Impact Write-Up (March 31st, 2011): Winter Puts a Chokehold on the Beautiful People

Welcome back, once again, to the another edition of the TNA Impact Write-Up here on Diva Dirt. You all know who I am so there is no real need for formal introductions. If you don’t know, you have a bit of catching up to do, don’t you? ;) Last week, we saw a definite improvement, in regards to Knockout matches, between two rival women who just can’t seem to get enough of beating the hell out of each other. We also saw a rather eerie and even, science fictionesque turn in the land of The Beautiful People. I can definitely say that I saw that one coming. This week, we’ve got a singles match between two newer rivals, who can’t stop fighting over a favorite blonde Canadian. There is bound to be blood.

Our first wacky glimpse of the Knockouts, comes in the form of Angelina Love and Winter standing backstage. Angelina has a red plastic cup of some concoction in her hand and Winter is stroking her hair, telling her everything is going to be alright. This is all just a small bump in the road. Winter tells her that her drink will calm her nerves. She goes on to say that Velvet Sky is a big girl and that she cost them their titles out of jealousy, she wants Angelina all to herself, to control her. Winter just couldn’t let that happen. She claims she is just trying to protect Angelina, nothing personal against Velvet.

Cue recap video package of recent months, reminding us all how this weird development came about. All those weird and SyFy channelesque moments that no one can seem to wash from their memory, leading up until last week.

But this week, we get to see Velvet Sky as she takes on Winter in singles Knockout action. Headed to the ring first is one half of TBP, dressed in her black and pink crush velvet attire with a TBP cut off t-shirt. She bounces to the ring and LETS THE PIGEONS LOOSE! She looks a little too happy for someone who has lost her BFF, if you ask me. Out second is Winter, in her ninja hooker attire, to that ever so creepy theme music she has. Everything fits her so well but she’s still a creeper, if you ask me.

The official rings the bell and Velvet doesn’t waste much time going right after Winter, slamming her into the corner. Multiple shoulder blocks to the abdomen and the referee pulls her back, only to have her go back around to the opposite corner on the same side. Again, the official pulls her back and she takes just enough time to catch her breath before flipping Winter over, landing a sharp kick to her spine. Into the ropes and Velvet rebounds, landing a stiff dropkick to Winter’s chest, going for the pin attempt. One..two..not quite but Velvet stays on her, slamming her head into the mat. The official makes the warning count and the Velvet gets up, sending Winter flying into yet another corner. I’m telling you, it’s something about that hooker ninja outfit. *wink*

Velvet tries to charge Winter again but this time, Winter sidesteps and yanks Velvet down to the mat by her hair. A warning from the official doesn’t stop her, however, because another grab of the hair and Winter slams Vel Vel down yet again. A pick up and the bodyslam leads to a foot to the throat choke, bringing a weird smirk to Winter’s face. How many times has Velvet been near choked to death in recent months? Anyway, back over and Winter throws in a cheap kick and goes for the hair again, tossing Velvet back across the ring. Back up on her, a slightly weak side slam and into a pin but Vel Vel isn’t about to give up that easily. No sir!

Winter goes to pick Velvet up again but Velvet turns it on her, going for a rollover but it falls through. However, Winter gets back up and goes for the rebound off the ropes, taking Winter down with a pair of clotheslines. A ring around and Velvet is back with a kick and a bulldog, dropping Winter right on her face. Velvet is pumped up but Angelina Love is out on the ramp, dressed in adorable attire. This distracts Velvet just enough where Winter can come back, attacking her from behind. Is that anger and hatred I see in A. Love’s spaced out facial expression? Nope. My bad. It’s just a harsh amount of vast nothing. I do love that top though.

Anyway, Winter turns to rough tactics, making rough eye contact with Angelina Love, her new minion. She pulls Velvet into a backbreaker then locks in some sort of submission that leads Velvet to tap out. It wrenched the neck, where we all know seems to be Velvet’s sensitive spot. And even though Winter has won the match, she locks in the submission one more time while Angelina gazes on, following her new master like a well behaved sheep, back to the lockers.

Skip to the 5:17 minute mark

A little later in the show, we see Velvet backstage, still holding her throat. She says that Winter is one crazy, psychotic, out there bitch, if you may. She says that Winter just came out of left field into TNA and tried to wreck TBP. But, in case she didn’t know, Velvet’s job and even Angelina’s job in TNA, is to cleanse the world of one ugly person at a time. The interviewer asks Velvet if she’s gotten to the bottom of Angelina’s little drug phase, which Velvet states. Clearly, Angelina was drugged and Winter has a hold on her. It is Velvet’s job to get Angelina back, away from Winter’s clutches because Vel Vel has had enough! All this bullshit…oops. I forgot to hit my censor button. Perhaps I’ll remember it next week. ;)

Thoughts: Well, this week’s match kind of made me sleepy. It wasn’t because it was bad but it just seemed to go in slow motion. It was good at first and better toward the end but the in-between was a little slow. I knew this match was coming and I’m sure it isn’t the last. This little storyline is very interesting, in my opinion so I’m curious to see where it goes from here, as I’ve been saying. We didn’t see any further development in the Madison Rayne/Mickie James story so we must see that next week. Lockdown is on April 17th and their match is going to be interesting, to say the least. Tell me, what do you all think is going on with Winter & Angelina? What was in that mystery red plastic cup? Let me know. Until next week, my lovies. xoxo

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  • BillyGP

    Lockdown on the 17th not the 7th two more weeks for build for Mickie vs Madison but good write up. I liked Velvet vs Winter plus im into the story line now.

