YouTube Classics: Alexis Laree vs. Trinity

Welcome to the YouTube Classics! This week, our theme will be “Knockouts”, matches taking place in TNA. Today, we have Alexis Laree (known these days as Mickie James) vs. Trinity from TNA’s early days.

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  • Jane

    Its nice to see some of the old TNA stuff again. It was a good match.

  • Melanie

    Mickie looks so different… so greasy.

  • Jane

    hahah yea i remember she used to wet her hair before her matches just like the guy did.

  • Jane


  • Aksana

    She could have an amazing career with WWE, I think when Trinity got the boot (along with various other Divas, including Francine) that was when the Divas devision was going down hill. I remember when TNA had hired models with whore names like “Lolipop” and now, TNA say they don’t do any of the whore stuff anymore (thats debatable.) as to the match both of the girls were great, Mickie is playing a heel in this match right? wow. She plays a kick ass heel.