Lucha Libre USA Holding ‘Battle of the Chicas’ on March 19th, Former TNA Knockouts to Appear

Lucha Libre USA, which continues tapings for its second season in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will feature a night dedicated to its ‘Chicastars’ on March 19th.

The taping is being billed as a ‘Battle of the Chicas’ and will feature a couple of new names to LLUSA: Traci Brooks, who recently returned to TNA, and Nikki Roxx.

Also on hand will be Tigresa Caliente and Reby Sky who are two holdovers from season one. As previously reported, Lizzy Valentine and ODB will also appear in season two and are listed for this taping. Isis the Amazon will also appear on the upcoming season.

Check out the event poster below:

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  • Piggie James

    Hmm, which ‘Chicastar’ wrestling names go to which women? I assume those are the names being advertised (assumingly LizMark Jr is Lizzy Valentine?).

    Anyway, this is great news for women’s wrestling, but what TNA contracts (if any) are ODB, Roxxi, and Traci on if they’re allowed to appear on this?

  • Piggie James

    Also didn’t Roxxi have backstage heat with Rhaka Khan? O.o

    Suppose I should do more research lol.

  • Kaledrina

    @piggiejames apparently spike tv and mtv are both part of the same network family, so to some stretch i guess that means tna and llusa are also “related”.. it’s making me doubt traci’s return is a full-time one and instead her and odbs’ recent returns were simply some odd cross-promo thing =\ i don’t know, the whole situation is weird and even more confusing considering isis recently signed to llusa but only just tried out for a tna role a couple weeks back.. also reby sky was in the crowd the other week in tna lol. weird !!

    as for the names on the flyer, lizmark jr makes sense for lizzy valentine, but rhaka khan’s screen name (tigressa caliente) isn’t on the list, so they’re likely just male talent’s names.

  • BillyGP

    Open contracts which allows wrestlers to work for more then one company.

  • BillyGP

    piggyjames the names on the poster is male names in the company.

  • J-Mac

    @Kaledrina: Lizmark, Jr. is the LLUSA Heavyweight Champion

  • darkangels

    i almost forgot Jamilia craft is rumored to be there also my fingers are crossed

  • alexl467

    Does anyone know if during the course of the 2nd season will female AAA & CMLL stars (like the Faby sisters & Sexy Star) be appearing on the show?


  • darkangels

    luchalibreusa has responded to the fans by saying people will be surprised who joining LLUSA womens division aka chicastars i hope its the the Faby sisters & sexystar princess surgay

  • Lily exLVEF

    Honestly, all LLUSA need to have a perfect womens division is more women and a title. They have the matches and they’re already giving us a full womens show. I will be really happy to see this espicially since i’m familiar to most of these women.

  • melina prez

    Roxxi looks 20 years older than the last night we saw her on TNA.

    But it sounds great !!!!!

  • DarknessRuler

    Lizzy Valentine x)

  • Piggie James

    @Kaledrina: Ah thanks for that. Forgot this was an MTV show so that answers it. Reby Sky is dating Matt Hardy at the moment, so that’s probably why she was there. Don’t know why they’re putting the male talent names on the poster if the ‘event’ is supposed to just feature their female talent, but whatever.

    Yeah, but it sounds like you’re onto something with the ‘cross-promo’ thing. A bit strange that Traci, ODB and Roxxi would just make one-off appearances on TNA, unless it was to give a boost to both companies (which it would to a minor extent). Seeing as they’re yet to put them on the roster again, and that there’s been no official press release of their signing, would suggest that unfortunately they’re not really ‘back’, but we’ll find out in due time.