Gail Kim Quits WWE

Gail Kim posted the following on her Twitter page:

Hey I just wanted every1 to know that I officially quit WWE on monday. So thank u wwe fans! This won’t be the last u see of me. Love u guys :)

Gail returned to WWE following a several year absence in 2008 after leaving TNA Wrestling over pay discrepancy. WWE debuted Gail in March 2009 and used her in the main Divas Title picture on SmackDown with Maryse and Michelle McCool before seemingly dropping the ball on her for the remainder of her tenure, save for one or two title shots.

Gail initially debuted for WWE in 2003 before being released in 2004. She then joined TNA where she was the first ever Knockouts Champion in October 2007.

Over the past couple of months, Gail has tweeted about frustration at her lack of use in the company.

Of course, one must wonder if a return to TNA is in her future. We’d certainly welcome it!

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  • RR45

    I just read this on twitter she literally posted it like 5 minutes ago. Ugh…i just hope if they grant her the release she’ll be happier and get married or continue to wrestle. As a fan i’ll be happy for her :/

    • jdcabltv

      there is no ‘granting’ i’m glad she quit, she is too good a wrestler and gorgeous as well to not be the top diva in WWE, just an observation…the WWE is really stinking up the joint these days with their lame us against them group feuds that seem to never work…and they dont know how to write a script for women wrestlers, flat out obvious…they are just like Hollywood NOW, CANT THINK OF AN ORIGINAL THOUGHT…

      • RR45

        Well there is…Jillian stated that she asked for her release many times and it wasn’t granted but i agree WWE only has its moments with good writing like with Beth and Natalya and Melina and Gail totally could’ve joined that storyline.

      • missawesomeness

        im happy for her WWE was just using her gail has got big potential it’s as if WWE held a grudge for her going to tna. WWE is gonna be so pissed when they realized what they have missed out!

  • Lanoom

    I was hoping this was some sort of Punk-ish work/shoot-blurring angle. :(

    Best of luck to Gail. Probably back to TNA then.

    • thediva21

      I don’t Gail Kim to leave wwe and she didn’t quit she’s staying in the wwe

  • davepower


  • darkangels

    hay the queen is returning to take back her thrown TNA and watch out mickie james

    • jdcabltv

      sorry, i had to say this…ITS THRONE…NOT THROWN…sorry, i’m an english major…LOL

      • Crazy_J

        too bad this isn’t an english class.

  • She-Wolf

    Good luck Gail! I’m sorry that WWE never utilized you like they should have. I hope she returns to TNA and truly kicks ass like a WRESTLER should.

  • jim462

    I stand behind Gail’s decision 100 per cent WWE treated her like crap when she left TNA. They never pushed her and she was a former WWE womens champion who is a very good wrestler and I wish her akk the best in whatever wrestling promotion she works for next

    • davepower

      WWE treated her better than TNA

      • Trashley

        how can u say dat or u mean before tna

        • davepower

          Write in proper English and then I will anwser

        • Crazy_J

          Well considering this is the online world, people do have typo’s, get over yourself and stop worrying how someone spells something, I can understand what they are obviously trying to say. Why even reply with that? Like you’re too good to respond to someone who had a few typos, but good enough to let them know you think they are stupid. How rude.

          And.. no WWE did not treat her better, they paid her more thats about it lol, some people amaze me when they think MONEY is means for being nice to someone or means they were treated better, its money, not respect.. money does not equal respect.

        • davepower

          CRAZY_J it is a typo it is text speak. I dont want to feel like I am replying or reasoning with a child.

          TNA disrespected her with the money they offered her.

        • Harley

          To presume that someone is a child simply based on the way one communicates online is childish. And what is wrong with reasoning with a child if the child politely asked you a question? That, too, is quite childish for someone on a high horse.

        • davepower

          I am not on a high horse. There is no restrictive word count here so there is no need to write in txt speak. I don’t see the need to communicate on here in that way and yes it does make you come across as an ill-educated teenager.

          Ive made this point already. Now you are going to feign that Melina’s attitude issues havent been widely written about the Wrestling media and other Wrestler.

      • _Bryan_

        please go to tna. she was once a large factor in the division, and we know she can be again!

        • mojodoom

          yeah coz TNA not giving her and the other stand out knockouts the money they deserved and then giving a Z list celebrity an insane amount of money is a sign of respect..People are forgetting that this is their livelihood, they maybe able to wrestle longer matches and allowed to showcase a lot more in TNA. But what happen when something goes wrong and they get hurt? Ask Daffney.

