TNA Xplosion Watch (December 3rd, 2010): Angelina’s Losing Streak Doesn’t Affect Xplosion

Former Knockouts Champions collide as Angelina Love takes on Tara this week on Xplosion. Watch below:

Thoughts: Looks like Angelina’s losing streak only exists on Impact as she picks up a big victory over Tara here. I know this show means nothing when it comes to storylines and only airs internationally, but the week of a big pay per view match, Tara loses to Angelina? I find that odd regardless. By that token, Mickie should make quick work of her tonight, surely? Even though I find this pair lacks chemistry judging by their previous matches, this was a solid match.

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  • Trevon

    This Was A Good Match And A Nice Little Promo By Tara.

  • jacknife2058

    Not a bad match, though I felt it lost some momentum toward the end.
    It’s rather odd timing, then again Xplosion matches have been wildly out of sych with Impact before. Anyone know when it was taped?

  • laqisha

    Anglina is now skinner than K2! no kidding.

  • Joey_b_Badd

    I like that anyone can beat anyone on any given night on Xplosion. It maintains the fact that their all good enough to be on this level.

  • ryanmvs

    For some reason I’m worried about Angelina. She looks REALY skinny… hm.

  • Macho Madness

    good match with great action!!

  • .Alexandra.

    I enjoyed this match :),

  • Kaledrina

    again with the angelina love eating disorder allusions? come on, guys, youtube her tna today appearance 3 yrs ago and the only differences are bigger boobs and more tattoos. even this past impact when she’s sat next to katie lea there’s barely any difference in the girth of their arms. if she wasn’t eating, she wouldn’t be able to maintain her muscle, she’d be falling over while picking tara up. maybe the bigger boobs she got recently are some kind of optical illusion making people think she somehow magically altered her bone structure?? lol although i guess it doesn’t help that her torso is like 150% the length of all the other knockouts.

    anyway, solid match, i agree that it’s silly storyline-wise for love to be going over tara who’s wrestling in a high profile ppv bout tonight but still a decent outing for the two of them. on chemistry and their lack of it, i do find it funny that the only person i feel tara has “clicked” with(even her feud with kong was lacking) is mickie, another ex-diva lol.

  • Macho Madness

    @Kaledrina I agree those accusations are absurd. She looks almost exactally the same as she did when she joined TNA in 2007, except maybe a little more fit. Everyone has diffrent body types. That’s how her body looks when she eats right and works out. Just because she is skinny doesn’t mean she has an eating disorder.

  • ryanmvs

    ^ that could be it.. but when I saw her on impact last week and she did her normal bp pose I thought it just didn’t look well, normal.. Maybes it is how her torso is super duper long.

  • art1e

    from the front angelinas body looks normal but from the side she is tiny…

    decent match hate the woman doing the mic work lol

    taras promo was almost like psycho victoria i loved it wish she had talked abit more…

  • RangerDeon

    I loveeeeeeeee Angelina love.
    I don’t know why I didn’t in the past, but I’ve been loving her for some time now. :D

    This was a great match.