Impact Write-Up (June 30th, 2011): Trouble in Psychotic Paradise?

Oh what a week. But I know you don’t care about that so I won’t even scratch that surface. Haha. Last week, we got had a couple of rather quirky, yet violent brawlesque matches. Rails belts and flasks got involved and we all know, when that happens, it isn’t going to be pretty. This week, we’ve got a rather odd set of teams pitting against one another in a 6-Knockout tag team elimination match that is bound to be nasty. We also sit down with one of the other Knockouts who is set on proving that she belongs in Impact Wrestling. If you’re curious, and I know you are, then stick with me and we’ll go on this magical journey together. If not, what are you doing here? Get to Disneyworld.

We start out backstage, where Madison Rayne is primping in front of the mirror as usual. A Queen must stay on top of her appearance. Nice to see the weave hasn’t come back. She is talking smack about Tara, go figure, saying that she’s the reason Tara has a job back in TNA. She’s seemed to forgotten that but Madison, being the kind person she is, will remind her in two weeks when they face each other on Impact. Shameless promotion. By the way, has anyone seen her lip gloss? She hates sharing a locker room with the “skanks” and obviously, someone has stolen it. If you find it, please dial 555-N01CAR3S. Thanks.

Speaking of those “skanks”, in walk Winter and Angelina Love, who seems to have finally gotten back into her normal routine. She has an amused look on her face and when Madison raises her voice, tells her to cut the noises and they didn’t take her lip gloss. But it’s a plumper! Madison, as astounded as anyone, takes notice that Angelina is speaking now. She tells her to speak on and NEVER touch her lip gloss again! Ugh!

Cue the dramatic scene exit.

In a very creepy way, someone standing on the other side of the room behind the camera, busts out a random question. Since when are camera men allowed to speak? And if it isn’t them, who is the creep walking around with the camera man? That’s what I would like to know. Anyway, he asks Winter what her predictions are for the evening and she tells him there is only one. She says she’s going to make the Knockouts champion squeal like a little mouse. She’s already done it and she she be the champion now but she’s going to make it official at Hardcore Justice. With her beautiful minion in her corner, how could she possibly lose? Well, I thought Angelina would have something to say about that but instead, she starts talking about their relationship status. She goes on the record to say it isn’t “synthetic” anymore, it is very real. She says that a lot of Knockouts really need to be put in their place and it is going to start with Mikey…, Mickie. It doesn’t matter. Either way, it is guaranteed not to end with her.

Just to start things off, major props to Christy Hemme on that outfit. Love it. So much in fact, I’m coming to steal it. Just to let you know. Anyway, out first in this match are the dastardly duo themselves, Morticia and Minion. They make their painful slow motion entrance to the ring. At first, I thought my video was lagging. Maybe I just hadn’t realized it before, who knows. SHE’S A KILLER QUEEN! Out last for this team is Madison, sash and crown intact and she makes her way to the ring, posing for pictures and waving to her fans. And yes, I agree with Taz. She is freaking hot and she knows it. She was also the longest reigning Knockouts Champion ever and she will never let anyone forget that. Moving on.

For the other team, out first is Miss Tessmacher, who has awesome theme music, by the way. I think this is the first time I’ve really actually heard it. She pops up on the stage and tosses her glasses at the camera, strutting her way down. She’s back to the fuschia this week but hey, I’m not angry. Neither are all the men in the audience, so we’ll just leave it at that. Tara rides out next on her crotch rocket, dressed in an extremely cute black and red outfit that I love. I have always been a fan but I think out of all the Knockouts, Tara is the one I respect the most. HARDCORE COUNTRY! Last but not least, Mickie James bounds out to the ramp, almost a little reluctant to hit the ring. It could be she’s rethinking the fringe but one may never know. The “heels” look rather disgusted at all the love given to the “faces” and implode amongst themselves over it. Madison even goes to her own corner, which she sets up rather nicely.

Starting things off, whether Winter wanted to or not, is Mickie. Winter tried to peace out but she pulls her back in and tosses her by the hair across the mat. Then it’s on! Mickie is on top and is just pounding into Winter with purpose. She stands up and whips that belt off Winter, ready to use it for retribution. We all know how many times that’s been used on the champ in recent weeks. But the referee takes all the fun away, which brings Angelina in. She immediately drops Mickie with a kick to the abdomen and a side jaw drop against the shoulder. Very nice maneuver. This puts Mickie to the outside and Tessmacher invites herself in, going right at Angelina. But all that fire and moxy isn’t going to stand up against the former five time Knockouts champion. You need a lot more than that.

And it shows when A.Love overpowers her, slamming her back off the rebound. She slams her back into the corner and tags in Winter, adding cue to the double team. Meanwhile, Tara and Madison are screaming back at forth at each other like an old married couple. A flip over and Winter does her best to wear Tess down but the exchange leads to another corner and I become really confuse. Taz says he talked to Tessmacher about it earlier in the day. What exactly did you talk about? How many times she should pop her ass against Winter’s chin? I realize she is bodacious in that area but seriously. Seriously?! I can’t even right now. Asstastic. I shake my head.

Either way, Angelina Love tries to bust this up but she gets a forearm for her efforts. But the distraction proves enough that Winter manages a fisher-lights suplex of sorts, leading to the pin. Tessmacher has been eliminated. This sends Tara into the ring and she is on the attack. Laying hands to Winter then dropping her down with a stiff clothesline. Tara tosses her cap to the audience and goes in for the shimmy, OH! standing moonsault! A pin but only a two count. Are you serious? Yeah, he’s serious! I love the banter. It slays me. Tara takes Winter to the ropes and uses them as leverage, locking in a very nice tarantula submission from the outside. Her legs are wrapped around Winter’s arms and she’s got her locked in but this leaves her vulnerable. Madison takes notice and storms across the ring, slapping her with a baseball slider to the face. Tara drops like a sack of potatoes and Madison just rolls her into the ring. The momentum has shifted and Winter is back in control.

A pair of hammers to the back and Winter lifts Tara into a firewomans carry position. Angelina creeps into the ring and DAMN! She hits that Botox Injection kick and I cringed. But time doesn’t stop and Angelina knocks Mickie to the outside. Winter goes for the pin but Madison sneaks in, tosses Winter through the ropes and steals the pin on Tara. Morticia and Minion are not happy. They stalk her, cutting her in a corner of sorts while Mickie gets ready to set up for that Mick Kick. Madison attempts to feign innocence but this is Madison Rayne we’re talking about here. She turns around and SLAP! goes the foot against the jaw. So powerful, it caused Angelina to do a hair flip. I had to watch that part multiple times. Oh yes.

Mickie, ever so reluctant, goes in for the cover and Winter tells Angelina to just let it happen. She gets the three count and charges Winter like a bull. But the numbers game comes into effect and femme fatales are in control. The classic double team beatdown presses play and they’re on her like a pair of thugs. Finally, Winter picks Mickie up into that carry position, going for what they did to Tara but Angelina kicks….and misses. The champion counters into a roll-up on Winter but Minion gives her a kick to the back, breaking things up. Oh no, she says. Angelina tries to set Mickie up for that back knee drop but Mickie reverses, trying to set up for the jumping DDT. Winter isn’t having it. She pulls her back by the hair, dropping her down across her knee like a disciplined child. Then Winter presents Mickie to Angelina like a gift. Minion sets her up and OOF! drops her down like a ton of bricks.

…that awkward moment when you don’t know who should make the pin.

It looks like it’s going to be Angelina but as soon as she makes the move, Winter stops her. She tells her she had her turn and it’s her turn now. Alright?! Angelina does not see it that way and for the first time, we’re seeing tension between Morticia and Minion. But while they’re having this conversation, Mickie James is back on her feet. Winter tells A.Love to get her but it backfires. Mickie starts throwing elbows from the corner and jumps up, sending Winter across the ring. A neckbreaker drop to Angelina and she is out of this game! A behind roll-up from Winter but Mickie kicks out on the two. The crowd is going apeshit. I’m just saying. Now it is one-on-one with Winter and Mickie. Champ goes up for the DDT, jumps and executes. A pin on Winter and Mickie James has won this tag team effort. Neither Angelina or Winter can believe it, which brings heat between the two. Morticia looks to be blaming Minion what for losing and well…I guess we’ll find out.

