Melina Blogs About Staying Strong, Being the “Most Controversial Woman in Wrestling” & Online Reports About Her

WWE Diva, Melina, posted a blog on her official website discussing negative online reports written about her via wrestling news sites, as well as the controversy that surrounds her.

The former Divas Champion says that she is the “most controversial woman in wrestling,” and perhaps said website think “its easy to throw [her] name around when it comes to drama.”

Read part of Melina’s blog below:

I wanted to touch base on the things being said online… I always choose to ignore rumors and lies. The sad thing is people like to stir up trouble and sensationalize drama. I have and continued to be the most controversial woman in wrestling. It amazes and crack’s me up. The stories I hear of why I have heat and what I supposedly did. It’s funny but then again I really don’t like good people being lied to.

I understand that it’s how sites make a living and its easy to throw my name around when it comes to drama… maybe because I’m strong people don’t think of how it would effect me or maybe because I don’t say anything. Maybe people think, “it’s just a stupid rumor it’s not like it’s going to do anything.” It can alter people’s lives… maybe it’s just the person that I am but I couldn’t imagine ruining a person’s life is worth getting short term attention from people.

I am thankful I am strong. I am thankful I am healthy and of sound mind. I know the truth and so do my loved ones. It just my heart breaks for others. It’s just so sad to see people who want to hate on others to feel good about themselves, hate because they don’t like seeing others happy or because good people make them feel like a crappier one. I get why people talk when it comes to me, it’s part of being in the public eye but how about others out there who aren’t? They don’t deserve to go through people behaving like that.

I wish I could stop the hate that people express to each other. It’s a miserable way to live & see the world. They will never truly love and live life. For those who are being picked on, Stay Strong.

You can read the full blog here.

Melina also published a podcast today, and was interviewed by Canada’s SLAM! Sports.

Thoughts: Melina, as she admits, is perhaps the most controversial Diva in history, with a stockpile of rumors written about her during her six years in WWE. I do personally feel like she’s become an easy target. If you have one bad thing written about you, people who read those sites will find it more easy to believe anything that is subsequently written about you. Just my personal opinion.

Perhaps blogging about it is feeding into the people she’s talking about, but Melina wears her heart on her sleeve and I think it’s commendable that she is using the negativity she’s encountered & trying to send a positive message to her fans and followers to stay strong.

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  • EveLover

    To be Completly Honest ,Idont know what the situation with melina backstage is and I Really dont care ,but this doesnt justicy what the wwe is doing to her. Melina has to be probably the best diva right now IMO .She gets a pop as loud as mickie did ,while being a face (melina) .She can cut a good promo ,I mean shes got it all.But hopefully all this just gets burried 20 feet underground and melina goes back to being that bitch she used to be as a heel (in a good way) . .

    • MelinaFan


    • EveLover


    • number1AngelinaLovefan

      Yeah man i know it is really SAD she used to be the best and getting so many pushes now she gets tossed aside and eliminated in like 3 secs like on RAW this week

      • EveLover

        Exactly ! The girl has sooo MUCH to offer the wwe ,I mean just look back at her freaking carrer highlights . Take the Iquit match For Example FREAKING AMAZING .One of my favorite matches .And the Match Agaisnt Michelle at NOC in 2009 ,Amazing as well .Is like Come On

  • MelinaFan

    Melanie, maybe u should take in what Melina said about Gail Kim too! :)

  • shannymac

    I think the problem is honestly people dwelling in the past. Melina may or may not have made a few mistakes in terms of how she handled herself backstage in the early stages of her WWE career, but that’s no reason to attribute everything negative to her. Anytime there is a rumor of drama in the Divas divison, everyone always just assumes Melina is at the heart of it. Despite being a fan of her, I have to admit that I’ve been guilty of that as well. She seems to have made up with a lot of the people she was rumored to have heat with (Candice, Mickie, etc), so I think its time to let the past go.

