Rumored Matches for WrestleMania 27

The latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter rumors a tentative line-up for WrestleMania 27.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed until it’s announced on TV or, but here goes:

One match supposedly on the card is the team of John Morrison, Kelly Kelly and ‘Tough Enough’ trainer Trish Stratus taking on Dolph Ziggler and Lay-Cool. Since the segment at Elimination Chamber, fans have been thinking out loud that a Kelly/Trish vs Lay-Cool match at ‘Mania would be likely. The injection of Ziggler makes sense, but obviously at this point Morrison does not.

If the above does happen, this would be Trish’s return to WrestleMania after a four year absence. Stratus last competed at WrestleMania 22 in 2006, losing the Women’s Championship to Mickie James.

Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus is also said to be on the card with Gail Kim in Bryan’s corner and the Bellas in Sheamus’.

Finally, another Divas match will be added according to this line.

Thoughts: If this card holds weight, this year’s show would see more Diva action than in the past few. I’d presume the yet to be determined Divas bout would in some way involve the Divas Champion, Eve. Personally, I’d love to see a ‘surprise opponent’ deal with Kong debuting at ‘Mania and taking the belt.

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  • shokko22

    I was thinking that they would have a lumberjack match with Eve vs. the Bellas, but this is way better. But why John Morrison? he’s not even on smackdown

  • Marshy

    It might be Drew McIntyre,Kelly Kelly, and Trish Stratus VS Dolph Ziggler,and Lay-Cool.

  • melina prez

    Umm i c the Bellas and Kong (debuts at WM 27) beating eve for the title.

    It gonna b freebird rule im predicting but i hope that dosent hapen.

  • MickieJamesFan07

    I honestly don’t think they’ll have Kong debut at WM. I’ve been reading reports that she won’t debut until after WM, they don’t want her debut to get lost in the WM excitement or something like that. I hope they give Eve a match at WM and a good opponent with good build up.

  • Lily exLVEF

    To bad Natalya vs. Beth isn’t going to happen. I really want a good one on one match between 2 talented divas. It’s been forever since we’ve had a real match at WM for the divas. The last ‘real’ match was Mickie vs. Trish.

  • RockinRed45Mvs

    WM23 had a crap load of potential. Melina vs Mickie! *sigh* oh well. Ever since then WM hasn’t meant much for the divas divison. Lets hope they can change it this year!

  • mikeparis18

    I can’t imagine a WrestleMania without Beth so I hope this card is false. Instead of Trish, I’d put in Beth. After all, she’s the one who is an active wrestler, and a match spotlight would benefit her more so than Trish, but I can understand putting Trish in their somewhere to promote Tough Enough. Diva’s Title will probably be a battle royal of some sort but I wouldn’t mind a 6 way pin/tap out battle royal between Eve-Gail-Natalya-Melina-Brie-Nikkie.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i can see maybe them having this match, and then maybe see another divas match featuring a diva match or lumberjills

  • Kaledrina

    i’m not too fond of the rumoured tag match.. i really don’t think trish should be a part of it. wwe need to focus on the current and build new stars rather than relying on those of yesteryear.. yeah, they need to promote tough enough, but that could easily be done with in-show commercials on all their weekly broadcasts. trish, the rock and steve austin all being involved just cheapens it for me.

  • shannymac

    I would really love to see a real, one-on-one Divas match at WM. I love the idea of Kong being a mystery opponent for Eve and taking to belt. Usually I hate title changes without build-up, but I think Kong has the skills to pull it off.

    My dream match would be Trish vs Nattie. It would be so cool if they could build a friendly “Past vs Present” rivalry between the two. Now, that would be a match with some drawing power!

  • SweeneyTodd

    Every week another rumor. Not gonna happen.

  • Bdawg0701

    @Kaledrina – The problem with WWE right now is that they lack star power in their talents. They constantly rely on Cena, Mysterio, Orton, Triple H, Edge, and Undertaker week in and week out, and can’t try to build stars with someone else (besides Miz and Del Rio). Wrestlemania is about Star Quality, and if you don’t have stars building in towards the show, the won’t feel like stars. And as for as right now, I don’t see real stars in the WWE roster right now. That’s why fans demands to see old stars like The Rock, Booker T, Trish Stratus, and others, to have people be sold for Wrestlemania. It’s a business move on WWE’s part. And to be honest, divas match or not, I’m not sold for Wrestlemania this year.

