SmackDown Watch: December 5, 2008

This week, Divas Champ Michelle McCool faced off against Maria in a non-title match. Watch below:


Interestingly, a filmed backstage segment that was to air later in the night seems to have been cut. In the segment, Maria was backstage celebrating her win with the Bella Twins, Carlito & Primo when Michelle came in and kicked Maria in the chest. That segment would definitely signal a heel turn for Michelle, maybe she won’t become a full-fledged heel after all?

EDIT: Looks like the segment will air in tonight’s US airing of the show, after all.

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  • ashleigh

    Aww, I’m disappointed! I wanted to see that backstage segment =/. Ach well, at least I enjoyed the match =].

  • Christi84

    Maria is really not a very good wrestler. Michelle made her look better, but Maria made Michelle look bad in the same breath. The match wasn’t bad though as Michelle actaully saved a match for a change. I hated listening to the announcers make a big deal about Maria’s win and saying she deserves another shot. MARYSE ALREADY DID THIS!!!!! And better yet, she BEAT Michelle with a finisher, not a silly roll up. I heard the segment did show for some people. I haven’t found it yet. If these two get a PPV match, boy it’s not gonna be pretty. If Michelle was smart, she’d try to get Maryse back in because Maryse in recent times has really brought out the best in her. I’d rather lose the title to a solid heel in Maryse than a weak (in more ways than one) face in Maria.

  • boi213

    good match as much as i dont like michelle i think shes the best technical diva so far i hope this leads to the divas championship match at the next pay per view

  • Kristen

    Other sites are reporting that the backstage segment will become a exclusive.

    Good Match!

    Michelle—Needs to loose the title!!!

    Maria—needs to work on her ability.

    Maryse—Give her the title!!

  • TaylorJade

    Maria is NOT worthy of a championship. She’s really not that great of a wrestler at all compared to any of the other Smackdown Divas, excluding Eve of course. I know I wouldn’t be a happy camper if Maria got it.

  • boi213

    yay sorry ignore my last comment but anyways they should have a triple threat for the title and have maryse leave with the title but have her pin maria for the win and get michelle and her feud going more so michelle will hate her for losing her the title….ugh and maria needs to really train more i think the bella twins look more professional in the ring compared to her

  • ashleigh

    I agree… I don’t think Maria is ready to become Champion of any kind quite yet. I like the feud between her and Michelle but I don’t want it to lead to Maria winning the title. Much like the majority of other people, when Michelle loses the title I want it to go Maryse… unfortunately I think that a lot of us are going to be disappointed =/.

  • boi213

    hey melanie or erin since michelles turning heel and all you should do this week in history “when good divas go bad”
    and show that bikini contest where victoria beat the hell out of all the girls and king when she lost…….thats my favorite victoria moment

  • Vassy

    Good match, much much better than their last. Michelle seems more comfortable carrying Maria to a good match now. I’m hoping they do show the backstage segment somewhere, somehow because I was really looking forward to it. :(

  • Mike

    The backstage segment did air…

    “After the commercial in the locker room Michelle comes up from behind taps Maria on the stomach and kicks her in the stomach and tells her “She deserved that”
    (<— close to something like that). Seemed heelish but could not tell crowd reaction as boos were clearly edited in.”

    So it did air in Austrailia as the guy who posted that is from Australia.

  • mah

    if they really cut the segment…i think will be useless in tht case
    the match wasnt really good but i loved the ending part…maria played it well
    n mccool became a really good wrestler

  • Marco

    god dammit WWE!!!!
    fuck them for not turning her heel and I was really looking forward to seeing the promo!!!
    im soooooooooooooooooooooooo angry!!!! >:(

  • Luis-Angel

    this was a pretty good match.
    and i hope we do get to see the segment one way or another.
    but i kinda wanna see both of them as faces just hating each others guts =]
    thats would be kool
    and if they do have a PPv match at Armagaedon (i think i mispelled that)
    they have to include Maryse they just have to.
    i mean what was the point of making her a total bitch and the last one on smackdown standing at Survivor Series.
    if there not gonna give her the title…

  • Laura

    They did show the segment, Just watched it now in the UK.
    Maria over selled the kick from Michelle

  • cory

    I like Maria… But I believe it that she over sold it. Some of her earlier matches she would scream and choke and make the weirdest noises.

  • ashleigh

    I turned Smackdown on last night just in time to see both the match and the backstage segment… the backstage segment wasn’t quite what I had expected but I enjoy it.

  • Luis-Angel

    that backstage segment kinda sucked.
    Maria oversold a little kick. lol

  • Mace

    I think it was actually a pretty good match, though it didnt have the psychology of a heel and a face it was still pretty good, and imo was one of Maria’s best performances in the ring – i think she is improving but im not really sure if shes ready for ppv yet.

  • boi213

    hey did u guys know about that match up between cherry and roxxi??????

  • Vassy