    It’s good that she has managed to stay positive, and I hope that WWE’s *possible* renewed interest in the Divas benefits her as well. She is far too talented to just languish on the sidelines.

  • AmyR

    Backstage stuff aside, Ive been following Melina on twitter for a couple of months. She seems pretty easy going to me. *shrug*

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I don’t find her the least bit controversial. Do some people not like her sure but the same can be said for anyone. Those people aren’t going to change their minds so why not ignore them.

  • seasons-of-love

    Queen of Life Melina takin’ it to the haters.

    Truly the Eva Perón of wrestling.

  • art

    alot of former divas can say melina has done things backstage or have been warned about her thats saying something right their…
    i bet theirs alot more divas who have had bigger egos or been bitches but they dont get melinas a days she may be more professional so i dont think people should live on past incidents..

  • astarr

    I don’t think she is controversial. Yeah, she has rumors about her, but if you are going to play that card, look at Kelly Kelly. She easily gets as much crap spread around about her. Only difference is Kelly really does ignore it and doesn’t go to the internet to talk about it. It’s great that Melina voices her opinion, but at the same time she has to realize that in her line of work, all she is doing is giving the dirt sheets more fodder to play with anytime she writes a blog or writes something on twitter or whatever. It’s a business that, like acting or music, comes with people who are going to bad mouth you. Unfortunately, speaking out about those people who bad mouth you usually never helps you any, because they are still going to do it. I commend her for speaking her mind and trying to take a stand, but she really seems to play into the attention that people dote her with and if people aren’t talking about her, she goes out and creates something to get people talking about her. Not sure if that is her intention or not, but it happens. I haven’t seen her name on a dirt sheet in a long time, so this blog seems slightly ill timed to me (unless I missed some rumor or something).

    Women…nay people in the wrestling business need to just roll with the punches and not address the assholes and the scumbags who talk shit about them. Some point out that they are just people behind computers, but when you are calling those people out, you are playing right into giving them attention. Even when someone on twitter posts something and a celebrity tells them they are a moron or announces they are blocking them, they are giving them the attention they want. Twitter isn’t life and it saddens me that so many people take it as such, both celebrities and fans alike. It’s great that they interact with their fans, but just ignore the negative ones, don’t call attention to them.

  • adifferentsame

    If I were to catch every stone cast by my enemy, I would motivate them to throw more boulders.

  • Crazy_J

    I don’t really understand why people think Melina is always the root of drama either. She always comes off so sweet and friendly in anything you watch of her that’s out of character. Even when she’s heel I just see her more bitchy then a bad person. Oh well, I hope the best for her and I’ll always be a fan so I hope WWE gives her the attention she deserves and her fans need.

    • davepower

      Are we really going to rewrite history/ignore what her fellows wrestlers have said about her?

      Oh wait I forgot where I was.

  • She’sGotLegs!

    Melina’s one of the best WWE Divas in history.She has great in-ring skills,and she’s very charismatic both as a face and heel.I will personally say though that I have been guilty of believing a lot of things that I’ve read online about Melina.I feel that society is so gullible enough to believe anything.And I am indeed guilty of that when it comes to Melina.But do I really know her like that to even think that all that stuff is true?No I don’t.And I think I’m personally gonna apologize to her on twitter because I do feel bad.So,yeah.Anyways,no one really knows Melina like that to say that she’s a drama queen or that she’s a bitch.We don’t know for sure if she’s really like that or not.The world will try to get you to not like certain people because they’re jealous and have their own insecurities.I don’t feel that Melina has caused ALL the diva drama.She MIGHT have caused some drama,but not all of it.And it seems like she’s patched things up with some of the divas like Candice and Mickie James.Nobody has the best attitude in the world,but Melina may not be as bad as people make her out to be.And people wouldn’t know what she’s like until they actually got to meet her.And if everything that was said about Melina WAS true,I don’t think she’d still have a job with the WWE.