Later in the show, we get a video reminder of this feud that has started between ODB and Velvet Sky. Again, another reminder of the hypocritical BS that comes out of ODB’s mouth. Stating “It isn’t who Velvet is, it’s what she stands for with the makeup and fake eyelashes.” Someone needs a mirror. That’s all I’m saying.

A flash to Velvet in the back and she’s talking to the camera, stating that most people think the beef with ODB is recent. But what people don’t know is that she’s been dealing with bullies and being pushed around her whole life. When she was a kid, she was always the runt of the litter. She’s always had to fight for everything she’s wanted to accomplish, Impact Wrestling is no different. She says that Jacqueline and ODB want to come in and “prey on the weak” but she isn’t as weak as she once was. I can definitely agree with that but it’s my opinion. She says that next week’s match is very important for her.

Next week, she’ll be facing Jackie and ODB in a handicap match, two-on-one. The stipualation being, if Velvet beats them and she feels that she will, they are no longer allowed back in Impact Wrestling. And she really, really hopes that since they had that woman to woman agreement, she hopes they live up to their end of the bargain after she beats them. She’s had it. She’s done. No more pushing Velvet around. She’s starting a new chapter and she’s done being the prey, the weak. She’s done with it and she’s going to do something about it. Next week. Oh boy.

Thoughts: I loved this match. The spots in this match were incredible and I can’t even describe that lifted bicycle kick. The baseball slide to the face? Loved it. Definite awesome showing from the Knockouts this week. I’m dying to see if this tension between Angelina and Winter becomes stronger. I know some of you are all dying to see them implode on one another. I think it will come down to jealousy. Angelina is a strong competitor, former champion and I think she’ll see it as Winter trying to hog her spotlight. But we never know until it happens. We’ve got a couple of great weeks ahead of us so until that time next week, my lovies! xoxo

What did you guys think about this week’s Impact? Tell me about it!

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  • JillianHallTNA

    I want knockouts match at Destination X

    • laqisha

      Hamada vs Sarita Hell yeah!!!

    • BillyGP

      nah let the x division have their moment. but if so then mickie vs sarita since they both work for tna

      • laqisha

        Well half of the guys appearing are Ex.TNA starz. But if TNA wants to envolve women then whats better match then Hamada vs Sarita??? they both got some X-Division style.

        • BillyGP

          well i mentioned for me what better. but this isn’t about knockouts this ppv.

    • TheGunner

      Let’s say TNA were going to do an all knockouts PPV would you want them to add a match with Shelley and Amazing Red? The knockouts will get there time on Mid Summer’s Nightmare

  • seasons-of-love

    Angelina’s Botox Injection was sick.

    Match was pretty good on the whole. I skipped past the Tessmacher parts because she’s rather terrible and I don’t want to put myself through that, but the rest was very nice. :) I miss the old Mickie James by the way. Pre-Hardcore Country, I mean.

    Madison was awesome in the backstage segment.

    • Your_NamE_hErE

      You missed the BEST part then lol

    • WWFoverWWE

      the mickie before hardcore country was being called a pig every week. I don’t get it when people say “i miss the old whoever”, IT’S STILL THE SAME PERSON!!!

      there is no personality difference between WWE mickie and TNA mickie, only that her entrance theme is different, and that she’s slimed down since leaving WWE, she still acts the same


      • seasons-of-love

        I love Mickie. Always have. I just think she’s come across as a lot more serious since, say, the start of 2009. I get that it’s the evolution of MJ or whatever, but I liked it when she was a little more bubbly and peppy.

        It’s not a TNA thing, because she started maturing (altho I’m not sure about that word) late into her WWE run. Melina’s done the same thing, but I’ve always preferred Melina to Mickie.

        • WWFoverWWE

          you should’ve said that. Yes mickie has matured and isn’t exactly that bubbly kid that use to love trish stratus, but like you said it is the evolution of mickie, not just in wreslting, but in real life also

        • seasons-of-love

          Yeah, I get that. I just like my wrestlers to be a little more animated. That’s partially why Melina and Mickie always attracted me. It was like two superheroes/cartoon characters clashing or something, lol.

          I am glad that TNA are giving Mickie the credit she deserves. I mean, yeah, she won a lot of titles in WWE, but after the Trish feud it always seemed like they were only pushing Mickie because the women they’d prefer to have pushed bombed spectacularly.

      • Piggie James

        Yeah she still skips down to the ring, and does her slide in + hair flick and all, so it isn’t much more different than the theme.

        And as much as I liked her WWE theme/clothing/.etc, her ‘Hardcore Country’ gimmick seems more authentic to who she is today, especially when she’s singing her own theme.

        Though I sometimes I do miss WWE Mickie, in that I thought she could have done so much more if WWE hadn’t have wasted her away (and the Divas division for that matter). So I’m much happier that she’s at TNA now where she actually has opportunities to show her ability again, just like all the other Knockouts.

        Actually I also miss indy Mickie ie. Alexis Laree, because her style was so much more ‘raw’, which was actually great, because she used to do some amazing moves. Nowadays she’s a lot smoother and ‘well-polished’ with her style, but not as dangerous since she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore to become a star when she already is one.

        • WWFoverWWE

          mickie left WWE at the right time, she had accomplished pretty much everything there was to do (5 time womens champion, closest woman to even touching trish’s record, and she even won that butterfly title once and arguably had the best reign with it to date)

          in TNA, she’s faced women that she’s never faced before( angelina, madison, sarita, etc.) and has more opportunties to do things she’s never done before (street fights, cage matches)

          mickie’s legacy in WWE is set and is up there with trish and lita. I’m glad mickie is no longer in WWE because if she was, she would end up like melina, doing nothing and just destroying what she’s built up

        • laqisha

          I never seen Mickie’s indy stuff but I watched an old TNA clips of her and the only Amaizing moves I saw her doing is I think she did some sort of Diving tornado DDT on some ROH star “Danials or diffrent dude IDK”..BTW did she do any other amaizing moves???

        • Piggie James

          The video material is fairly hard to find, but she was doing all sorts of ‘hardcore’ spots in TNA when she was path of Raven’s ‘The Gathering’, I think it was their feud against Jeff Jarrett. She was actually playing a similar gimmick to Zombie Angelina then lol, because she was being mind controlled by Raven.

          Then there’s a whole skew of her ROH work, which you’d have to look through a lot of old ROH PPVs for. Back then ROH actually had more women’s matches than they do now.

          Not sure which promotion it was from, but she was also doing all these crazy high dives to the outside of the ring. Of course these were all ‘spot-monkey’ sort of moves, not exactly technical wrestling moves, but very high risk and eye-catching.

          Technically her style was also a lot different, and she did way more moves than she does now. Although that’s very much the difference between indy and mainstream wrestling styles.

  • Wesley Romano

    Cant stress enough how much I love Tessmacher. shes so sexy fun n can wrestle very good! Her strikes are pretty slick and she did really good! I think if given more matches she can gain more experience. Her n Vevet make a great team and the brawl match against Jackie n ODB was really good she held her own in there!
    Mickie James EXPLODED with that tackle on Winter lol!! Jeezus!
    Really Mickie James was beyond awesome!

    The Doubleteam with Angelina n Winter! Madison is really funny too!
    Sucks bitchy angelina is back lol..
    Wish Velvet Sky was in this match along with the ODB n Jackie but that would of been a bit uneven

    Hey Tara looks really hot in red! And her vs Winter was like sorta dream match for me lol
    Those punches by Tara look SICK!

    TNA Knockouts rock!

