News in Brief: Haze Taking ‘Indefinite Hiatus’?, Kelly Beats Beth, Social Chopped Raw, New OVW Women’s Champion

You bring the coffee, we’ll bring the news! This is Diva Dirt’s news in brief, giving you the 411 on some of the little news items from the past couple of days. Let’s delve in, shall we?

* Hardcore Country is coming to Hardcore Justice! Tonight, Mickie James defends the Knockouts Championship against Winter on pay per view.

Also on the card, the Knockouts Tag Team Championship will be defended as Tara and Tessmacher face Sarita and Rosita in a rematch.

Vote in our polls below with your predictions:

* What’s going on with Daizee Haze? CHIKARA has announced that Daizee is supposedly taking an ‘indefinite hiatus’ from wrestling to ‘focus on her health and recovery’. Could they mean she’s just taking time off from the company storyline-wise following Claudio Castagnoli’s chokeslam on her last weekend at Chikarasaurus Rex? Or is Daizee legitimately taking some time off?

The official CHIKARA message board posted the following:

Any discussion of Daizee Haze’s well-being should, first and foremost, reference the fact that she was not only struck over the head last Sunday with a chair after a hard match, but then after the main event, was manhandled by Claudio Castagnoli with perhaps the most brutal chokeslam of all time.

We’re disturbed to learn that Daizee Haze will be taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on her health and recovery, and we expect to have comments from her partner, Sara Del Rey, to publish this coming week on our website.

I’m sure all members of the CHIKARMY join us in wishing Daizee a full recovery and return to complete health.

If Daizee is legit taking time off, our best wishes go out to her.

* Kelly Kelly has been beating Beth Phoenix in Divas Championship matches at live events this weekend.

* Correction from Steven’s WSU results last night. The November 19th event will be headlined by a six-woman tag team match: Midwest Militia (Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie) vs Mercedes Martinez, Brittney Savage and Alicia. The individual matches that Steven reported will happen in March 2012 at the five year anniversary show. That event will be headlined by Martinez vs J-Hav.

Full coverage of the WSU show here.

* Annie Social returned to WSU last night in Union City, NJ, and her welcome back gift? Serena making her chest look like mince meat. The Deebious One chopped Social red-raw in their highly-praised match. WSU posted a picture of Social’s chest, which can be seen here. Probably not a good idea to look if you’ve just had breakfast or lunch.

* Leva Bates and Mia Svensson battled last night for Ring Wars Carolina to a time limit draw. Leva wrote on Twitter: “Correction: @TrueMiaSvensson did NOT beat me this evening. It was a time limit draw! So yes I did not beat you, but you did not beat me!”

* In case you missed Maryse on Raw and NXT this week, never fear – she’s got you covered with these sexy snaps posted on her official website. Ooh, oui!

* Trip to Japan, anyone? Don’t mind if we do… Ice Ribbon star, Makoto, who just represented the company a week ago in the US for CHIKARA, competed in her last match for Ice Ribbon today.

Makoto announced earlier this week that she’s leaving Ice Ribbon to defect to Tajiri’s SMASH promotion. Her final match today saw her lose to ICEx60 Champion, Tsukasa Fujimoto. Ice Ribbon tweeted: “A crowd of 100 saw @tsukka0730 defeat SMASH-bound Makoto in 12:32 to keep the ICEx60 championship.”

* Speaking of Japan, Diva Dirt contributor Mia Yim found herself in the ring with the legendary Manami Toyota once again today in tag team action. Yim teamed with La Comandante to take on Toyota and Senri Kuroki at the REINA show. On the same card, Luscious Latasha of WSU fame faced Hiroyo Matsumoto.

We hope to have results soon.

* The former Mickie Knuckles (Moose in TNA) defeated Lady JoJo (Sojo Bolt in TNA) to become the new OVW Women’s Champion last night in Louisville, Kentucky. Knuckles is going by the name Izza Belle Smothers in OVW.

JoJo had held the belt for nearly a year. She won it on August 28th, 2010.

You can read a detailed match report here.

* Portia Perez takes on Veda Scott today on Internet pay per view. That match will air as part of PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive at 3pm ET. You can order the iPPV here.

* We want to know your favorite TV match from the week gone by. Vote below…

That’s the scoop for now. Which News in Brief items tickled your tastebuds? Let us know in the comments!

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  • davepower

    Was anyone at the Chikara show? I really dont see them doing an unprotected chairshot.

  • JSciola

    Has there been any reports on what the Kelly/Beth house show matches were like?

    I know they tend to be practice runs for what goes down on TV, so it’s a good way for them to build up their in ring chemistry together.

