unlike that trainwreck episode from last week

    from the Talent show Aksana has impressed me…i dunno if all Divas could do that (probably AJ Lee since she too is flexible) but it sure stands out to the Billion Dollar Baby from Lithuania :D

    As most has said above, Jamie didn’t really do much of anything on NXT…cept talk good, which sucks since shes a moderate wrestler, its a shame but hey at least shes still in FCW?!?!? lol

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    I gave it a 5, even though I wasn’t wild about the bull-riding, seeing Aksana and Maxine put on a good match, seeing Kaitlyn and Vickie in the ring, and Aksana with those killer fuckin’ push-ups, it was just…FLAWLESS!! (Had to do it) compared to episodes past. My only gripe with NXT so far is that Kaitlyn is getting all the face time it seems, and it’s not really an equal balance for the others to connect with the fans. But stellar show, and Aksana impressed me the most, but Kaitlyn was a close second.

  • IHeartNeidhart

    I gave the episode a 4. It was my favourite episode so far, but it lost points for inconvenience with it being online. I liked the talent show rather than the bull riding (Is being able to stay on a mechanical bull a qualification for WWE Divas? :l)

    Aksana really impressed me this week. The other weeks she’s seemed kinda dull and ditzy (especially in the talk-the-talk challenge), but I thought this week was really her time to shine – she won a challenge, a match, and did some crazy-ass push ups! I was disappointed with the Vickie vs. Kaitlyn bout. I’d been looking forward to it all week, but I have to admit, I was a little let down when I watched it. For me, there just wasn’t enough of Kaitlyn showcasing what she could do. But hey, I’m still happy she won.

    And yes, I felt, out of all the rookie divas, that Jamie was the one to go this week. She doesn’t really have enough character and sparkle. She’s a little bland, TBH. Maybe if she went back to FCW and continued training, and then came back to WWE after a while, she could make it.