  • melina prez

    I liked the match but it seemd botched, idk if it was just me or what.

    I like it tho !!!

  • Michael K.

    I liked the match when Velvet was in control, honestly, the hair-pulling and backbreakers from Winters were all she had, and I wasn’t like, impressed, at all. But I like the direction of where this feud is going, and I’d like to see where Madison and Mickie are going as well, some segments, promos, something, not an honorable mention.

  • Rhawk

    Matc was meh, nothing all that special, except for the erotic ring attire WInter is wearing these days, with the one piece & blindfold, it’s creepy 1 minute, then sexy the next, and then no no after that.

    Also, too much Love drugged stare after the match finished, we all know she’s zoned out, we don’t need the camera zooming in at her for lik half a minute. And when they went to Winter, a mili second later, it’s the Love Glare! Winter (0:00:00-0:00:42) Love Glare!… Winter (0:04:20-0:04:41) LOVE GLARE! SERIOUSLY bad camera angles this week.

    Do I even need to mention the lack of the actual champion of the knockouts?! *headpinch into facepalm into headdesk* Hurry up and die a quick and painless death TNA, just TNA, for the love of humanity just get off TV, now! x___x

  • A.E

    the match is nothing special however winter about time to shake her ring rust,the storyline is getting interesting a lot and i am curious where it go next .damn angelina can play hypnotic victim very well.

    sorta sad there is no mickie or madison to build up their lockdown match i know that mickie had a busted shoulder however they could build up for there match backstage for example where madison attack mickie backstage which led to her injury.

  • laqisha

    have? i seen this before?, first in svr 2009 Undertaker’s RTWM, and then? in CAW (Donny’s UWO) so its been done before

    Winter has turned Angelina into a Zombie :O

  • NT86

    Winter’s bathing suit looks awesome. So old school! She’s one of the strongest characters in TNA right now, male or female.

    I’m a but disappointed that they neglected the Mickie/Madison feud, though. That’s the match at Lockdown and needs all the build it can get.

    I guess this storyline seems a lot more intense.

    Furthermore, they need to set Sarita and Rosita in a feud for those titles.

  • BillyGP

    People we get two weeks of build for Mickie vs Madison

  • DarkJoker

    Here’s an off topic question:Who thinks Spike should be sued for False Advertising? TNA is supposed to stand for: Total Non-Stop Action. But don’t we get Talking No Action on Impact every Thursday?

  • imj1995

    Winter is still rusty. I hope they do a handicap match at the next PPV I dont think she can put on an awesome match by herself.

  • lazberg

    I can’t take Velvet seriously. The poor girl just doesn’t move well and doesn’t seem to be able to have a good match. That said, it looked like there were rough spots in the match from both and there were a number of points where Winter had to visibly adjust to sell Velvet’s offense. The blindfold and classic style ring attire are awesome, so refreshing after the endless streetwalker get-ups from the silicone people. And the close-up lens is not a friend of Angelina’s with the globs of makeup. TNA’s camera work leaves a lot to be desired.

  • mj1970

    Think the buildup is working. The next 2 shows (and what happens) are going tobe pivotal. Very interested where it goes, I think in the “end”, whenever that is, TBP will re-unite. Because they’re one of TNA’s biggest draws. They both have amazing chemistry together. As for too much talk..maybe. But, wrestling wouldn’t be what it is, if it didn’t bring any “story/drama” in the mix. Remember, it’s entertainment.

  • wl75

    @mj The Velvet/Winter/Angelina storyline is going to go for another month at least (probably to the Sacrifice PPV in May). The Mickie/Madison match is the KO match at Lockdown- Velvet is scheduled to do a chat at the TNA on demand website during the PPV, so she may not even be in the arena.

    I did like the promo they did showing how the story has unfolded so far- and I love Winter’s outfit (I’m guessing the “blindfold” is see-thru).

  • laqisha

    “Here’s an off topic question:Who thinks Spike should be sued for False Advertising? TNA is supposed to stand for: Total Non-Stop Action. But don’t we get Talking No Action on Impact every Thursday?”

    Since those two mother f***** entred TNA they turned the company into a talking show! Like do I really have to watch 2-3 old farts cutting a promo for a 30 minutes ? Come on, no body wanna see old ppl on TV or on the Internet.

    Well Hulk Hogan as the old saying goes ” Your as useless as the bull’s tits” Your time is over Hogan, your not getting any younger so why don’t you get off my TV and give the 30 minute time limits to the X-Divison or the Knockouts.