  • JJ

    OMG could my dream of her returning to TNA be coming true soon? Can you imagine the awesome feud Gail and Mickie can have in TNA!! I am counting the days till the 90 day no compete clause is over!!!

    • UncleCuc

      Gail and Mickie had a match on RAW when she returned to WWE. It was awful with Mickie totally whiffing on that spin-kick she does.

      • soju81

        Yeah but that was only 1 match & they had 2 minutes to get all of their spots in. Round 2 will be better!!!! :-)

  • DarkMaverick87

    This really upsets me. The company totally wasted her time and ours as fans.

  • lnt37938

    she will be missed.

  • CardinalMarc

    Okay, I just read this on your twitter (I didn’t see it posted on hers, I’m at work), but I had to register here to voice my feelings on this.

    Gail Kim, although an incredible women’s wrestler, is an absolute idiot for doing this. CM Punk’s promos have begun a tidal wave of change in the company, Dustin Rhodes is handling the Divas Division, Kharma (an old rival of hers) is with the company and will be back next year, and with Beth and Natalya (spoiler) going heel, there would’ve been so much room for Gail to step up as a face to represent the Divas. Who’s gonna do it now? How believable would it really be if Kelly beats Beth at Summerslam? Answer? It won’t be!

    Kelly has personality but not nearly the wrestling skill Beth has. But how many times has Beth stepped in the ring with Gail? That could’ve been the next Trish and Lita for this generation!

    This is a real freaking tragedy, as well as a travesty. They shouldn’t have let her go. This won’t destroy the Divas Division, but it will hurt it. If this is what she wants, I guess it’s her decision, but when the WWE Divas are going full force and looking better than the Knockouts in another year, she’ll realized she shot herself in the foot.

    Real pity…

    Otherwise, though, love following Diva Dirt, sorry for the ranting. I take the Divas serious and am really looking forward to the women’s action looking better in WWE soon, :-D

    • Rhyseboi

      You cant call her decision idiotic purely for the reason that its been very clear that woman has been unhappy for a long time.

      I’m sure Gail isnt going to become homeless or anything as im sure she has saved up quite well and will be a hot ticket on the indy scene or maybe Impact. But at the end of the day there was no guarantee she was going to be top face, those spots would still probably be going to Kelly, Eve, Aj and probably Alicia.

      And the divas are not going full force, we’ve had a week of interesting development, but that was purely from the heel turns, not the action.– Lets see if it picks up first.

    • FashionQueen86

      I don’t believe she’s an idiot. You have to understand that Gail has a high opinion of herself and she’s very, very confident of what she can do and is capable of doing. I’m sure she was dying to show her stuff while not getting airtime and that can be very frustrating.

      WWE has had her sitting backstage for at least half of her career or either being a jobber in my opinion. She was not in enough pay-per view matches. When she did get a title shot, sloppy Maryse won it AGAIN when Gail worked her way through the tournament harder than Maryse.

      I support her 100%. TNA is a little bit better with women’s wrestling. I mean they have at least 7-minute matches. She can work with Tara, ODB, Mickie, Sarita and so on. I’m sure she knew what she was doing and she even had ALOT of time of think about it since that’s all she could do in the business anyway.

  • WWFoverWWE

    thank you gail, we appreciate all what you’ve done

    cheers to you going back to TNA :)

  • Lanoom

    Holy crap, WWE just announced that Melina is released too.

    I could see Gail’s writing on the wall, but I did NOT see Melina coming, jeez.

  • adifferentsame

    This doesn’t surprise me. At least she left on her own terms this time. I’m sure she has plans for the future and made this decision resolutely. I hope we get to see her wrestle sometime in the near future.

  • DarkMaverick87

    They released Melina too. Just announced

  • darkangels

    this has to be some kind of angle

  • CRosario2010

    So Melina and Gail Kim are gone from WWE wow! Well see them in TNA soon.

    • darkangels

      kelly kelly keep making the cuts i wonder why?

  • MarckTorrieJames

    Ohh No lose a Great diva no please gail dont quit all people need see you!!! wwe need to give a push to dont lose her :( :( ?

  • Rhawk

    A part of me wanted this to be apart of a new angle, shame we might never get to see that. =-( But the woman was clearly unhappy being in WWE, hopefully JUST Gail goes returns to TNA (as much I am against former WWE talent going to TNA) seeing as she basically put the division on the map.