    Hardcore Country Mickie James is the best ;)
    Hands down

    • Your_NamE_hErE

      I agree with everything you said except with Angelina.

      Heel Angelina>Face Angelina any day bro.

      • Wesley Romano

        Na face Angelina dont do it for me..I meant Zombie Angelina haha..gottaadmit she was growing on me…a hot skinny chick who kicks ass yet doesnt speak or roll her eyes at you lol ;)

        • number1AngelinaLovefan

          Haha i know right man i love that but yeah HEEL Angelina for sure

  • rodneyclint

    The six person tag was really, really good. Miss Tessmacher is coming along nicely, though I feel she needs a new name for sure. Everyone else did exceptional, as per usual. I like Winter when she is getting beat up lol she sells moves well but I’ve never been a fan of her in ring stuff. Still, she was fine here and I loved the double team moves from her and Angelina.I like how TNA has multiple feuds like this going on and then is able to bring it all together in one really good match, the WWE needs to take some notes. They barely have one feud going on with the Divas right now.

    • Kaledrina

      “I like how TNA has multiple feuds like this going on and then is able to bring it all together in one really good match”

      usually i hate matches like these as it all seems too contrived in a “we can’t think of anything, we’ll just throw all feuds into one match” sense.. but this match didn’t feel like that, so good :)

  • Piggie James

    Extremely enjoyable match, I really loved it! Everyone performed well. Nothing to complain about, except they were using alternative tag team rules I believe, where if the legal wrestler exits the ring, then anyone on their team can take their place and become legal. I figure maybe Mickie and Angelina worked this into the match from their experiences at AAA’s Triplemania that used these rules. Nothing wrong at all with this, except the commentators needed to explain the different rules, otherwise some viewers will get confused and not be able to follow what’s happening.

    Actually, Mickie James is being advertised for the next AAA PPV at the end of this month (Verano de Escándalo), which is another great opportunity for her, and that benefit should spillover to the rest of the Knockouts. I keep hearing rumours that AAA might ‘invade’ TNA sometime this year. It would still be fairly hard at this stage to implement (because of right to use talent issues with LLUSA), but if it ever happens it would bring the Knockouts to another level.

    Only other thing of course is the absence of Sarita and Rosita being involved with the rest of the Knockouts. They still appear with Mexican America, but Sarosita are a lot more credible than the two men in their faction. Unfortunately it seems like that faction is going to last a while longer.

    Also, I hope that they don’t split up Angelina/Winter too hurriedly. I really like their pairing, and want to see them together at least until the end of the year.

    • laqisha

      That faction is somehow keeping Sarita far from the KO’s title

      • Piggie James

        It wouldn’t be so bad if Hernandez and Anarquia were actually somewhere near the top of the card, but at the moment they’re like low mid-carders or worse. If they were actually able to get the men’s tag titles, then they’d look like a pretty decent faction, but they’re a bit of a joke at the moment when their greatest accomplishment are the Knockout Tag Team titles which Sarosita already won before the faction was even formed.

        TNA wants to hook in the Mexican audience though, so that’s the reason they have this faction. They’re not going anywhere though until Hernandez actually has some passable matches that don’t result in someone getting badly injured.

        • Mikas

          Having a bunch of fake Mexicans give Mexicans a bad name, isnt going to bring in Mexican viewers. It probably only makes them switch the channel.

        • The_JM

          Mikas is 100% right, I’m a mexican and they just portray mexicans SO badly. Granted wwe isn’t too much better but at least they just include jokes and they have respectable mexican wrestlers (i.e. alberto del rio, rey mysterio, sin cara).

        • laqisha

          Well one guy is a great wrestler but too dangerous at the same time and the other guy just simply can’t wrestle at all so I don’t see the faction going anywhere near the top.

  • WWFoverWWE

    I bet the WWE divas are taking notes right now

    Mickie is a great knockouts champion, she is just perfect and I love her :D

    I think Winter has a huge chance of becoming champion, she is the top heel in the division right now

    • LadyGoDiva

      My predictions if the Divas do a elimination tag team match.

      K2,Gail,AJ,Natalya,& Katilyn vs Beth,Melina Brie,Nikki and Tamina

      I liked the match when I look at something the KO’s do I want to see the Divas do much more better.No offense to Knockouts. If the Divas weren’t so terrible now.

    • The_JM

      I’m sure if the divas got 7 minutes to wrestle in a tag match, they could more than deliever.

      • lazberg

        this. it gets tiring reading the slagging of the divas, especially in the wake of the match put on by beth and gail kim that’s posted here at the moment. it’s a long time between bouts where TNA gets close to that quality. fact is that the only workers that could go with the top divas are the former WWE workers and angelina. hell, the uneven but entertaining match between alicia and kaitlyn was easily as good as most of what we see from the KOs. there is some top notch talent in the divas division, a deeper roster than the KOs by my reckoning.

        • _Bryan_

          Maybe not bash the knockouts on there own page? If you don’t like them then don’t watch. This match was bar far better than anything the www has done since beth vs Michelle

        • WWFoverWWE

          alicia and kaitlyn was horrible, diva fans are just way to nice when it comes to rating the matches, because the bar is so low already that anything below average is just seen as the greatest thing ever

          honestly, if the divas were any good, diva fans wouldn’t have to come on the TNA page and try rip apart what the knockouts do, because they know the divas are a disappointment every week

        • The_JM

          Whoa, no one is bashing the knockouts all we’re saying is the divas when given time perform very well. Blame the bookers, not the girls. And please wwfoverwwe, you came on the raw discussion thread to advertise tna. You’re a sad little mark, I disliked the Alicia/Kaitlyn match but Gail/Beth was great. And fyi tna is no women’s wrestling heaven either they haven’t had a decent ppv match in over a year, that sloppy brawling that Mickie/Tara had doesn’t count.

        • BillyGP

          i disagree the knockouts for me have had entertaining ppv matches

        • Piggie James

          @lazberg: Like _Bryan_ and WWFoverWWE said, go back to your WWE cave and stay there. All you do is trash the Knockouts every chance you get while attempting to put over the Divas. If the fairly tame ‘anti-Diva’ comments tire you so much to read, then why are you reading the comments here at all.

          No one is denying that Gail Kim vs Beth was a great match, but there was no storyline, no promotion, and it was relegated to WWE’s C internet show. Gail Kim and Beth are simply not being pushed at all. You can go on about how deep the WWE roster is, but ‘deepness’ doesn’t mean anything if you don’t actually take advantage of it. TNA could hire a bunch of top indy wrestlers to be on their roster, and wrestle the odd match on their YouTube channel, and claim that their roster is the deepest, but that obviously means zilch in terms of their actual product. It’s not who’s on your roster but how you use your roster which is easily more important.

          WWE has four top workers, who are being severely misused at the moment, ie. Gail, Beth, Natalya, and Melina. Natalya is in a ‘mentor’ role but not actually wrestling. Gail, Beth, and Melina are just the epitome of misused. If you take away those four star wrestlers, the rest of the roster is fairly fickle in comparison and by no means ‘deep’ anyway. There are some promising newcomers like AJ & Naomi, and Layla could do well when she comes back. Other than that, the only real hope is if Kharma returns and is used properly.

          At the moment the ‘core’ Knockouts roster has 9 people. If we count the former WWE talents you refer to in Tara, Mickie & Winter, as well as Angelina, and also Sarita who you appear to have forgotten about, then you’ve basically said that half the Knockouts roster is on par with the top Divas. Now going by my previous logic, Sarita is not being used very well at the moment in a wrestling capacity so I could exclude her (just as you did), but then I would also have to exclude the ‘top 4 Divas’.

          So your entire argument about the Divas somehow being better than the Knockouts, is ridiculous, and you’re really kidding yourself if you thought that Alicia vs Kaitlyn was anything above an above average ‘rookie’ match. Both are promising wrestlers and have a lot of potential in the future, but there was nothing particularly memorable about the match other than the Axe Kick finisher (which possibly looked more deadly due to being a little sloppy).

