SmackDown Spoilers: March 18th, 2011

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

*Layla defeated Kelly Kelly. Michelle McCool was on commentary for the match. It was a typical Divas match. Kelly controlled most of the match, but Layla knocked Kelly off the turnbuckle after a distraction from McCool and got the win. (Source:
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  • FlyByTre

    And still no Beth Phoenix. Sigh Hope it’s a ok match these 2 usually work well together

  • RR45

    Kelly! Long time no see.

  • chrisP

    These are the spoilers for THIS week, right? Not spoilers from some random Smackdown episode in the last year?

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Yay! I was right , b4 I click to see the spoliers I tried to guess who Michelle or Layla pinned this week….and my 1st guess was kelly……Go Figure …. YAWN im starting to get bored with this now…

  •!/jayd211 Jayd211

    well the good thing is that the Draft is soon and they cant really mess up the division much more then it is hopefully they even up the rosters a bit

  • RR45

    Distraction, interference, face-on-ref-while-other-face-gets-beat-up. I knew it’d be one of those. Especially with LayCool. I get it they’re heels but don’t destroy Layla’s credibility. How many times has she won clean w/o Michelle’s help in the past few months. Sure it was fine in the beginning but Layla has evolved since then……just sayin.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    hopefully its a good match and everything, sounds good

  • Kessuki

    was hopin eve came on smackdown. she is the champion right? why cant she have a triple threat vs k2 and layla.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Layla getting a pinfall is no biggie to me since Im a Layla fan anyway , but i woudnt mind seeing another Random Raw Diva come over to SD for a night. Probably Melina/Alicia w/Lay-Cool b. Beth/Kelly Kelly w/Eve & Natalya……yeah that match was Random but i would have took it…..

  • NT86

    I just don’t get why Kelly’s push was cut short, especially as she was involved in two main events and a pretty big storyline with Vickie. It would’ve made a lot more sense to add her to the WM match instead of Snooki. If they wanted to use Snooki in some capacity, they should have made her special guest ref or ring announcer maybe.

  • vonVile

    *sigh* Another SD! where nothing happens. You’d at least think they’d use the show to help build up the 6 person tag match at WM27 by having a Trish appearance. It’s like SD! and Raw are on 2 different planets when it comes to the Divas division. Diva feuds for PPVs are made and built up on Raw while SD! is treated like the proverbial red-headed step child.

    What they need to do is end the brand split because it isn’t working for the Divas or make Superstars like they claim and have it so any wrestler could face any other wrestler from either brand. I’m tired of seeing the same match ups every week. It’s either one of LayCool vs Kelly or Beth in a tag match with either Kelly or Rosa against LayCool on SD! while on Superstars its the same Raw Diva pairing matches. You’d think the WWE would at least feed some local jobbers to Beth on Superstars to make it seem as though she’s still relevant.

  • chrisP

    I’m assuming the match will be short as WWE taped 7 matches for SD this week.

    Not SD-related, but as I watch NXT right now, I swear that Maryse’s English is becoming MORE broken. And I can’t tell if this is where they are going for sure, but I can’t believe they would even entertain the thought of turning her babyface. Charles Manson would be a better babyface than her.

  • Team Laycoolness!!!

    YAY! Any excuse to see my little English muffin score a win is reason enough for me to be happy!!! XD

  • Lily exLVEF

    I rather skip, instead of waste 2 hours of my life waiting for a 2 minute match.

  • art1e

    i just hope they get at least 5 minutes tops not 50seconds lol…..


    Ouch..ChrisP is feisty. He needs to settle his kettle. Lmao.

  • suman2135

    laycool is going to win ….dats predictable bcos of their wrestlemania match……..
    but i want to see layla win without michelle’s help……..

  • OvSeven

    TNA KO have better storyline for NOW

  • mrdiva518

    same old same old this is pissing me off can we get a storyline please?

  • art1e

    can people not complain smackdown only has like 4-5 divas & since wwe wont move any over their till after wrestlemania,this is gonna have to do.i know it sucks since alicia,gail & even eve the divas champion arent even being used much at all..

  • chrisP

    “Ouch..ChrisP is feisty. He needs to settle his kettle. Lmao.”

    When Natalya said that, I think I laughed and cringed at the same time.

    Regarding my previous post, I didn’t really mean the broken English thing in a bad way. It was funny and surprising more than anything. Her English has been okay, but during parts of NXT eariler tonight, she sounded like Aksana. Maybe she does it on purpose for laughs. I stand by my other comment about her possibly turning. Just picture her coming out all chipper with a big smile as she tries to slap hands with all the kids. Makes me wanna puke.

  • adifferentsame

    … And when Snooki pins her at Wrestlemania, consider all hope for Layla to be buried. Shan’t be watching.

  • art1e

    i just hope they dont release layla after wrestlemania cause she gets pinned by snooki…please if their is a god let one of the guys pin the other ROFL…but i think the match will be more about the girls then the then let trish &/or snooki pin mccool she has nothing to lose from being pinned & she can then turn/attack (on) layla…

  • 04bia

    ART1E, i agree people are always complaining about the divas matches on sd, but people dont seem to understand that sd only has 4-5 divas, with only two heels. yes it will be repetative, we will see the same types of matches BUT thats what they can do with the divas they got, they’re making the best of what they’ve got.

    evn tho sd has 4-5 divas they still do a good deal better than raw divas.

    anyway about this match obviously LC is gonna win, they need the momentum till WM27. anyway good to hear kellys back aswell, but where the hell is beth? anyway i just hope after WM27 the draft really helps out the divas division on sd!

    and eve is the divas champion why the hell isnt she appearing on the DAMN SMACKDOWN BRAND!!!

  • Reid

    speaking of the draft, i would really like to see smackdown get girls that are in a team, like the bellas etc and have tag team titles so they can focus on two diff story lines, raw has singles champ and sd has tag belts. with wwe probably wanting to compete with TNA’s knockouts and all i reckon that would be a really awesome move for them to make. Have like – Laycool, Glamahart, Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly & Naomi(because of their NXT connections) all on smackdown and the rest of the girls on RAW of course Gail Kim & Awesome Kong being the main attraction for the divas title. What do yall think if that would happen?