Raw Redux Does WWE Superstars (March 24th, 2011): A Couple’s Defeat

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Superstars Redux. To recap last week, we all saw Eve, Natalya, Gail and Tamina squaring off against Melina, Alicia Fox and the Bella Twins. Although both sides fought valiantly, it was Eve that would end up picking up the victory for the babyfaces. This week, two of those ladies from last week’s bout hit the ring once more but with new tag team partners. The Divas once again secure a main event showing on WWE Superstars; new super-couple Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim facing the team of Tyson Kidd and Melina in mixed tag team action.

After conversing with their respective partners, it is the Divas that kick off the action for the match. Gail and Melina immediately lock up in the center of the ring, each struggling for control. Melina wins the first battle by pressing her opponent into the turnbuckle but the two are forced apart by the referee. The A-Lister obliges only to hit a cheap forearm shot on Gail to hopefully continue the upper hand. The babyface Diva comes back fighting with a couple of forearm shots of her own.

Gail attempts to Irish whip Melina into the corner, but is reversed into the corner herself. Melina goes to capitalize with a boot to the stomach while Gail is able to maneuver gracefully out of the way, onto the apron. Melina grows more frustrated by the minute and immediately goes on the attack with a shoulder block. The attack is missed completely as Gail connects with her apron stomp on the heel Diva. Gail dives over the ropes, pulling Melina into a sunset flip. The count barely reaches one status as Melina kicks out. The two return to a standing position as Melina charges for a clothesline, which is immediately countered by Gail into a stunning neckbreaker.

Gail smiles at her boyfriend, pointing to him as she tags him in. She hops on his shoulders and splashes down on her opponent below. Tyson Kidd hits the ring now. Bryan notices this, catching his girlfriend off guard as he lifts her off the mat to dropkick Kidd squarely in the face. She’s set back down and heads back to her corner of the ring. Kidd moves over to the closest turnbuckle, pushing himself into a standing position. While Bryan is squarely poised and ready as she runs across the ring from the opposite turnbuckle, hitting his opponent with another hard dropkick.

Fast forward some wrestling between the men. DB has a LeBell Lock cinched in on Kidd who rolls out of the ring. Melina, standing up for her partner, steps in, yelling at Bryan before slapping him viciously across the face. Gail runs in and dropkicks her in retaliation. Bryan steps onto the apron and sends himself flying with a knee to the chest on Tyson Kidd. While Gail jumps off the top turnbuckle onto Melina with a flying crossbody to the outside. She stands up, jumping excitedly into her man’s arms. Scott Stanford announces a commercial break as Gail walks back to her corner and Bryan goes for Kidd’s prone body on the outside.

As we return from break, the camera is panned to Tyson Kidd being thrown chest first into the turnbuckle by Daniel Bryan. Eventually Kidd has had enough as he tags Melina back into the match, which forces Gail to step back in as well.

Melina demands that Bryan tags in Gail, pointing that she wants her in the ring right now. He tags in his girlfriend as the A-Lister forges ahead to take advantage but Gail lays in on her with a quick forearm shot. She hits a couple of kicks to the thigh before bouncing on the ropes for a sit down clothesline on the red carpet Diva and quickly goes in for the pin. Two count as Melina screams wildly. Both Bryan and Kidd watch on as their Diva tag team partners take the lead. Gail maneuvers her opponent into an over the shoulder single leg Boston crab submission. Refusing to give in, Melina grits out a no as she hears her partner will her to break the hold.

The Paparazzi Princess is able to break out of the move with a kick and sends her opponent flying to the turnbuckle. She goes charging at the former Women’s Champ but is met with a kick to the jaw for her troubles. Gail jumps onto the second turnbuckle and goes for a flying crossbody but misses as Melina dips down into a matrix evasion. Melina goes into a fury of attacks, punishing Gail for trying to one up her. She brings Gail into a standing position only to knock her into the middle rope with a harsh forearm to the back.

Melina wraps her legs around the torso of Gail as she wrenches in a chin lock for good measure. She barely reaches the five count before finally breaking the hold. Gail lays breathlessly against the ropes as Melina charges at her with a two knees to the back and covers, reach the count of two. Bryan tries to cheer his girlfriend on from their corner. The A-Lister sets her opponent up to take her split legged finisher but Gail elbows her in the face and rolls her up for the pin but barely makes two. The beautiful Divas make their way back to standing positions and Gail turns straight into a split legged boot to the face.