          @The_JM: Your first comment was fairly redundant, because as you surely know, the Divas will rarely ever get a 7 minute tag match, so you can’t prove your prediction. I’d agree with you though, provided that their top Divas are actually used, but that goes straight back to what I was saying above that there was no signs at the moment that they’ll ever be used together.

          We got a very nice tables match late last year, which showed that the Divas can deliver if given the opportunity, but only if it’s the top Divas (Layla definitely proved her ability with her performance in that match), but that was the only standout match for the Divas all year really. They haven’t done anything close since. So it’s all well and good fantasizing about what the Divas might be able to do, but it means nothing if you’re just comparing your fantasy to what actually occurred on Impact this week, which was a very well done Elimination tag match (which included Miss Tessmacher of all people).

          Your opinion about the TNA PPV matches is your own, but in my opinion all of them were at least ‘decent’ (yes even the Lockdown one), and the majority of people would definitely disagree with you.

          It’s also joke like for you to say that ‘no one is bashing the knockouts’ when both you and lazberg did just that. And usually people who throw out the ‘mark’ term are really just ‘marks’ themselves.

          Overall, the Knockouts are simply better than the Divas in all areas. The Divas have the potential to turn it around, but ‘potential’ means nothing when faced with reality. And the reality is that the Divas haven’t lived up to their potential in the past year.

          If they dropped or stopped pushing the model wannabe wrestlers (until they became decent if ever), built proper wrestling programs and storylines around their top Divas, and stopped putting all their good matches on their C show, then they’d be moving in the right direction, but none of these things appear to be anywhere close to happening. Keep dreaming if it helps you sleep at night (and it should!).

        • The_JM

          The thing is NOBODY bashed the knockouts. Did we have negative points about them? Yes, did we downright shit on all of them, no. i called wwfoverwwe a mark because everywhere on diva dirt he goes to advertise the knockouts, yet we mention the divas and we get attacked? *rolls eyes The LockDown “match” was pure **** you have Madison built up so much and she loses in under a minute, when Mickie isn’t 100%. Mickie/Angelina last month was pretty awful, so do we cheer Angelina or boo her? Or boo Winter? The fact that Winter/Angelina’s storyline has so many questions is NOT a good thing. Booking Velvet in 100 feuds when Mickie’s the champ is confusing to say the least. Having Sarita/Rosita booked as heels and sterotypcial mexicans is just bad. Actually (granted this was in 2009) when the divas got 7 minutes in a tag match (Bragging Rights 09) they very much delievered. Blame the bookers and creative time for how the divas division is run, is it their fault they get a minute match on a 2 hour show? The divas have so much potiential, but when management isn’t on your side, potiential is only gonna get you so far. I’m not a mark, hell I even said I hated the Kaitlyn/Alicia match but if you wanna believe I’m a mark go right ahead I won’t lose any sleep at night ;)

        • Piggie James

          @The_JM : Pretty sure you admitted that you were a WWE mark before actually. In fact do you remember saying this less than two months ago?: “TNA just comes off trashy to me (no offense). Maybe it’s just me being a wwe mark.”

          Strange how people can change their love of a promotion within such a short time period (or whenever it suits them).

          Criticizing for the sake of criticizing is basically how I’d define bashing, but obviously you have a different definition of it. And lazberg certainly comes across in this way. You on the other hand not so much anymore imo, but your PPV attack was just trying to find something to criticise TNA about, hence ‘bashing’, especially when it seemed like you were only stating that opinion to aggravate _Bryan_ & WWFoverWWE.

          Lockdown wasn’t so much a wrestling match, but a moment, as Madison’s kingdom came falling down around her with delusions in her own ability. It fit her character perfectly in the scope of the storyline, and there wasn’t much sense in delaying Mickie’s reign any longer, when Mickie would be healed to defend at Sacrifice (and put on a more than decent match). But in that case I won’t consider Lockdown a ‘real’ match then.

          Are you kidding me about the cheer/boo comments? Obviously you prefer your wrestling storylines to be a lot more straightforwards, but I’m actually a fan of the ‘questions’ as you put them. I don’t see why they can’t be a good thing, provided that it intrigues the viewer, which it has for many. What this has to do with the wrestling in the match, I don’t know, but if you really want to know, you’re supposed to cheer for Mickie obviously, although really, what you want to do in the match is up to you. Otherwise it was a good match, up until the nasty botched DDT, which they really should have improvised something to make up for it. Pretty moot point overall, given that Gail vs Beth was face/face (which isn’t a problem imo) and people still don’t know whether to boo or cheer for Melina in any of her matches, which it something you could be more critical of. But any crowd response is better than no crowd response, and the Mickie/Angelina match had a good response from the crowd (like any Mickie match though).

          Velvet being in several feuds while Mickie is the champ is not so much confusing, but excessive. There is such a thing as a non-title feuds, except Velvet just happens to be in a lot of them (too many for too long imo).

          And obviously I’ve been talking about the last year of the Divas which has been fairly lackluster all in all, although with the rare glimmer of brilliance (from their top workers no doubt). The match at Bragging Right 09 was definitely good, but this was with all their top Divas booked in it (with the exception of Kelly). Hard to see us being fortunate enough (or them) to get this opportunity again.

          But yeah, potential talk is just pretty silly, when I could just say that the Knockouts have so much potential even now that they’re only just warming into. They could put on some great matches if given the chance, .etc .etc, it’s hopeful, and optimistic, but until we see results, it’s all just talk.

          And fair enough if you hated the Kaitlyn/Alicia match. I actually liked it for the promise both of them showed, but lazberg was saying that it ‘was easily as good as most of what we see from the KOs’, which I actually think you would disagree with, as do I.

        • The_JM

          Um dude when I stated the wwe mark comment a couple of months ago that was me joking, jeez. I believe bashing is outright being negative on everything and anything of something which neither lazberg and myself have done. I brought up something negative about tna because bryan and wwfoverwwe never have something positive to say about the divas. The divas in 2010 have some good moments as well, Eve vs Maryse, Nattie vs LayCool, Beth vs McCool, Alicia vs Eve, Kelly vs Laycool. The potiential talk was just me saying that if management had enough faith in the divas like (tna’s) managament has in their knockouts, we’d see an amazing division. The submission match this week is a great example, that match would have been awful if it had Nattie and Gail because they had one minute, really? I do disagree that Alicia/Kaitlyn was pretty bad (imo) and when the knockouts deliever man they’re awesome. i love madison rayne, tara, winter, angelina, velvet, mickie, etc. But man sometimes they have storylines that make you scratch your head and think hard about it for hours and not in a good way. How does Winter know Angelina? So Angelina can now talk? Drugs to become a zombie? So Angelina is under mind control, do we cheer so she can become normal or boo her for being controlled? Velvet being so strongly pushed in feuds with everyone while Mickie’s champ is mind-boogling. They’ve over-stretched Velvet at this point. I don’t want to see Velvet as champ as much as I did in April, because she’s everywhere at this point facing karen, angelina, winter, odb, jackie, sarita, rosita. The ppv matches this year have gotten time, but they are just boring (imo). Mickie/Madison, Angelina/Mickie, Sarita and Rosita/Angelina and Winter. All my opinion and like I said when I think the girls deliever, I praise them but when they don’t I’m not gonna pretend I loved it.

        • _Bryan_

          i couldnt be bothered to read all of the comments, but wwfoverwwe made me laugh, because its so true. i watch both, and i dont understand where a diva fan atm can bash any other company, i am a diva fan, and the quality of thier performances over the past 2 months have been horrific i am sorry. . so lets go talk crap about tna instead, and say they are being overused. give me a break.
          i would ove to see diva matches of some quality (like beth vs gail) on live telivision but we arent getting that at all. i have to completely agree with piggie james, i mean saying that katlyn vs alicia was better than anything tna puts on. hahaha, good god.

