SmackDown Spoilers: December 31st, 2010

Spoilers for Friday’s episode of SmackDown below:

*WWE Divas champion Natalya & Beth Phoenix defeated LayCool when Beth pinned McCool with the Glam Slam. (Source: PWInsider)
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  • Jordan

    I guess this is the rematch from TLC? It’s kinda of pointless seeing as Natalya has already starting a feud with Melina now.

    Hopefully they debut Naomi next week or do something different because it’s becoming the same thing on Smackdown.

    Looking forward to seeing the match though.


    Same Old, Same old, i definetly see some tention building in lay-cool due to there losing streak, hopefully next week naomi debuts (hopefullly, heel naomi)

  • THETommyTommy

    I reckon it’d be cool for Naomi to debut and split Laycool up –> Layomi ftw hahaha

  • 041293

    I agree with the tension thing, but I think that it’s a bit early to break them up.I would want to see a grudge match between the two at Wrestlemania.

  • DarknessRuler

    A match is a match. Atleast we don’t get some segment that may not make sense. Besides, Natalya & Beth vs Lay-Cool or Kelly & Beth vs Lay-Cool?? I’d rather see Natalya and Layla having some flow in the ring then Layla getting her head “smashed” by Kelly

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    should be gooooood, cant wait

  • Ozzy Valentine

    Looking forward to it. I’m sure they’ll tell a story in there. This should be entertaining.

  • totallynecessary

    LAYOMI ON DEM GURLS LAYOMI ON DEM GIRLZ!!!!!….. I love them but I rather see them Feud and have a REAL DANCE OFF…. Something inside of me wants LAYCOOL to go FACE before their SPLIT…. I NEED THEM TO BUILD A NAOMI vs. MCCOOL FEUD… THAT WILL BE MATCH OF THE YEAR GIVEN THE RIGHT DEVELOPMENT… MAXINE belongs with this new HEEL Melina, ASKANA is so ready for a RAW Santino SLOT… EVE and/OR MARYSE to SMACKDOWN and KELLY and LAYCOOL BACK TO RAW

  • samtherofl

    LayCool Jobbers, LayCool Jobbers! Boring!

  • mrdiva518

    getting old.!

  • Kantrell


  • wl75

    I gotta agree- since they’re still in holiday mode, I’ll give them a pass this week, but starting next week they have to get something new going (bring in Naomi, start a possible LC breakup, have Kelly and Kaitlyn go at it- anything)….

  • LaceyVonErichFan


  • Piggie James

    Don’t know why y’all are so bored. At least Nattie didn’t use her sharpshooter again.

  • PedroPedroso17

    Sounds like a good match imo. What else can you really have on SmackDown?? Kelly vs someone, blah, sounds good if you took out the Kelly part. Kaitlyn having her in-ring debut (I don’t count some battle royal where she got out first)? No thank you. Rather have LayCool vs GlamaHart. <3

  • 04bia

    again? i have no doubt it will be and entertaining and solid match, but its repetative. honeslty i dont blame sd for delievering same storylines/matches because of the lack of divas. i just hope wwe sorts out the sd divas roster because 2010 was a complete garbage for sd divas, with the releases suspensions and injuries hopefully 2011 will be a good year.

    id say let naomi debut next week, and PLEASE DONT split up laycool, trust me IMO layla would be done but i dont think mccool will have a problem as a singles wrestler i would love to see them face before they split, but judging by the lack of heels on the divas roster i dont see it happen.

    ps why in the world is laycool on a losing streak? i think its pretty stupid, i knw that losing is all part of the game but everyweek is getting beyond rediculous

  • art1e

    why not rosa & beth vs laycool as a way to get rosa on beths side & give rosa more ring time she actually needs…

    they need gail on smackdown just think of gail vs beth,gail vs mccool,gail vs layla or nattie if gail wins some kind of diva title shot….

    i hope if laycool split layla goes face since mccool cant get a reaction either way shes suited to heel..i dont think layla is going anywhere shes been jobbed out to kelly on ecw,smackdown & had nothing to do on raw & still didnt get released….layla needs to win a match while mccool continues to lose until she snaps on layla & than its game on lol…

  • LaceyVonErichFan

    @Piggie James

    We’re bored because we have seen this about 3 times in less than 2 months, it’s boring. The match will probaly be great but we’re tired of seeing the same women wrestle over and over also it doesn’t make sense to have natalya wrestle against laycool without having melina cut a promo or segment and also it would of been a lot better to have seen Beth vs. Layla or so something to buildup their feud more.

  • Piggie James

    I was trying to look at the positives given that everyone was being so negative. Nattie not using her sharpshooter in a TV taping is certainly a positive in my book.

    Here’s hoping that they’ll add some decent context as to why they’re having this match up again. If they’re really not doing anything else this Friday (a few promos) then we can probably expect darker days ahead for the Divas. It’s depressing when it feels like WWE just doesn’t care about making the Divas division any better.

    I’ll really be unhappy though if the Kelly – McIntyre pairing continues. Its continued existence can only mean that Tiffany really has some extreme heat (especially after that Twitter debacle) and unfortunately Drew is being punished for it. Even worse, poor Kelly gets yet another terrible storyline that does absolutely nothing in progressing her career (and her wrestling image).

    Anyway, we’ll find out this Friday, when I’m only watching the Diva segments.

  • Aksana

    Can’t Natalya just stay on Raw and feud with Melina? That would interest me more then seeing this feud continue. Natalya didn’t get enough mic time to make their feud interesting, it seemed to quiet. It in my opinion isn’t really fair that Natalya is being shot like Laycool, all 3 of these Divas are normally on Raw and Smackdown. Whats the point of having brands if people just randomly pop out of nowhere?

  • melina prez

    Just make THAT fued stop there have Beth face Lay-Cool in a 2 on 1 handicap match next week and split Lay-Cool up. And have Layla a face a Michelle still a heel.
    I think the match would be good but weve seen sooo idk.

  • Anthony

    WWE needs the womens championship back!

  • Teri

    You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round, round, round

  • layglamacool

    natalya was the unified divas champion thats why she is able to appear on both brans same with laycool. Thats why after they lost they weren’t allowed to get into the arena. Its not rocket science.

  • gavin harvey

    i hear that mccool is jobbing the now because of what ia suppose to be said by tiffany but not sure if its true