Another cover and another two count reached by Melina as Gail kicks out. The dominant Diva, Melina locks her opponent’s arms in a modified full nelson submission before rolling onto her stomach, trying to get a pin on Gail, but Gail wisely moves back into a sitting position. Melina rolls her over again for a pin but Gail is able to maneuver the flexible Diva into a submission of her own. Gail rolls her over for a two count. Both stand up and charge each other, catching one another in a spinning facebuster. As both are now weakened, they reach out for their partners as Bryan and Kidd start the action up once again.

Fast forward a little more and Bryan heads to the top turnbuckle. Gail spotting the dubious Melina, struggles to get into the ring to help her man but is fended off by the referee. The damage is done as the distraction allows Melina to catch Bryan off guard, pulling him down forcibly. Melina goes back onto the apron, screaming “That’s right!” to Daniel Bryan, not aware of Gail coming in to make the save as she pulls the vicious Diva off the apron, with her face hitting the edge of the apron on the way down. Gail grabs Melina, throwing her back into the ring as she heads for the top of the turnbuckle near by.

Kidd tries to take advantage of Bryan in his prone state but is easily pushed off. Both Gail and Bryan are perched on the top turnbuckle respectively and both hit missile dropkicks on their now opponents. Gail scurries out the ring soon after as Melina rolls out. Bryan is finally able to lock in the LeBell Lock on Kidd. As hard as he fights, Kidd is not able to break the hold and is forced to submit. The bell sounds as Gail jumps into her boyfriend’s arms and celebrate their victory together.

The good about this match? Well, fantastic is probably a better word. Both the men and women did amazing in this tag team bout. The spots were great. Gail and Daniel looked absolutely adorable together. I know I’m being totally sappy over them but they are both revered athletes and fit well together as tag team partners and as a couple.

And not to forget their opponents, Melina and Tyson Kidd who deserve props too for their participation. It’s obvious that Kidd is a good wrestler but really doesn’t get to show that on Raw where it really matters. As well as Melina, who stole the show with her back and forth with Gail.

The only bad thing I would have to say, and most would agree, that a one on one match between the two Divas would be the match to really see. No disrespect at all to Daniel Bryan and Tyson Kidd, but the Divas fans want to see the girls in their own spotlight without having to share. Hopefully next week?

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  • seasons-of-love

    It was a fantastic match. I’d love to see a singles match between Melina and Gail, but I was more than happy with it being a mixed tag. Gail and Bryan have great chemistry, and it also gives the divas a chance to do some spots and stuff with the guys. Particularly Melina, who hasn’t really had a chance to do that since her days with MNM and Nitro. Here she was choking Bryan in the corner, slapping him in the face, crotching him on the turnbuckle and yelling in his face…it reminded me of those days, and Melina shone as a character back then.

    The mixed tag environment also gave us a direct comparison between the male action and the female action, and the great thing is that the girls more than held their own. People talk about how even the best females can’t hold a candle to the guys, but this totally proves that theory wrong. Bryan is one of the best guys they have, and TK is great too, and yet the female action was just as strong here.

    In sum, the match was terrific, and it’s depressing that the main title feud seems to be featuring Eve Torres and the Bellas right now when Melina and Gail are doing stuff like this on Superstars.

  • wweandtnadivafan

    i really liked how melina dodged gial crossbody from the turn buckle

  • Rhawk

    Twas a realy good match, 4 amazingly talented… talents, they all deserve the best, especially Bryan & Gail, more backstage love promos please! it’ll be such a shame when Superstars is gone, cause we all know we’ll get nothing like this on Raw or SmackDown, not anytime after it’s cancelled anyway. ¬__¬

  • http://picsmafia.com/images/58Jealous.jpg art1e

    this is why gail & or melina should be divas champion,one of them so they can feud they have chemistry & i would love matches between them….

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    Now this was an awesome match 4 amazing competitors OMFG Gail Kim looked so beautiful ? and Melina’s fiesty side lol im loving it the double teaming Gail taking melina out and Daniel taking tyson out and the double Missil drop kicks i hope Superstars is replaced by WWE VELOCITY or Heat its a shame superstars tends to show true talent

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    oh agree with the comment above the crowd is into these 2 Melina or Gail for champion plz my gosh theyd be credible champs

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Melina & Gail have great Chemistry , I hope we get to see them in a 1 one 1 match before SuperStars is over. Melina does have 1 pinfall Victory over Gail though…..

  • andagain

    LOVED this match! All four competitors looked incredible. The booking and execution was absolutely perfect- the guys and the girls looked like equals and even the crowd was behind it. So many great spots.

    Also, Scott Stanford is a great commentator. I love the way he puts talent over. I wish the guys on Raw and Smackdown did the same.