        • The_JM

          So because the divas division is struggling means we can’t comment on negatives of the knockouts division? I really enjoy the knockouts when I think they’ve done good but when they haven’t I’ll call them out on it. And you guys keep acting like it’s the women’s fault that their division is shit, when it is not. And tna is no longer what it was, I mean one woman last year revealed that she turned down a tna contract, who knows how many others did the same? tna does give their women time, but they don’t respect them in the long haul.

        • _Bryan_

          i never said you couldnt do that, when its justified. coming on here and just commenting to degrade a company whilst the divas division is struggling is a bit absurd, i dont know why you cannot see that. and then when a divas matc thats on superstars is good, its like you have the right to go and overload on negativity about tna and the women that work for it, when im comparison to the 2 – 4 months, the knockouts have done much better than the divas. like i said, call them out as much as you want, but you dont have to downright degrade them. give it justifed criticism, like lazberg did with velvet, thats fine. “they havent had a decent paper view match in over a year” i mean, really? thats youre opinion, but you cannot sit there and say the wwe is any better.
          i never said its completely the womens fault, but to some degree yes. have you heard michelle’s interview? “some of the girls have to step it up” and its true, to a degree. of course management could be handling things 4x better, but that doesnt mean some of them can step it up a little, and create things on thier own (like recently gail vs melina).
          oh no, someone turned down a contract. because thats never been done before. that MUST mean that tna treats thier women bad. i love the assumptions, especially the on where you say “they dont respect them in the long haul”, right because you have worked for tna for 7 years havent you. angelina love has been there forever, as well as velvet, so that must mean that they are gonna go because they have been there too long. lol

        • The_JM

          I still don’t understand your first point so because the divas division isn’t too good, means I can’t comment on the knockouts division negatives? If either company does something I don’t find entertaining or good by my standards I’ll point it out, I don’t care if the knockouts are doing so much better than the divas if I don’t like one thing they do I’ll say it, vice versa. I laugh when Michelle said that because the girls can only step up so much. When you’re put in 2 minute matches are you going to impress? You’ll try to but in most cases the crowd won’t care. Michelle bless her heart couldn’t get a reaction to save her life and the facr that wwe pushed her as much as they did instead of giving nattie/gail/kelly/bellas a turn. The girls can try to make something out of the division but if wwe doesn’t care why should the crowd? And that’s where the knockouts surpass the divas because management is behind them. i can’t recall too many if any woman turning down a wwe contract women like jessicka havok and sara del rey have said they’d love to get a contract there, does that not say something? tna does treat their women bad, ask kong, tara (who is still with them I have no idea why even though she deserves to wrestle on tv), gail kim, taylor wilde, madison rayne. they all were not paid enough, women needing 2nd jobs? they lost their 2 biggest draws in their biggest division gail and kong because they preferred to pay other talentes more. at least in wwe if you’re jobbing/champ/tagging you get paid properly. don’t get me started with the daffney situation, or the nikki roxx one. the point I’m making is the knockouts are better right now because management IS behind them and wwe management IS NOT behind the divas. its as simple as that.

        • _Bryan_

          well it looks like i was wrong. not only does it seem you hate tna but now also wwe (which is the opposite from what you have previously been writing). if you like to piont out the negatives out of every single aspect of womens wrretling why are you on a website that enjoys watching them. you are criticising for the sake of it. like PIGGIE JAMES said “your PPV attack was just trying to find something to criticise TNA about, hence ‘bashing’, especially when it seemed like you were only stating that opinion to aggravate _Bryan_ & WWFoverWWE.”
          yeah michelle couldnt have got a reaction to save her life, but she must have done something right to carry the division for 2 years, and i think its showed now that she has gone, the divas division hasnt really recovered (imo).
          i never said its solely the womens fault, only partially, the same with management. you make the best with what you have got. i remeber i 02 and 03 matches were the same length, yet they got as much as they could out of it, and were as entertaining as hell. imo, the girls the wwe pushes now (the managments fault) are just going through the motions to much, and trying to fit to many moves in without trying to give an explanation. (talent’s [not all, just the minor few that are being pushed atm]), and you have forgettable title regins. amazing talents like beth gail etc. have to step it up, as well the ones being pushed right now, and take the helm just like laycool did.
          oh and would many independant women turn down a tna contract? highly unlikely. of course the pay isnt going to be as much as the wwe, its been around for 60 years. it has an empire, tna is only new. i have no figures to speak of so i wont assume anything about individuals. i dont understnad why you mentioned tara she just renewed, and im pretty sure shes happy at tna, otherwise she would leave like she did the wwe. madison rayne is still with the company…so yeah…. gail kim, im sure shes so much happier where she is now in wwe, when she was heading womens wreslting from 07 to 08 with tna. (i cant say for her, but i wouldnt be). like i said, i dont understnad where you are going with this, they are both biusnesses, and make risks. wwe is not exempt from tna or vise versa.
          i dont get why because they dont pay the same as wwe they dont treat thier talent with respect, when they dont have enough draw was them. im not way sticking up for tna and thier paychecks because ive heard they donthand out that much, but you cannot saying its disrespectful when it doesnt live up to wwe multi billion dollar biusness.
          again, daffeny situation nikki rox, this happens all the time in wwe, and like i said sometimes even worse situations (chyna, ariel)
          and finally something i agree with (to an extent), your last piont. i dont believe that makes them solely better, because wwe divas really need to take the reins right now, before we dont have a division to speak of, which i would hate because i got into womens wreslting watching the divas….

  • Your_NamE_hErE

    This match was very good. I could not stop laughing @ madison rayne for being in her own corner and throwing winter out to pin tara. That Samoan drop/ botox injection combo was perfect. I think that TNA should just go on ahead and give an hour to the x-division and an hour to the knockouts. This is what they excel at.

    PS: D@m Rosita is sexy, where the hell have I been? lol.

    • Wesley Romano

      Rosita is fine as hell man =D
      Velvet Sky n Tessmacher too man!

      N Madi is funny as hell! She yelled at tara “YES HES SERIOUS!”
      when Tara said “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” when Winter kicked out at 2

  • TheBeautifulPeople.

    This week’s Impact was off the chain. I enjoyed the Knockouts Non-Title match with Winter,Angelina,Madison vs Tess,Mickie,Tara. Madison and Winter should really feud with each other. Angelina’s botox injection was pretty damn sickening. All the knockouts looked very pretty in this match. And its good to see Tara again on the motorcycle. The segment between Angelina, Winter, And Madison was good also, And Angelina finally talks. I was kinda sad Velvet took no part in the match, but next week’s match with Velvet is probably gonna be a really good match too, so taking a beat down this week won’t be good carrying it to next week’s match. I’m so pumped to see next week’s match though, and see the up-coming segments.

  • AJ&K2Mark

    Amazing match .I really hope angelina and winter just start feuding with each other & mickie could hopefully feud with jackie or tara or odb :) .But I totally loved the action this week. Cant wait for next week

  • Piggie James

    Lol, just read some fun trivia:

    The longest match of Impact was the Knockouts elimination match totaling 6 minutes 54 seconds. The shortest match of the night was the Sting vs Steiner main event going just 4 minutes and 39 seconds.

    Who would have predicted that!?

    • laqisha

      Are kidding????

      • laqisha


      • Piggie James

        Not at all. But it was probably to be expected given that almost all of the other matches were singles matches (one was Triple Threat), and TNA tends to keep their TV matches short.

        Personally I don’t take match times into that much consideration, because a good short match is much better than a boring long one. But it’s certainly a fun piece of trivia, and shows that TNA is as committed to the Knockouts as any other section of their shows (well with the exception of Sting/Hogan who stole most of the time).

        • laqisha

          Intresting…… I never heard of a women’s match being the longest match of the night.

  • desi1999

    Everything with knockouts was great.And Tara is soo awesome:)

  • laqisha

    Finally a Ko’s match with less brawling. I liked the AAA’s tag style they should do that more often. Other than that I’m suprized at the way Tara lost and Mickie should’ve done her finisher on Love rather than a hangman Neckbreaker obviously I’m really sure everybody on the roster can kick-out of that move unless she does it like 3 times on you.

