Exclusive: Former WWE Diva Jillian Speaks on Her Release, Her Transition to FCW Trainer, Being Unhappy in Her Position & Much More

Joining us for her first post-WWE interview, former WWE Divas Champion speaks to Diva Dirt about her release and much more.

We spoke to Jillian about her release, the story behind her requesting her release, working as a trainer in FCW and much more. We discuss Jillian’s career from the independents to OVW, to SmackDown and Raw, including her thoughts on working with JBL, Melina and others. Jillian talks about her singing gimmick and why she wanted to drop it to be taken more seriously. She also discusses her infamous 5-minute long Divas Championship reign last year.

Download the interview by right-clicking here and selecting ‘Save Target As’ or stream the interview below:

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For more on Jillian follow her on Twitter at Twitter.com/Jillianhall1.

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  • Macho Madness

    AWSOME! Haven’t listened yet, but can’t wait for this one.


  • chrisP

    The “save target as” link isn’t working.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Ooops, the file is “jillianhall” and this is trying to download “jillian”…sorry. It will be fixed soon! Hope you all enjoy the interview! Jillian was a pleasure to speak with.

  • chrisP

    Okay, it’s working now. Thanks for fixing it so quickly.

  • Mr. Glamazon

    Enjoy chrisP!

  • MrAliciaFox

    I had no idea Jillian had a daughter …

  • knowyourrole

    Wow she sounds a lot different when she’s just talking as herself. Makes me like her even more :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1316433062&ref=profile ILOVENATTIE

    she sounds so different!

  • Jayd211

    awesome interview guys its good to hear how everything happened from Jillian herself

  • ChrisMC

    Wow, I was soooo happy to listen to this interview. I am a HUGE Jillian fan and I really hope we get to see her back in the ring some day. Great interview. I was suprised to know that Jillian was already married when she started in the indies. I knew she had a daughter though. It’s nice to see that she’s not bitter towards the WWE for the way they used her though it would’ve been nice to see her get a longer reign. She really has been a part of some very memorable moments though even if she hasn’t been in the title scene very often. Both the 5 minute title reign and the night with Trish and Lita were mentioned and those really are really two very memorable moments.

  • Macho Madness

    She doesn’t really sound the same as she does on WWE television at all! Weird.

    Holy crap I was just saw pre makeover Jillian, WOW! She looks COMPLETELY diffrent. Breast implants leaking to the brain…that would actually pretty damn funny storyline.

    “is there a reason we never saw the 450 splash in your WWE TV matches?” “Yeah, because I never won in my WWE TV matches” LOL!!! That made me crack up! Atleast she has a sense of humor about it!

    I initially didn’t want Jillian in TNA just because I think they need to be very selective in who they pick up from WWE, but I believe in second chances and it would be a shame for her talents to go to waste. I don’t think she would be a “oh, I can’t believe they hired her” type of WWE to TNA signing. She is very talented. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

    Really good interview guys! You two are by far the best interviewers on Diva Dirt(no offense meant to any of the others). These interviews lets us see the girls in a very diffrent light. I really enjoy them. You guys should try to get Lacey Von Erich(again)! She would have a ton to discuss since her last interview.

  • DevvyLuuLovesYou

    My Favourite Diva By Far. This was my favourite interview, for obvious reasons, aha. I don’t have much to say, I hope she goes to TNA, but whatever makes her happy. I just want to see her on my T.V again. But, that’s her decision. I’ll Support her through and through. This interview made me love her even more then I did before. I didn’t even think that was Possible, haha. Thank you so much Diva-Dirt. You all bring wonders to us Diva fans. And So does Jillian.

  • MickieFan226

    Wow, what a great interview. Like others have said, she does some way different from WWE television, maybe it’s because she’s talking and not singing? lol

    Anyway, I’ve always been such a big fan of Jillian and it still saddens me that WWE never pushed her the way she should have been used.

    I actually knew Jillian had a daughter, but didn’t know she was married when she started her wrestling career.

    This was such a great interview Diva-Dirt! Loved it so much! :)

  • MickieFan226

    Typo, she does sound* way different from WWE television. Sorry!

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    Comedy gimmicks seem to have pros and cons. It caused her to have longevity, but also caused her to not be taken seriously. Santino is also in a similar situation. Once a wrestler has a comedy gimmick, the WWE usually does not change them and they are not taken seriously.

  • Bobby-james

    I personally think the interview was kind of blank. I don’t feel like she was being completely open. It seemed like she was holding back and using “she was fun” or “it was fun” as a cover. I would have liked maybe a shoot interview? Because clearly she expresses her discontent and says she wanted to wrestle more and have a longer title run, so it would have been nice to have her true feelings about it. I feel like she played it safe with this interview to maybe keep people in WWE happy?

    Regardless, I like her general personality. She seems like a nice woman. It truly is a shame she never got to shine brighter as a wrestler. But there’s always tomorrow and hope for the future, so maybe Jillian will come around again. I know I have been waiting and waiting and waiting, like everyone else to see her taken seriously as a wrestler.

  • Bobby-james

    @ DivaDerby, I agree with you. Santino debuted being taken seriously though. But when you look at the track record, it’s like once you go comedy you can never go back. I can say that unless Santino were left off of TV for a period of time I would have a difficult time thinking of him as he once was (as IC Champion). Jillian unfortunately never was a serious character… she started comedic and carried on that way. Sure she had some shining moments, but overall, she came and went the same. Other examples of comedy-can’t-go back in WWE would have to be Billy and Chuck … Rico… Rikishi… even Big Show now. The thing is, they can move on and change if WWE invests the time… (Big Show can easily go back to getting booed and being a serious contender)… but the operative thought is that WWE would make time commitments for everyone.

    In Jillian’s case, it seems WWE found it easier to keep her as a gimmick that to reinvent her entirely, which was sad and unfortunate because Jillian could have been a big player in the women’s division now.

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    I’m sorry, when was Santino ever taken seriously? He’s been a joke since he was paired with Maria..

  • HoustonHomewrecker

    Santino debuted as a serious wrestler who was supposed to have a Taz like gimmick. Once they saw his comedic timing his character was changed. Jillian was a gimmick from the start. That very gimmick probably would have kept her around for a few more years. Love her though. Not sure if TNA would know what to do with her though.

  • HoustonHomewrecker

    About the surgery thing; she may have only had breast implant surgery but she definitely had her lips injected. And Botox.

  • mah

    WOOOOW what a big surprise..im downloading it now but im so glad i love Jillian than u Diva Dirt

  • ryanmvs

    I can’t download the interview because I’m on my IPod.. Did she say anything about continuing wrestling or going to TNA.

  • fanboy

    Her voice is so differnt… and it seemed like she was not being so open… like I would have loved it if she bashed some of the divas… but eh… LOVE her still though…

  • fanboy

    Jillian has been pretty much the only heel that I have been rooting for… up until last year.. I thought she was blah.. but I suddenly wanted her to be champ again and win matches…

    so she totally isn’t with WWE or FCW? awwww

  • theregoeskitty

    that was a great interview