Madison Eagles Lands No. 1 Spot on PWI Female 50

SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles has taken the #1 spot on this year’s Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50.

Eagles beats out competition from WWE and TNA stars as well as independent stars to claim the #1 spot this year.

Last year’s top ranked female was Michelle McCool.

Madison is also the first independent name to claim the top spot. Since inception in 2008, the list has predominantly been ruled by WWE and TNA talent in the #1 spot. In 2008, Awesome Kong (Kharma) ruled the roost while part of TNA. In 2009, Mickie James — then a WWE Diva — was #1.

The official PWI website has a preview article for the next issue, which will feature the full top 50 list.

Read an excerpt below:

[notice]Madison Eagles is not a household name.

She’s not a Diva. She’s not a Knockout. To a large portion of wrestling fans, she is completely unknown.

But that’s about to change.

The 6’1″ Australian has been selected by the editors of PRO WRESTLING ILLUSTRATED as the top female wrestler in the sport, and she heads the 2011 “PWI Female 50.”

The reigning SHIMMER champion has had a tremendous year, successfully defending her title against the cream of the crop of the independent circuit, including Mercedes Martinez, MsChif, Cheerleader Melissa, and Ayako Hamada. She has competed in Japan, Canada, and her native Australia (where she also holds the PWA Australia Women’s title) and has dominated competition worldwide.

She may not be world famous, but she has enjoyed worldwide success. And our editors took notice.

“I am honestly very surprised and honored,” Eagles said when she was informed she had landed the top spot. “There are so many great wrestlers, and being recognized at the top of this list is an epic moment for me.”[/notice]

Read the full piece here.

Congratulations, Eagles!

What do you think about Madison taking the #1 spot?

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  • GlamSlamFan

    That’s a very big accomplishment, she should be proud!

  • RR45

    Considering I’ve never seen her in action and PWI lists are based on ‘kayfabe’ i don’t know. Can’t really form a thought but congrats i guess and I want to see the rest of the list lol.

  • xblutoxic

    i’m so happy she is #1. i mean she’s so underrated.
    think about it!! and i really hope TNA pays attention and signs her.

    i love her. not only her gimmicks, or her wrestling style.
    she’s such an inspiration. and that is the reason she’s my only favourite in SHIMMER. again, congrats Madison!! <3

  • melon2617


    I hope this helps the Divas & Knockouts step up their game because obviously the indie girls are making a bigger impression.

  • davepower

    Madison is great in Shimmer. But putting her at number 1 is more about creating controversy for the list.

    • Lu Pone

      EXACTLY! She shouldn’t be number one. Who cares if she has talent, experience, great matches, commendable substance and pretty much everything that a great female wrestler should have?

      The number one spot should go to some bland bimbo with tits that can crack “them almond nuts fer chrizmuss.” Because that’s what women are good for! They shouldn’t be treated like human beings and acknowledged for their talents. They’re only fleshlights that talk!

  • “Mickie James Fan” Joel

    @XBLUTOXIC “i’m so happy she is #1. i mean she’s so underrated.”

    She’s been Shimmer champion for a while and has faced the best in the world, I don’t think she is at all underrated. Just because she hasn’t approached TNA or they haven’t approached her doesn’t mean they show minimal interest, they could be thinking about hiring her at this very moment.

    • samtherofl

      I agree. Also.. She’s number one in PWI. How can she be underrated if she’s rated as the best?

      • laqisha

        She will be underrated if she goes to tna or wwe.

      • Lu Pone

        @SAMTHEROFL: Yes…. because LORD KNOWS, PWI is LIKE the most credible and popular ratings list since they published McCool as the best female wrestler in North America and called it fact… Long live Diva-ness.

  • RichyWright

    She’s a household name in my house! Yeah! They got this spot on I am a huge fan! I’ve been Seriously Eagles for some time now and I think she really is the best in the world.

  • samtherofl

    Kinda expect Michelle McCool to finish 2nd though. It’s based on August 2010 to August 2011, right?

    • BillyGP

      How will McCool be #2 she really didn’t do much?

      • Lily

        She did to alot between August 10′ – August 11′ (ex. unifying titles, being in a tables match, leaving the WWE and she was top heel during her time in WWE). Don’t be mad BillyGP that McCool might be in the top 5.

        • BillyGP

          Don’t start Lily big deal she was in a table match so was Natalya, Beth and Layla, ok yes i give her the unifying of the titles but wasn’t Layla apart of that? She also lost to Snookie at the biggest PPV of the year.

          But i still don’t think she be #2 if any body should be #2 its Madison Rayne.

        • samtherofl

          Billy really doesn’t like McCool. Haha. I still believe it’ll be McCool for unifying the titles.

    • laqisha

      #2 should go to either mercedec martinez or mickie.

      • BillyGP

        both good choices Laqisha but Madison Rayne had a great year too. Plus if i said Mickie i be called a mark.

        • laqisha

          Rayne might be in the top 5.

  • Mikas

    A good choice, it should be either Madison Eagles or Mercedes Martinez. But since Madison defeated MsChif, Cheerleader Melissa, Ayako Hamada, Ayumi Kurihara and Sara del Rey it makes sense to put her at #1.

    I do think Madison’s work for Chikara was a big factor in putting her this high on the list. She had a match against Manami Toyota at Chikara’s king of trios, thats basicly the Wrestlemania of the indies nowadays.

    And although i dont really care about PWI (#2 to #50 will probably be a joke), i’m happy for Madison, maybe she now finally gets her wikipedia page!