    BTW Am I the only one who thinks Miss.T’s music sounds so masculine???

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Awesome match! Although it did seem that the sole purpose was to promote The Winter/Angelina/Mickie fued. The match was still great though , That Bicycle combo from Angelina & Winter was awesome. They should make that their finisher. Every did great in the match. Great week for the knockouts once again.

    One thing i noticed about Mickie i do think TNA was a real refreshing move for her. In because in WWe Mickie never did her hair for her matches , she never wore make up. Mickie did a whole 360 since coming to TNA

  • Straight Edge Mattie

    I <3 Angelina

  • adifferentsame

    For me, this week’s episode of Impact was bolstered by the actual wrestling. What was refreshing, however, is that Velvet Sky didn’t monopolise the focus of the Knockouts action. I didn’t like the backstage segment or the screwy break of Angelina’s Zombie Bride sheen — “our relationship is no longer synthetic”? Seriously? The subsequent tension between she and Winter in the match was revealing: the most probably conclusion I guess is that Winter is hijacking Angelina as the vehicle to gain the gold, presumably failing at the last hurdle when her pet snaps out of her poisoned servitude.

    The match itself proved a lot of fun, refined by a plethora of lovely little touches: Madison’s multi-faceted heel is untouchable, the refusal to stand with her partners and taking credit for Winter’s disposal of Tara was wickedly good. {By the way, Tara interacting with the little child in the audience was adorable. I love this woman and retract my stupid comment that she is stagnating.} Although the structure lacked a bit for me, the choreography compensated for it. Miss T delights me in the same vein as Layla when she was constantly polishing her repertoire. I’m very optimistic at this point she will evolve beautifully into a consummate performer.

    Velvet Sky’s piece felt unusually ineffective. For me, this mainly lies with the fact I found her verbatim as the plucky underdog rather unconvincing.

  • adifferentsame

    Winter looked mesmerised by Miss T as she waved her tush, by the way.

  • BillyGP

    loved the match and of course mickie. laqisha mickie is amazing.

  • lazberg

    i thought the tag was okay, certainly not the finest work that the knockouts have done. tessmacher is dreadful in the ring and i think she needs a hell of a lot of work to make her offense look any good without putting her opponents at risk. and i think we can now tell all of the yapping tna-heads to shut the hell up about kelly using the stinkface. madison really needs to shut up, i can’t stand her constant screeching and apart from now being the comedy heel, her ring work is average at best.

    tara is so, so good and woefully under used… again/still. i look forward to seeing her being given a decent program. the botox drop was brutal looking but where tna continues to flounder is in the writing. winter is constantly portrayed as a weak challenger. after weeks of jobbing and needing help she finally got in a little of her own offence but still needed assistance and relied on double teams. given the time and talent involved it was an okay match that kind of moved the angelina/winter story along but didn’t do much to promote the championship match. it also did next to nothing to move story for anyone else in the ring.

    as for the rambling velvet promo… i’m surprised they went with that. actually, who am i kidding, it isn’t as though there’s any sort of quality control down in orlando. they should have re-shot that piece. velvet’s limitations in the ring are only offset by her being one of the better KOs on the mic. the promo was her weakest in a long time. as for the match coming up, meh. the whole program with odb has been dreadful from the start. bad writing and bad performances with dull, pointless brawl after brawl after boring, lame brawl leading to a match that can only be awful and beneath jackie’s estimable abilities.

    • WWFoverWWE

      my “smark alert” went off as soon as I read your post. First of all, the championship match is in august, and second you need to get off your high horse and stop acting like your above everything

      your post is the definition of taking wrestling way to seriously, and you have no right to disrespect these girls who work so hard in trying to put forward their storylines and give us good matches, and then you try to pass them off as nothing.

      • lazberg

        i’m commenting on a wrestling site because i’m a fan, by definition, a mark. we are all entitled to our opinions. i always want things to be better and for the workers to be given as much as possible to work with. my largest complaint with the show is not the people in the ring but the people behind the curtain. there will always be more proficient workers and people who get over for other reasons, charisma, looks, promos and whatnot.

        i work in the entertainment industry. my attention is always focused on story. if that comes across as too serious for you, well, sorry. you don’t build a heel challenger to a strong babyface by making the heel look weak. if one of your best talkers gets lost in a pre-tape, you shoot it again. when your most skilled workers have nothing to do and no compelling story, your writers need a kick in the pants.

        i’m not trying to disrespect the women but i reserve the right to criticize and to praise the work they do as entertainers. just as every other person commenting has the right to do. the match was okay, there were some great spots and there was some weak stuff, i stand by my opinions. at the end of the day, you don’t have to agree and you can sound all the alerts you want, that’s your right too.

    • _Bryan_

      If you want to bash tna, do it on another page, not here where we actually enjoy watching the knockouts

      • lazberg

        there’s plenty to criticize tna for. and there’s plenty to applaud the knockouts for. the comment section is for discussion and commentary. if you find it too painful or difficult to read a dissenting opinion, by all means, skip my posts.

    • The_JM

      How did he/she bash tna? the person just shared their opinion, god forbid someone has a completely different opinion

      • _Bryan_

        bashing is defined as someone who consequetively throws negative comments, and as far as Lazberg is concerend, hes already shared his wonderful thoughts firther up this post. god forbid someone was another opinion, yes i dont mind that at all, but if you dont like the knockouts and continually put them down on thier own redux, go an watch something else you prefer, as seeing from the both of you its the divas. and as a diva fan as well, i have no idea where lazberg gets the idea he can talk about someone being underused. lol. oh no a promo? do you even get those in wwe anymore…..didnt think so.
        (this goes for both of youre posts)

    • davepower

      Agreed with LAZBERG 100%.

      _Bryan_ and WWFOVERWWE do the usual thing when they can put together a resonable counterpoint by calling LAZBERG a smart and a basher. I am surprised you did call him a hate too.

    • Piggie James

      It just sounds incredibly one-sided and biast with no iota of objectivity (as well as hypocritical) if you criticise the Knockout for their storylines, but then go on praising the Divas for the few decent matches they have with their top workers on Superstars, which actually have no storyline greater than a short series of Twitter messages and a video (done completely by the Divas involved of course).

      Beyond that, there actually is barely any ‘compelling storyline’ at all in the Divas division. The champ looks weak, the contenders look weak, any form of promos are a rarity, the ‘most skilled workers’ have nothing to do and no compelling story. Oh wait.. but that’s exactly what you were saying about the Knockouts, except many times worse.

      In the end the only thing you could actually put the Divas over on was their wrestling ability and having better matches, but this is coming from someone whose largest complaint “is not the people in the ring but the people behind the curtain”. You then went on a little rant above about the Divas roster being so much ‘deeper’ and better than the Knockouts, when apparently the roster should not be a central issue for you.

      At least make up your mind, whether it’s the roster you attack or the booking of the roster, because you don’t seem to have a consistent stream to your argument other than finding every single thing that you can criticise the Knockouts on, while attempting to maintain a pseudo-objective ‘opinion’ that you only focus on story, when you obviously don’t.

      I really wouldn’t have as much of an issue with your ‘opinion’ if you had the same consistent (or inconsistent as discussed above) analysis and criticisms of the Divas as well. If you can’t admit that the state of the Divas division is a disaster at the moment, rather than singularly focusing on the only ‘good things’ which were the odd Superstar matches involving ‘woefully under used’ wrestlers, then it’s really hard to take anything you say seriously as a legitimate criticism. It just sounds like you’re trying to bring the Knockouts down to compensate for what the Divas have sadly become.

      There are so many blatant as well as veiled insults in your comments, that it definitely comes off as disrespecting the performers, even if you claim not to be. Your tone really reeks of disrespect towards anything you dislike.

      Given that you find TNA so painful and difficult to watch, you should just take your own advice and skip it rather than putting yourself through agony.