    @Lily exLVEF – Mickie/Trish wasn’t all that. the match had a great storyline going into it, but the match was all over the place. I would definitely prefer Wrestlemania 19 with Trish Stratus, Victoria, and Jazz. Now that was a great women’s match at Wrestlemania.

  • A.E

    this is bad lets hope they drop the idea or make a one on one match .

    i really miss wwe doing the simple one on one match in regard the lumber jack,no battle royal with male win it ewww.

    the last one on one match at mania was mickie vs trish other than that the rest of mania divas match were a big time joke.seriously i miss the one on one matches


    Trish vs Kong!

  • Mikas

    WWE rarely debuts new people during the months till Wrestlemania. So if Kong debuts it will be after WM.

    And John Morrison? That sounds like a case of throwing him into a random match just so he has something to do at WM. Why would he team with Kelly against Ziggler/Laycool?

  • Dayvid

    Dolph isn’t on sd anymore either, which leads me to think if this is true… Jomo and dolph will feud on raw?

    And if this were to be true, it would be awesome. I can only imagine a multi diva match being the “undecided” diva match. Let’s face it, we’ve come to expect little to nothing as terms of diva storyline development over the past few years at wrestlemania.

    Anyway, I don’t know if this is even a little bit true, guess were just gonna have to wait and see. But with n MITB match at wrestlemania this year, it at least gives the divas a chance to get more spotlight, as they have at least and extra 45 minutes to kill without the money in the bank match.

  • shameronstar

    John Morrison, that is random as hell. I would edit it and have just Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus vs Lay-Cool, and a really cool way to finally get Kelly over while wrestling with Trish is to first have Trish take Layla out with the Chick Kick than have Trish and Kelly double team Michelle than have Kelly finish the match by having Kelly use the Stratusfaction of Michelle with Trish and Kelly have a nice little celebration at the end with Trish raising Kelly’s hand.

    Also, I would book Eve vs Brie or Nikki Bella vs Gail Kim in a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship with either Eve or Gail Kim winning the title that way after Wrestlemania Kong can start an actually feud either of them which would help get either Eve or Gail over by feuding with this monster of a woman.

  • 041293

    Beth vs. Natalya was brewing back in December. Oh well. I wouldn’t want Trish to be the one who would be facing Kong at WrestleMania though. I want someone else to have their ‘Mania moment. I love Trish to death, but she’s retired. It’s unfair to the current Divas. Look at HHH, he’s a glory hog.

  • JamieKym

    hey, what about the laycool storyline and i read on a couple of sources that the WWE said will debut On the Monday Night RAW after WM.

  • shameronstar

    typo I meant Kelly using the Stratusfaction on Michelle to win the match.

  • litafan2000

    Would rather see Lita/Stratus/Kelly vs LayCool/Vikki. But whatever!

  • JamieKym

    and i would love for laycool to brake up two weeks before wrestlemania
    and the next week, michelle(heel) and Layla(now Face) face off in a mixed tag match and michelle wins but at WM layla beats michelle

    also i would love to see Eve and Trish vs the Bellas

  • Robert J.

    My WrestleMania matches would be:

    1) Trish Stratus, Kelly Kelly & Drew McIntyre vs. LayCool & Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero).

    2) Eve Torres vs. The Bella Twins in a 2-on-1 Handicap Lumberjill Match.

  • BillyGP

    “@Lily exLVEF – Mickie/Trish wasn’t all that. the match had a great storyline going into it, but the match was all over the place. I would definitely prefer Wrestlemania 19 with Trish Stratus, Victoria, and Jazz. Now that was a great women’s match at Wrestlemania.”

    Trish vs Mickie was damn good. It told a story while having good action plus the fans was into it.

    If Trish is on Mania it will be good seeing her again.

  • candice7000

    As far as Wrestlemania. I feel all thoughs matches could happen. But why the hell is Morrison envolved in that match when he isn’t part of that storyline. But wait Dolph and Vickie could go to Raw and feud with him and get the divas envolved some way. As for Eve I pretty much feel Awesome Kong will be her oppenent. Why? Cause The Bellas aren’t godd enough to even be on the Wrestlemania card as chaellengers for the title. I see Eve having her title match with The Bellas. And after the match. Kong comes in and beat the hell out of Eve( SORRY EVE I LOVE YOU, BUT…..) Over the weeks til maina the two feud in a jazz vs trish type of way or they can make like Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim. Plus there are reports that Kong is suppose to feud with Eve or come in and team with The Bellas and feud with Gail. Which the more obvious to be picked is Kong vs Eve.