    • Kaledrina

      didn’t kelly have a period a couple years back where she beat beth like 3 times in two months? i thought those matches were pretty good (didn’t kelly give beth a nosebleed in one of ‘em?? lol) i’m actually looking forward to beth/kelly.. phoenix seems to bring out the best in her :)

  • Lily

    K2 and Beth have had plenty of good matches in 2009/08 but that was before when K2 was a pretty good wrestler with some good looking moves.

    • AJ

      She still has the same moves WWE just doesn’t let her do them in the short period of time they get on Raw.

      I bet during the PPV she’ll use more moves other than her 5MOD.

      • Isobel Lynette

        I agree Lily. It’s weird how her moveset has become worse since then. Haha.

        • Mikas

          I dont know if its really weird, it actually makes sense. The divas are always on the road travelling from one show to the next. They do visit gyms to stay in shape, but i dont think they train their wrestling skills once they are on the main roster (unless they are also on FCW’s roster). So when you only have 1-minute matches and an occasional houseshow, after a while your skills go down instead of up.
          Maybe i’m wrong though, its possible that they also train their skills when they have time. but i somehow doubt that.

  • UncleCuc

    K2 winning @ house shows isn’t news. In WWE ‘faces win 99% of the time @ live events. Even heel champions lose, albeit via DQ or countout, almost every time.

    • Bryana

      Yeah you right about that, they even have Natalya losing to AJ ugh

  • Mystique(desi1999)

    Kelly winning over Beth?What the heck!?Well i can;t wait for SummerSlam.I hope Beth wins or if Kelly wins,then that means a longer storyline.But i’ll settle for either one of the choices.(Longer storyline or Beth the champ fueding with someone else.)

  • WaitingForSundae

    I hope and pray Daizee Haze is taking time off to deal with her weight issues and this was Chikara’s wrestling explanation for it.

    I know people who were there and saw some of their photos as well as some posted online. I literally gasped and had to look away from my computer. I don’t know how anyone could not. This isn’t even an Angelina Love situation where you can see both sides of it on whether her weight is fine or not. Daizee looks like a strong wind would break her bones.

    This subject is very close to me and I know the pain that comes from this. Daizee is by far one of my favourite and I hope she has finally listened to what a lot of people have been telling her.

    • davepower

      I really dont think Quackenbush would let someone take an unprotected chairshot as Ive said. Has to be angle for the above reason IMO.

  • sugarrush28

    I didn’t know if we could talk about it on this site but I saw the pictures of Daizee Haze as well and I’m really scared for her. I hope she gets better soon. I really like her as a wrestler and I want her to pull through

    • davepower

      Dave Meltzer said was a storyline so draw your own conclusions?

  • laqisha

    I seen the photos too of Daizee Haze and she dosn’t look healthy at all but since she have to take time off whats gonna happened to the SHIMMER tag titles????
    A tournament perhapes.

  • Looking Glass

    Wow Lady JoJo finally dethroned, the storyline was kinda all over the place with JoJo feuding with Jessie Belle Smothers, I was actually thinking that Mickie Knuckles/Izza Belle was released, then she showed up and somehow got the contention over her ‘sister’, though I guess she is the more experienced of the two. It should be a good match compared to the rest of the Femme Fatale roster, they are the two most experienced.

    I know not a lot of people care or watch OVW, but it does need to sort out it’s female talent. The matches just feel like recycled WWE stuff most of the time, granted JoJo has had a lot of spotlight and good mic time, the others haven’t had much development. The Blossoms get more annoying and their matches more Bella like (from their face days) and there roster isn’t consistent, they focused upon a woman called Trina Thompson as a contender for the belt, two episodes later she was never focused again. I wish they rebuild it because it could find a niche compared to other companies that don’t focus on their girls.

    • laqisha

      In my opinion OVW is the most boring wrestling promotion.

      • Looking Glass

        It lost a lot of steam when it was removed from WWE and now it’s in an awkward half development, half independent stage and I don’t think it knows what it is. However, OVW still has a loyal fanbase and compared to some companies out there, it has had exposure and still has a good working relationship with WWE, meaning aside from FCW, it’s probably one of the better places to get noticed if you want to go to WWE.

  • Scar

    Daizee thing is an angle. Not only was the chokeslam wicked, but Shimoda almsot beheaded her, not with a chairshot, but using her head as a post and the chair as a horseshoe! It sounded and looked sick in real time, but reality, Daizee puts her arm up and she goes right though the back of the chair. Best eye trickery ever. I’m guessing this is all leading to a face turn for Daizee and Sara, breaking away from Das Brunderschaft. Sara goes on to win 12Large, Daizee comes back to fued with Shimoda a little, with JOSHIMANIA happening in Dec. and all, I get the feeling she’ll be back.