      • _Bryan_

        my god you hit the spot there piggie haha.
        there is no positive criticism at all from these posts, and then when wwe for fianlly putting two good competitors together for a match(which i have said should be done on reduxes) its like jesus has been born again. quite frankly, its hilarious

      • lazberg

        i always want things to be better and for the workers to be given as much as possible to work with…
        the match was okay, there were some great spots and there was some weak stuff…
        there’s plenty to applaud the knockouts for…
        her being one of the better KOs on the mic…

        yup, pretty biased and one sided.

        the reason i criticize the writing for the knockouts has a lot to do with their being the only hope for women’s wrestling to get significant air time. it’s a breath of fresh air when the divas are allowed to do more than a two minute match and as you note piggie, they’ve got no real stories to work. there’s nothing hypocritical about praising a good match or criticizing a match regardless of whose show it is on. the divas are featuring their weakest performers at the top of the card, their best matches are relegated to the internet and the main roster shows give them maybe a minute or two. of course they won’t get a story over.

        kelly is over with the arena crowds but she’s not a great wrestler. she’s done okay when she’s had something from the creative to work with but wwe is sabotaging her title run right out of the gate by dumping her into a 60 second submission match with another worker that has no credibility as a matt wrestler. so when the divas get time to work, i’ll acknowledge it and beth and gail deserved credit for putting on an excellent match.

        i’m a fan of women’s wrestling and the depth of roster at wwe makes the crappy state of the diva’s division all the more troubling and the blame again falls to the people behind the scenes. when they do put stuff on the main shows it is, in my opinion, the wrong people. why the hell would you use natalya as a manager (other than the obvious attempt to give a rub to the rookies) and not have her in the ring? bad writing. why on earth are beth and gail stuck on the internet show instead of being in the middle of the card on raw? bad writing. instead the wwe is pushing some newer workers and they’re most over babyface, some of whom need a lot more seasoning. tamina is going to hurt someone, the bellas are improving but are still less than smooth, the rookies are rookies.

        i’m more critical of the knockouts because they at least have something to comment on. short of a miracle, i don’t see much changing in the divas division for the foreseeable future. how much is there to say about a couple of minutes out of four hours of broadcast when the entrances are longer than the matches? sorry if i’ve made you all defensive, i’m glad impact is giving the women time on the shows i just really wish they’d give them more to work with from creative. the winter, angelina and mickie angle should be on fire with three of the better active wrestlers in the business but the story is all over the place. tara is one of the best women wrestlers to ever step in the ring and she’s got a blow off match coming up for an angle that they let go cold. where does she go from there? i hope they have something to highlight her talents, i hope they have a story for sarita to tell. it isn’t like they’re without great performers on their roster either.

        piggie i don’t “only focus on story” that’s ridiculous and i never said that. i did say the writing was my largest complaint but the writing either good or bad depends on the people portraying the storylines. the stories get told in the ring. tessmacher is green and it isn’t a personal attack to note that. like tamina, i watch them in the ring and i cringe hoping they don’t injure someone by accident. you seem pretty eager to misconstrue my words in order to dismiss anything critical i might say, so how is that better than what i’m accused of doing? i reserve the right to praise or criticize any aspect of the shows. for example, i think the announcing for women’s matches has been awful with taz and michael cole doing real damage to the talents and matches.

        i’ll continue to hope for better from every aspect of all of the shows. i guess i’ll just leave it up to you to police my consistency and hypocrisy ratios. and happy 4th of july to any american readers that have gotten this far, cheers from canada.

        • _Bryan_

          the match was ok? i still dont understand that. it was definetly one of the best from the knockouts from the past few months, ppv’s included. “there is planty to appluad the knockouts for..” havent seen you (from previous posts) write anything appluading them. the context which you wrote “velvet is one of the better ones on the mic” was covered in “as for the rambling velvet promo”..”actually, who am i kidding, it isn’t as though there’s any sort of quality control down in orlando”..”they should have re-shot that piece” excuse me for signalling that out as positive criticism.
          perhaps you should be writing this kind of feedback on the divas page like i try and do? instead of abusing tna, and then appluading beth and gail, a match that the wwe put online.
          as far as you talking about the knockouts later, i dont understand why you couldnt have said that earlier, instead of completely degrading the work these women do to entertain us, and the risks they take.
          “i guess i’ll just leave it up to you to police my consistency and hypocrisy ratios.” i dont know whether asking to take youre negativity (that you previsouly displayed) elsehwere is called policing, under the fact that you appluad the divas and dont (until this posting) criticise the work they do, thats why i and possibly others interpreted youre comments as distasteful. but i now respect your opinion since you are not completely degrading a company that represents women (in my opinion and the same reason people watch tna’s opinion) in a far better way than wwe at the present time.

        • Piggie James

          I agree with everything _Bryan_ had to say to you here.

          Your last comment sounded a lot more considered and balanced, and isn’t going to aggravate the entire place (and seem like semi-trolling) like your previous comments have been. It just felt like you had completely altering standards for the Knockouts against the Divas, which just didn’t give a good impression. If it’s because you’re passionate about the mainstream women’s wrestling improving, and that the Knockouts are the only ones with a realistic hope for it (unlike the Divas) then fair enough.

          Some of your points about the Knockouts improving I’d definitely agree with, and there’s nothing wrong with you having high standards, but obviously most of us are pretty happy with what we’re getting at the moment so if your criticism is overly harsh, then it’s going to cross most of us the wrong way.

          But yeah, now that you’ve cleared up your opinion about the Divas, there isn’t really an issue anymore. Sorry if I sound quite patronizing in this comment, but hopefully now that it’s all cleared up, things won’t be as heated between opinions.

        • davepower

          LAZBERG dont you know you have to grade on a curve on Divadirt? What are and would be average for a men’s match are ten star classics for women.

        • lazberg

          bryan, to clarify, when i said that velvet rambled in her promo i honestly thought she was losing the thread. she is one of the better if not the best of the knockouts on the mic. hell, she’s among the better talkers in the business right now. it isn’t an insult to her to say they should have re-shot the clip. that’s the joy of pretaped interviews, editorial control. the company obviously said ‘that’s good enough’ and sent it to air. to my eye, a failure of quality control. that’s all part of the art of getting someone over, protect their weaknesses and push their strengths. personal opinion, velvet needs a bit of a makeover. they’ve taken her part of the way by giving her more serious issues as a single. but they need to lose the stripper gear and taz’s greasy leering. her promos hint that she could be a serious force, it would be nice if she were presented that way.

          the match *was* okay. it was pretty uneven and if the company wants me to buy into the competition on screen at least present a set of rules and stick to them. is it a tag match or a lucha style deal where a fresh partner enters whenever someone is tossed? this would have been a much better match, in my opinion, if they’d left out tessmacher and madison as the last half really was excellent. taken in isolation, the good spots were first rate and the less focused stuff brought it down, again, in my opinion to being an okay match. and i don’t think that is completely degrading the company. tna/impact has problems with their creative for both the men and women, that isn’t exactly a secret. wwe for all of their money and production value, is not much better and for their women a storyline write-off.

          so if i say things that seem harsh, sorry, that stems from my own work. i hold my own writing work up to harsh criticism and story meetings spare no feelings. i spend my days hammering out beat sheets and doing edits, i like stories to make sense. wwe is barely telling a story with the divas so i’m glad to see them get any exposure and tna has a tendency to over book stories until they make no sense. again, i want every show to be as good as it can be and at the end of the day, i’m just another internet mark with an opinion.

