Vickie Guerrero Says She’s Going to Get Involved at ‘Mania, Snooki Better Watch Out

Speaking to the Greenwich Post, Vickie Guerrero discussed her role at WrestleMania 27 tonight, saying she’s going to get involved.More hre

She said:

“You need to watch. I’m going to be involved. Snooki will get her receipt. She’d better watch out.”

On being called a ‘cougar, Guerrero says she loves it:

“It’s so much fun,” Guerrero said with a laugh. “I’m honored because they’re flirting with me and it makes me feel good. I’m a single woman and I like younger men, being the cougar that I am.”

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  • twilson addict!

    From this, i’m pretty sure that Laycool and Ziggler will win.

  • litafan2000

    When Vikki gets involved someone will come out to help Trish and Snooki out. Maybe Lita? Just a thought! Lol

  • NurseBetty

    You Go Vickie Coco You Go

  • art1e

    well she is hot woman so i myself am attracted to her as well…