  • Kaledrina

    she seems to do these i’m a nice person, honest! type blogs/tweets/videos on a regular basis now. she’s good friends with gail and jillian and they seem decent judges of character, it’s just a bit sad that she feels the need to remind strangers that she is nice all the time =/

    • javiousmckenzie

      I often feel like she is constantly explaining herself in my opinion when one feels the need to do so as much as she does there is some truth to what people is saying

  • Kharmaofficialfansite

    WTF! how fucken disrepectful, former divas champion? say former WWE women’s champion

  • javiousmckenzie

    The most controversial diva in history is none other than Michelle McCool. Sorry Melina but it is what it is. Til the end of time MIchelle and her accomplishments and her run as the top diva in the WWE will always be questioned and debated over. Melina to me is not controversial it just seems like a bunch of 90210 he said she said drama, where as Michelle is literally hated by some.

    • Lily

      That’s what i was going to say. McCool is the most controversial.

    • Teri

      agreed, agreed, agreed.

      • javiousmckenzie

        I disagree Michelle has been on top since 08 she was the center piece of the division i dont think any women has gotten such a long reign of dominance so to speak after Trish left. Mickie was pushed when needed she was the go to girl who was consistent and reliable when all else failed they called upon Melina. But either way Michelle will always be the most controversial diva in my eye i mean she has grown man in there 40s who hate her with a passion for reasons they dont even know speculations and assumptions as far as Michelle never being pushed as a athlete her whole run before LayCool was based off of her being the athletic diva so i dont get it

    • 04bia

      michelle was hated for no reason, she never had backstage drama or major problems. infact all her colleagues praised her, the same cant be said for melina but who knows. people just doubted the fact if her pushes were due to taker, which was actually denied by many people but people just dont get satisfied. i mean none of use are there to judge, we dont know what happens backstage, id rather believe the talents that have been through it all.

  • RedHotVixen

    In no way is Melina “explaining” herself. She is simply speaking her mind and that is her right. At no point does she angrily lash out at people, instead she handles the situation with class and dignity.

    I admire the fact she stands up for herself. People choose to mindlessly believe everything that they hear and read. I’m not saying that Melina is perfect and gets along with everyone she meets. Of course not. She’s only human. People need to get off their high horses and stop acting like they are perfect.

    More power to Melina. Keep doing your thing, girl!

  • passion

    Ohh shut up! When people told Michelle is dating Taker only for money and push.. how u think she has felt? How u’re gonna feel if you truly love someone and people act like that. And I dont feel bad for Melina. You know why? Every diva who has been asked about Michelle said only good things: how hard she works, how helpful she is … and every diva said bad things about Melina or changes they attitude. SO .. Melina, WE DON’T CARE!

  • seasons-of-love

    Oh come ON. You can love her or you can hate her, but to say she isn’t controversial is positively SILLY. The internet erupts with criticism if she so much as BLOWS HER NOSE nowadays.

    Melina: Queen of Controversy? Queen of Life.

    • Lily

      She’s controversial of course but not the most. I don’t think it’s an opinion either but more like the truth.

  • 04bia

    wow i hate this. i dont get it, why is michelle mccool being involved? yh michelle was one of the controversial divas but she was one of the hardest working too. i dont deny about melina either, she has worked very hard too.
    michelle was only hated because of her personal life, which i dont get, why should you judge anyone considering who they’re married to. michelle was called a “sl*t, wh”ore” just because she married a man she loved. it happend to be taker but people just never let it go. now that michelles gone, people are wanting her back. i dont understand people just bitch for no reason, they just wanna get talking. they need a target, first it was girls like candice, michelle mccool and now melina.

    melina is also contoversial considering how her attitudes been but it just gets people talking and start labelling her. personally i’ll admit i believe those reports about melina BUT i have never bought it up to bash her because its just got nothing to do with me, i have better things to do!

  • RR45

    Controversial true but i still love Melina. One of my faves. Hate to know she’s gone. She always seems to get people talking tho.