        • _Bryan_

          well everyone is entitled to their opinion, and i have problem with that. however, like i said in my previous posts, you have to have a double standard for both companies, and cant completely exaggerate the other. what you have said about tna in some respects is correct (velvet), although i do not agree about the match, however what you published beforehand was overly harsh. that coupled with the fact you (previously) mentioned wwe as ‘all that’ came across as very hypocritical, and rubbed with me and others the wrong way.
          i agree, tna does overbook sometimes, but imo, overbooking and giving respect to a female division is much better than having one to take toilet breaks on (which i wish did not happen).
          i want womens wrestling to be as good as it can just as much as you, but that doesnt mean we abusing (previously) them constantly. we can express what we want to say without coming acorss as rediculous and hypocritical, like you have here, i am fine with that. now im pretty sure this is cleard up. :)

        • davepower

          _BRYAN_ do you really think TNA respects women? They are scripted to call each other stanks & whore, they are lowly paid, then you have the Daffney situation and I could go on.

        • _Bryan_

          in a timing/using sense, wrestling sense? obviously. that is what i mean by respect, rather than have them perform dance routines.
          but since you brought up a managing sense, i suppose the wwe respects women aswell? lol. the wwe invented words like these. slut (trish), whore (lita), and everywhere in between. its nothing new. im sure you know how much they get paid, so i wont even go there. the daffeney situation? this is the hypocracy i was referring to. have you heard of the ariel situation? the lita situation? the chyna situation?
          i could go on and on.

        • davepower

          Neither the Ariel, Lita or Chyna involved a potentially fatal situation.

          Also you are referring to another era in WWE when I am talking about present day TNA.

        • _Bryan_

          just because it was injury based, that means its completely seperate to every other situation where both companies treat the women with no respect? ….right. it was a wokrers comp claim, i mean everyone knows you have no insurance when you wrestle (which is abolsutely rediculous), and compensation is up to the companies whim. quite frankly, this type of incident would be very common in both companies. im not saying it wasnt bad on tnas part because it is, but the wwe has had other circumstnaces where the results have been just as unsatisfying.
          the ones i listed where just examples of where these situatons have occurred,i dont know how you could possibly justify that just because it was 4 yrs ago (ariel) or 6 yrs ago (lita) that it can be neglected.


    I enjoyed this match! the knockouts have been bringing it as of late! p.s. im volunterring to be miss tessmachers training partner after this match. excited for te madison vs tara match, i hope they get good time to go at it!! iv ebeen craving me some madison!

  • T h e K @ r m i c H e e L

    Enjoyed the 6 woman elimination tag match very much. It wasn’t a five star, but it was good enough to enjoy. Loved Mickie James coming out on top, she’s stunning. Angelina and Winter did well, good to see some dissention among the Wicked Duo.

    As for Velvel, well…. I fear this will be the end of Jackie and ODB. I will be pleasantly surprised to see them stay.

  • lsgh

    I am so tired of seeing Velvet Sky.

    Everything with her is tits, ass, slut this and slut that.

    Get the f*ck off my tv!

  • Kharmaofficialfansite

    lol why hasnt diva dirt uploaded WRESTLING MATTERS ABOUT TARA AND MADISON RAYNE

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      I think they’ve uploaded the Tara one, look for it in the archives. Madison might be on there too.

      • Kharmaofficialfansite


    • Piggie James

      Hmm don’t think Madison has one yet unfortunately. :(

      Definitely looking forward to it though. Also the Tara one is really good.

  • The_JM

    a very entertaining tag match, i loved how madison is one of those heels who wants no friends. madison/tara seems very delayed now, but I’ll take it I <3 madison :). angelina/winter dissension doesn't make sense, isn't angelina taking drugs or something how could they even break up? eh, that bicycle kick/samoan drop was epic and I love tara's stiff shots, her vs winter please? the velvet/odb/jacqueline stuff is pretty blah, so yeah lol good stuff, ladies.

  • Looking Glass

    I love how around here if you have an opinion that’s not full of rainbows and butterflies you’re labelled a smark and told to go elsewhere. It’s called an opinion, April’s done an analysis, everyone else has done one, just because someone outweighs the positives with negatives, no one should have to go elsewhere to say it.

    I feel like I’ve missed out, although I haven’t. I don’t know whether Angelina rejecting Winter’s drink triggered her new attitude, I just don’t really get it now, I thought personally it went stale a while back, if they had shortened Mickie vs. Madison and brought this forward, maybe it’d seem less backburned than it has. It’s just TNA’s mixed up way of interchanging feuds and storylines over the tapings, they need to sort it out. The match was good, but I hope Madison’s not going to job out now that she’s lost the gold, she’s been built pretty high and to drop her from that height could really damage her credibility. The ending was good, Mickie is actually having a title run that doesn’t seem samey, so it’s kind of reforming the things I disliked about her.

    I feel Miss Tessmacher needs to valet or something, maybe get into a client/manager feud with Cookie. It just seems right now she’s the aid and filler to tag matches and hasn’t got her own purpose. She’s charismatic bar the Knockout typical ‘Bitch,slut, whore’ spouting that’s always inserted into every segment.

    I really hate how Velvet really is the Kelly Kelly of Impact, her storylines are all the same, just different opponents and now they’re pushing her by putting her over a in-ring veteran and a former Knockouts champion, having already gone over Sarita – an international star? I know Velvet has a lot of fans but this puppy dog, reality television ‘I was always the runt of the litter’ was just cringeworthy – It’s like they hired the creative mind behind it from a greeting card company. If Velvet wins a title the same way Kelly has, having been pushed as the company’s underdog, I’d really be disappointed.

    Also…Christy’s ring announcing is bad, real bad. It’s obvious she doesn’t know any information on any of the wrestlers (weight, residence etc.) like professional announcers usually do and every time she introduces someone it’s like some 10 year old with a sugar rush. Sure, she’s better than Lauren Mayhew, but is it really that hard to have some tone and cadence to your voice?

    • The_JM

      I agree on the first part 100%, I guess stating an opinion that’s different and not so positive is being a smark. funny those same people come to diva threads to bash them, but I guess its different *rolls eyes

      • laqisha

        I agree with the Sarita part she should treated better than that and should’ve won the Ko’s title long time ago.

      • _Bryan_

        maybe they have been told to go elsewhere beause they have absolutely nothing nice to say at all about the knockouts and them, as diva fans obvioulsy, totally have the right to bash another company for someone being underused. i dont mind negative comments when they are justified. when you do it for the sake of trying to bash a company without criticism, and then glorify a match on superstars that is 2 years coming, its just rediculous. i dont know why anyone cannot see that.
        at least when i go on wwe posts and give criticism, it is justified at least. i am a diva fan as well, but putting one company down in the face of another is laughable.

    • seasons-of-love

      I like Christy’s announcing. She can brush up on details and such, but at the heart of it all she just has a good voice for it I think.

    • Piggie James

      I also really like Christy as announcer. Her voice sounds very natural for the role in my opinion. However, she’s made quite a few announcing mistakes already which she really needs to cut down on (like announcing AJ Styles from Gainesville, Florida as opposed to Georgia, both of which are real cities in fact). Most viewers wouldn’t notice these mistakes, but it definitely isn’t desirable to do.

      Also it seems to have been a production move in Impact not to announce the billed heights/weights of the wrestlers, especially for the lower card matches when they’re not very relevant. They tend to just save it for the main event. I’ve seen Jeremy Borash and SoCal Val do the same thing, so can’t fault Christy on it.

      Personally I think parallels can be drawn between Velvet and Kelly Kelly for sure in the way they’re being used at the moment. They’re both getting way more TV time than they really should be. I don’t mind Velvet getting a focus every now and again, but she seems to have this focus all the time now, and it’s not very appealing if all her matches end up as brawls anyway.

      I think someone probably reasoned that Velvet was the weakest link in the division with her credibility and wanted to bolster it, but the way they’ve gone about just feels very forced. At the end of the day, if her wrestling ability is lacking, then you can’t compensate just by booking her strongly, instead think that there are aspects of her character that could be changed if she’s going to ever work a credible title program, which would be more effective.

      Missing Sarita wrestling ;-;

  • deannaed

    so far this knockout elimination match lived up to the hype i was very satisfied but i remember the last knockout elimination match christy hemme was actually wrestling not announcing i miss the ffg :(