  • ScottL

    This drugged Zombie junk might the dumbest thing I’ve seen in wrestling, and I remember Papa Shango. Absolute crap.

  • Dylan

    I loved the Velvet backstage segment, this current storyline is great imo. The match for me wasn’t all that. Hopefully there’ll be some more Mickie/Madison heat next week.

  • MaxPower

    @ ScottL – Exactly how much wrestling have you watched? Seriously there have been LOTS of things dumber in wrestling than the current Winter/BP storyline.

    As for the match, it was meh – ok, but it wasn’t bad just a little slow at points plus at least the storyline advanced some more, kinda interested to see where it goes & as far as Madison & Mickie not being on the show, don’t worry there’s still over 2 weeks left to build to their match at Lockdown.

  • mj1970

    @wl75 Agree, think it’ll go for another month. Will be interested in seeing if TBP’s reunite quickly, or if they’ll be singles for awhile. The KO division needed some shake up and hopefully they’ll get some new/returning talent. Have read elsewhere, speculation that Velvet may get a title run. Good angle/story, though.

  • Kaledrina

    great week i thought. i’ve been a lover of the storyline since the beginning, so i guess i should like the progression in this episode, though. i think it’s also nice how tbp have taken somewhat of a backseat but still managed to be integral to the division, as they were getting uber tiresome last year.

    sacrifice seems the perfect time to end the feud, especially as the ppv is called, well, “sacrifice”!. although i wouldn’t be against it going even longer!

    match was good, neither velvet nor winter came across as too dominating, it was nice to see them both on a level playing field.

  • Macho Madness

    This was suprisingly a pretty damn good match. They worked really well together. Winter bringing back to one piece!

    This storyline has been really good and is really starting to heat up now. People bitch no matter what they do, so can’t say I’m suprised. I like it, and where it is going.

  • Macho Madness

    I can’t wait to see where this storyline is going next.

  • Superstar77


    I wouldn’t get my hopes about Winter & Velvet gettng a PPV match to end the feud. With the way TNA has been treating Velvet’s storylines lately it will probably be blown off in nothing TV match. Because they don’t seem to want Velvet on PPV since she hasn’t had a match on PPV since Bound For Glory.

    It seems that WInter is drugging Angelina which would explain how she’s been acting lately. But I don’t think it is wise on TNA’s part to be doing a drug related angle. Especially with Jeff Hardy’s current situation.

    As for the match I thought Velvet performed well and I’m really getting tired of people crapping on her in ring ability. I didn’t like that she lost but I guess it makes sense but I didn’t like Winter’s submission hold. I did like Velvet’s promo after the match. I hate that this match didin’t happen at Lockdown. Because I would rather see Velvet vs Winter than most of the matches that will take place at Lockdown.


  • Piggie James

    @Macho Madness: “People bitch no matter what they do, so can’t say I’m suprised.”

    Pretty damn true. TNA actually gives you something to watch with the Knockouts, but people are never happy with them. There’s a lot of retarded complaints here that I’m not going to bother ridiculing, but it’s amazing that people come here, trash the product with nonsensical remarks, and don’t even want it to improve. Yet most people in the Diva discussions are always so ‘hopeful’ and positive that they’ll eventually get better.

    It’s pretty simple. If you hate TNA and the Knockouts then don’t watch them. You are an absolute moron if you purposefully torture yourself just to complain about something you don’t like.

    Now that’s not to say that people shouldn’t complain at all. But some people are so excessively negative, that one wonders how they obtain any enjoyment out of wrestling at all except complaining.

    Anyway, with that said, I don’t have a lot to complain about this week. The match was reasonable, but the best part me was everything else. Angelina’s complete no sells on having any emotion at all. Seeing her in this zombie form is just, disturbing. Winter acting completely psychotic when talking to Angelina was classic. Velvet having to overcome Winter’s evil machinations to save Angelina is a really good angle in my opinion.

    I also would like to see this feud play out at Sacrifice, but as said, it’s unlikely with it being a non-title feud with two other titles in play. But Sacrifice is perfect for the way the feud is going. I’ve liked the slow burn on the feud so far, so it really deserves to culminate at a PPV.

  • mj1970

    According to the spoilers, after Angelina attacks Velvet during their tag match, the “confrontation” happens the following week (4/14) as Velvet calls out Angelina to explain herself. Does anyone happen to know if Angelina says anything? Can’t imagine her being mute the whole time.

  • DarkJoker

    @mj1970. Here’s the spoilers for the 04/14/11 edition of Impact

    Velvet Sky is out and she looks angry. She gives Angelina one last chance to talk to her face to face and explain her actions as of late. If she doesn’t like what she has to say she has no problem whooping that butt. Angelina comes out to Winter’s music. Velvet shoves her twice. Angelina spears Velvet and delivers some blows. Love then grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. She DDTs Velvet on the chair and then Winter comes out and motions for Angelina to come to her. Love leaves with Winter as referees check on Velvet.