  • karl

    Its very upsetting that someone with talent like Gail wasn’t given the opportunity to show it off.
    I did want a gail vs kharma match but i doubt WWE would have given us that. I’m sure we’ll see Gail again :)

  • 04bia

    no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your kidding me right? tbh i saw this coming but good for gail, why should she spend her career taking a backseat to other barbies!

    she indeed will be missed, i appreciate her work with girls like melina michelle mccool beth etc! i love you gail, hope you find a place where you can showcase your real talent.

    im really upset cos gail was a girl who had the skills and was an amazing talent who shouldnt have been messed with like this.

    • Kaledrina

      ” tbh i saw this coming but good for gail, why should she spend her career taking a backseat to other barbies!”

      if anything, i respect her even more now. she could easily have done a jillian and just gone out, got pinned/mistreated every other week and sat on her paycheck for the next few years, but no! she wants to wrestle, she wants to put on great matches! she wants to entertain the fans! total respect to her.

      • Raekon

        Jillian couldn’t go out of her contract at that time so she had to be patient and keep being the jobber they made out of her back then. :(
        She asked for her release 5-6 times till she got it granted.

        Then they replaced her jobber position with poor rosa that is that pin canvas for all the divas now. :(

        • Kaledrina

          just saw gail saying she didn’t ask for her release, she literally quit. that lady kicks ass. it’s a shame wwe never granted jillian her release sooner.. must be sucky

  • WWFoverWWE

    no kharma/Gail fued in WWE now, I knew it

    • shameronstar

      They still have AJ and Naomi, so I’m sure those 2 each, in there own rights, can have amazing feuds w/ Kharma.

      • WWFoverWWE

        very true, but I doubt WWE will ever do a black diva vs. black diva fued, their always has to be a blonde in there somewhere

        • Raekon

          jazz was also enemies with jaqueline and had a small feud with each other too while in wwe. :)

  • Kaledrina

    GREAT NEWS. she obviously wasn’t happy in wwe. would love to see her get some well earned time out.. get married, even have kids maybe..! and then a few years down the line, sure, see gail back kicking butt where she belongs – tna :)

  • She’sGotLegs!

    It’s no surprise tbh.Gail Kim seems so unhappy because of the way the wwe treats the women’s division.She’s such a talented wrestler that got buried and misused,and she doesn’t deserve that at all.I’m glad that she took a stand and did what she felt was best for her.I will miss her though:(I wish the wwe could’ve used her the right way.Right now,it’s not for sure that the wwe will grant her release,so maybe they’ll try to keep her and negotiate something with her so that she can stay and ACTUALLY be used like how she should.But if they do grant it,then that’s fine.Gail deserves better and deserves to be happy.I wish Gail luck and I will continue to support her:)and I hope that diva dirt will interview her soon:)

  • Lily

    I feel like i’m going to drop dead crying. First, McCool and now Gail. Are they trying to do this on purpose? AJ Lee, Alicia, Beth, Natalya, and Kharma will be the only reason why i’m going to watch this dumb show. Also no more ‘Diva nexus’.

    TNA please pick up Melina and Gail Kim. It would so amazing to see them wrestle against Sarita, Tara, Mickie, Winter and Angelina.

  • jillianhall_tna

    Well lets see (in wwe terms)

    -Gail is not diva material (ugly)
    -Gail is an ‘asian’
    -Gail never won a title since her return
    -Gail had 3 pushes and she managed to screw it up
    -Gail nearly kills herself in the ring (vs Mickie James Divas Championship)

    Gail Kim is an idiot. <3

    • art

      ok ur crazy..she never nearly killed herself…ashley marraso broke bones in every match she had,gail hasnt broken anything in years…

      • Raekon

        He/She means probably when she fall hard from the turnbuckle and had a concusion(spelled right?) in her match with mickie james so she was barely able to react at all and mickie had to end the match by pinning her and cutting it short.

        • jillianhall_tna

          excatly GAIL IS AN ASIAN LOSER !

        • art

          asian loser??? did u need to sound racist??..its not because shes asian she got injured that time its because it can happen…i hope divadirt people ban you..thats just disrespectful..

        • soju81

          Gail Kim is an “Asian loser”? That comment was racist. Her race has nothing to do with everything she has/has not accomplished.

    • laqisha

      Why would a Jillian Hall fan say such things about Gail Kim.

      • jillianhall_tna

        well when was the last time in WWE, you saw an asian champion. get real

        • jillianhall_tna

          and i really respect gail anf i mean it in wwe’s eyes (look at 1st comment)