  • chyna_fan07

    OMG…I love melina in this match! I’m glad she was able to use some of her moves that she used when she was a face (matrix move, split kick). I miss this aggressiveness of Melina. If only Raw gave them more time to develop their characters while wrestling…

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    just simply an awesome awesome match, and thats what we should be seeign every week on WWE And TNA, Gail and Melina are gold lol

  • bortman

    OMYFUCKINGGAWDDD! that was orgasmic match!!! so exciting watching it!

    please WWE more GAIL VS MELINA! damn the dynamic that this women athlete brought was freaking fanatic!
    gail looks really good with that straight hair and melina looks fierce with that blue tint on her hair aswell.

    awesome awesome awesome!!

  • bortman

    ps.. this is definitely more of a wrestlemania moment..

  • laqisha

    Good Buy Superstars………………..tears…

  • http://twitter.com/BroskiRomano Wesley Romano

    Sick match Love Tyson kid!! The guy has the coolest kicks and both these dudes keep it none stop!! Gail Kim bring back that TNA style…sorta XD…but i missed that!

    Im glad gail n melina are on SUPERSTARS..this way they can put on a kickass match for 11 minutes!! And not some dumb 3 minute crammed match

    BTW Melina and Gail are just awesome! I cant get over the Matrix lol
    EVIL MATRIX!! hehe

    5 Star match

  • http://www.youtube.com/rockinred45mvs RR45

    Ah yes. I knew this would be awesome. As i watched it last night i was just like this is what i like about wrestling. I can’t help to think that Gail vs Melina for the title would just blow my mind. I wish one of these two had it or Natalya or Beth but apparently that ship has sailed.

  • http://twitter.com/EnvyFYI Envy

    That Gail crossbody was wicked, it even gave my non-wrestling-fan friends chills. Gail is so great. Melina is so great. And I agree with the commentator – they are quite evenly matched.

  • DIVAsupporter

    I just loved the girls … I forwarded the men and just watched the girls… no botches…. I love the cross body drop, big boot spli, matrix counter, even gail’s’s counter on Melina’s full nelson

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DivasManiaHD xILOVENATTIEx

    Amazing Match! Anyone else notice Melina’s blue hair! Awesome

  • Born This Way

    Great write up Melanie, love to read your thoughts and I agree about wanting to see a 1 on 1 next week.

    Wow, this match was amazing! REAL Women Wrestlers, Athletic and Beautiful. Just tremendous, Gail Kim and Melina are such amazing atheletes, they’re so entertaining. Daniel and Tyson were terrific as well, amazing match – this match should be on the Wrestlemania card really.

    Bellas, Eve, Maryse, Kelly, Kaitlyn, Rosa, and the majority of the TNA Knockouts…

    Take notes – that is a real battle between two real women wrestlers. Give me this every Monday, Thursday and Friday night and I won’t complain. =)

  • Born This Way

    @Season Of Love – Well said. The best women matched with the best guys and they were as intense, if not more than the guys. Is it this hard to do this on RAW and put the Women’s Championship on Gail Kim? Do it WWE!

  • Rizki

    This match is SICK …
    Gail looks great with straight hair

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOyzTv-g8FA Piggie James

    Amazing match as everyone has said. If we got matches like this on Raw or Smackdown, then the Divas would certainly be on the right track again. Even the fact that it was a mixed tag match, didn’t detract from anything, since they all worked perfectly together.

    Normally I don’t like WWE commentators because they’re either made to promote other matches during the Divas matches, or they promote themselves (Cole), but the commentary in this match was very good. They put all the wrestlers over, and for once they didn’t forget about the Women’s Championship!!

    All I can say is I’m very impressed, and I’m happy that Melina has found her stride again. Then again, she probably always had it, but WWE weren’t giving herself any opportunities to get herself over again as a heel. Gail once again delivered an awe-inspiring performance. Very hard to see either of them being released if WWE cares at all about talent, since I would be quite disappointed even for WWE if either of them are released.

    So what’s the deal with Superstars? Some people are saying it’s gone completely, while others are saying it’ll be shown online. Anyone know the actual truth? It’ll be a real shame if it’s gone and not replaced by an equivalent (like the rumored Velocity).

  • http://twitter.com/ClassicJeffry ClassicKellyEve

    Great match! I love it.. Gail and Melina sure have some chemistry in (and outside) the ring..

    Oh yeah.. i heard a rumor that Gail’s contract will be expired on August.. Aww, and i think that Melina too will be released this year..

  • Trashley

    sadly wwe superstars is over soon :((( they should at least make the final night of wwesuperstars a wwe divas championship match.. thats the only way a divas championship match would get a decent time… :((( i could only wish..

  • http://twitter.com/ClassicJeffry ClassicKellyEve

    @trashley yeah, i agree with you.. And since there’s no news about divas championship on WM yet..