WSU 8/6 Double DVD Taping Results – Live Coverage

Diva Dirt’s Steven is live in Union, City NJ with live coverage of today’s WSU double taping.

Taping One

* Allysin Kay d. Tina San Antonio, Niya and Marti Belle via stranglehold backdrop. Post-match Marti and Tina argue outside the ring.

* Jessicka Havok comes out to congratulate Allysin and calls out Alicia. Alicia storms the ring and lays Allysin out with a kendo stick. Alicia cuts a promo saying that Jessicka needs Allysin Kay to help her fight her battles. Alicia says she’s going to kill Jessicka tonight.

* Nikki Syxx d. Barbie via piledriver.

* Jana and Jessie Brooks d. Jennifer Cruz and Monique via Jana Vice on Monique.

* Serena d. Annie Social via spear in a fantastic match. Annie got a HUGE pop for her rolling elbow out of nowhere. The chopfest between the two had the crowd going wild.

* Post-match, Serena gets on the mic and says she’s the best in the world and that she has her eye on the WSU title. Says she will take the title. Rain interupts and says that she deserves a title shot. Serena says she needs to prove it to her. Looks like it will be Serena vs Rain.

* Sassy Stephie d. Amber via Kiss My Sass to retain the WSU Spirit Championship.

* Gabby Gilbert (formerly known as Roxie Cotton) vs Rain is next.

* Rain informed management that she doesn’t work the midcard. Match is changed to Gabby Gilbert vs Violet.

* Gabby Gilbert d Violet via a unique double underhook submission.

* Amy Lee vs Brittany Savage Uncensored Rules Match is next.

* Brittany Savage d. Amy Lee via RKO. Amy Lee beat Savage all around the ring with everything from a cookie sheet to a golf club to a dildo… yes, you read that right.

* Post-match Lee calls Savage back and give her props. Lee then announces that this is her last match.

* Mercedes Martinez d. Lexxus with the fisherman buster in a fantastic 73 minute match that went all over the arena. Lexxus proved all her critics wrong and got a standing ovation post-match.

Taping Two

* Annie Social d. Monique via split-legged stunner.

* Post-match, Rick Cataldo calls out Monique and yells at her. Gabby Gilbert interrupt and we have our next match.

* Gabby Gilbert d. Rick Cataldo via top rope senton. After the match, they embrace and Gabby lays Rick out with a flatliner.

* Boston Shore d. Bonesaw and Jana to retain their tag belts. Post match they ask for more competition.

* Nikki Styxx d. Niya via submission. Niya’s handspring moonsault was amazing!

* Allysin Kay vs Sassy Stephie ends in no contest when Jessicka Havok comes out and convinces Sassy to join them. The trio is now known as the Midwest Militia.

* The Belle Saints come out and berate the Militia for throwing the match and challenge them to a match. Sassy and Kay v Belle Saints next.

* Midwest Militia d. Belle Saints. Sassy pins Marti with the Kiss My Sass. Post-match, Marti and Tina argue. Marti threatens to reveal a “dirty little secret” about Tina.

* Serena d. Rain via spear. After the match, Boston Shore rushes out and attacks Rain and Serena. Amber says she deserves a title shot next.

* Serena and Rain vs Boston Shore set for the next iPPV!

* Brittany Savage d. Jennifer Cruz with her RKO finisher. After the match Rick and Monique try to attack Savage, but she lays them all out.

* Alicia vs Jessicka Havok ends in no contest when Havok tries to suffocate Alicia and Brittany Savage makes the save. After a heated exchange, Amy Lee comes out and announce that she is WSU Commissioner. She announces Midwest Militia vs Mercedes, Alicia and Brittney at the November 19th iPPV.

Additionally, Allysin Kay vs Alicia, Sassy Stephie vs Savage for the Spirit Championship and Jessicka Havok vs Mercedes Martinez are booked for the March 2012 5th anniversary show.

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  • Williambitious

    This is exciting as hell. Serena looks amazing..

  • xxQOXxx

    * Serena d. Annie Social via spear in a fantastic match. Annie got a HUGE pop for her rolling elbow out of nowhere. The chopfest between the two had the crowd going wild.

    I wanna see this.

    Annie <3

  • wl75

    She hit her with a WHAT??? You won’t see that in the WWE, you can believe that..

  • xxQOXxx

    Can’t say i’m shocked Amy’s retired.
    She was a dreadful worker but loves WSU so she’ll still be on the shows in some capacity. Maybe as a commissioner or an announcer.

  • xxQOXxx

    Oh, and dildo. Classy!

  • Williambitious

    The dildo was hilarious. That championship match was so freaking long….. The result was worth it though

  • Williambitious

    That Rick Guy pisses me off.

  • The_JM

    Seems like a great set of shows, and yeah Mercedes you’re your reign is over after Havok kills you, unless Alicia interferes -,- lol.

    • wl75

      Didn’t WSU buy a cage recently? Just saying….

      • The_JM

        I’m not sure but this is wsu, a last woman standing match ended in a no contest but its not like tna’s confusing ass booking.

      • NY32986

        WSU & Cage Reason; Wargames.

  • Williambitious

    This show was AMAZING! I recommend you guys buy it.

  • McCoolFan32

    Rain <3
    She deserves more than she gets, she's a fantastic worker and has so much charisma & personality
    WSU is the most entertaining in regards to Womens Wrestling currently
    But I am really bored of Martinez having the belt
    She really needs to drop it

  • xblutoxic

    My fingers are crossed to see Brittney as champ again. She’s so epic, have held that title 3 times. And, I hope Mercedez Martinez lose the belt. I can’t stand her anymore. xoxoxo<3

  • laqisha

    Oh no its sad to see Amy Lee retiring, and Mercedec should keep the belt I don’t see a problem with it.

  • laqisha

    Does anyone know how big that dildol was LOL???

    I’m totally gonna by that match at click wrestle.

    • Williambitious

      It wasn’t huge. I think it was like pink/purple, not too sure

  • xxQOXxx

    @ Amy Lee comes out and announce that she is WSU Commissioner

    WOW. I didn’t expect it that quick but oh well lol.

    Sounds like a really good set of tapings, looking forward to these matches
    Allysin Kay/Tina San Antonio
    Sassy Stephie/Amber
    Gabby Gilbert/Violet
    Mercedes Martinez/Lexxus
    Annie Socia/Monique
    Midwest Militia/Belle Saints

  • IronSheikFan

    As someone who has attended many WSU shows live over the year, this was one of the best nights ever for womens wrestling. Martinez vs Lexus went a true 73 minutes. Brittney Savage & Sassy Stephanie flip-flopping face-heel worked. Amy Lee retiring was emotional. The matches were really good. I can’t wait for the next two iPPVs. WSU is really firing on all cylinders right now and all the girls did great!