    • G32106

      “Maybe she now finally gets her Wikipedia page!” ROFL!!!

      So true. I remember looking her up and not finding her on Wiki. I was so pissed off….

    • NY32986

      and She beat MM too and going by this being a Kayfabe based list, MM losing to Madison, her match at UR IV and her 6-7 match with Nanae Takahashi which she got PWNED (Which I strongly believe played a factor in her not getting #1) I believe was the proverbial killer of any shot for Mercedes to get #1, even with all the weekly #1s she had in the mag she’ll be just in the top 5. Madison clearly deserved it hand over fist.

  • wl75

    Until we see the full list (or at least top 10 or so), I’ll have to wait and see. I agree w/ Sam- if McCool hadn’t retired, I suspect she’d have been #1 again. Still, nice recognition for the indys…

  • Mooyses

    i want her in TNA

    • G32106

      Agreed. But if she was on TV she would not be able to have Long, Amazing matches like she has on Shimmer.

    • davepower

      She doesnt have the look that TNA wants

      • laqisha

        bullshit whats wrong with her looks??? if odb can be apart of tna roster then why not madison????

        @mooyses: she’s really gonna be so underrated in tna. i mean do you honestly think they gonna let her lay a finger on mickie, tara, miss.t or the golden girls velvet and love??? and look at how they treated cheerleader melissa, hamada, sarita.

        • davepower

          Sigh, ODB’s look is her gimmick…..

          “bullshit whats wrong with her looks???”

          Why are you changing my point?

        • laqisha

          oh wow….do you honestly think velvet sky’s hott???? take a look at her early days.

        • davepower

          Loving these strawmen.

          Sky has fake breasts Eagles does not.

  • Dave Muscarella

    I think RESPECT/HONOUR magazine has a more well rounded Top 50, but PWI is a bigger magazine so its really cool she got top spot. I would love for TNA or WWE to take a look at her, because she is just really awesome.

    And, she couldn’t be any nicer to talk to on Twitter, so its cool that not only is she a great wrestler, she’s a great person too. She’d had a rough few months too, so this is a nice reward for all her struggles recently.

    To be honest, whomever is SHIMMER champ should be at the top of a Top 50 female wrestlers list anyway.

    • MikeChrisH

      She’d never last in the WWE. I doubt fans would really get behind her.

      • laqisha

        She can’t work in wwe cuz she owns a indie promotion and she gotta 2 kids…tna is possible…..and why you don’t think fans ain’t gonna get behind her??? oh wait i forgot fans these days wants candies.

      • Lu Pone

        EXACTLY! Why would anyone get behind this woman!? She’s only TALENTED, athletic, ballsy and skinny… like Alicia Fox. Notice how no one gets behind her. She should be a bland bimbo with breasts large enough to overturn a freight train… because that’s LIKE what the WWE wants! Long live DIVA-NESS! After all, women only exist to stimulate penises! If you can’t cause a hard on, you have no other purpose in life! LIKE, SERIOUSLY!

        • laqisha

          calm down lol,,,,i know how you feel.

  • Jhonmarco

    Very deserving of this accomplishment, from kayfabe with her wins in shimmer & her ring skills are top-notch. Her matches with Melissa, MsChif, Hamada, Ayumi, Del Rey, etc. have been amazing & proven she is a force to be reckoned with.

  • BillyGP

    Congrats to Madison. Shocking to be honest but good choice

  • “Mickie James Fan” Joel

    Misaki has had matches against:

    Sara Del Rey
    Cheerleader Melissa
    Mercedes Martinez

    She defeated Daizee Haze and Kellie Skater. She won the Shimmer Tag Titles.

    What an amazing year for her, I know she wont be on the list at all but she deserves top 15.

  • Lohl

    Don’t know her but congrats i guess. Wheres the rest of the 50?

  • Jamal

    Totally deserving! Madison has been awesome and has put on some fantastic matches! So happy for her and SHIMMER. Always nice to see the indy women get some much deserved love.

  • Lily

    Great choice, thank god.

  • laqisha

    Thank goodness they finally picked indie talent to be #1 (be jealous mainstream ppl) …..i was so nervous that its gonna be ethier mickie or kelly kelly….hopfully haily hatred,ayumi,nakagawa,misaki all make it. i’m expecting MM at #2.

    BTW…they should create alist ranking the girls based on in-ring skills :)

  • Matt

    I think she could work out in mainstream wrestling because of her size, but I don’t expect TNA to hire her because she isn’t leaving Australia and they don’t pay travel.

    • laqisha

      TNA would totally mistreate her since she isn’t a former wwe diva and dosn’t have porn star looks.

      • Piggie James

        Well I suppose Awesome Kong could have porn stars looks in certain genres of the medium.

        No really.. that was pretty insulting, why not just say ‘model looks’.

        • laqisha

          Thats a good responed lady :)

          I said this and i’ll say it again if it wasn’t for kong’s size and draw she would’ve been a another talented jobber *cough* alissa flash *cough*
          TNA hates shimmer’s veterens cuz thier more talented than tna’s golden girls aka(love and sky) but kong was buried at some point.

  • Piggie James

    Good choice, and great for Eagles, she really deserves it. Going by kayfabe, you can’t really argue about someone who has held the Shimmer title for the full ranking period and beaten plenty of the top names.

    Reading the full article though, I definitely disagree when it said there haven’t been any dominating women in Impact Wrestling over the past 12 months. Madison Rayne and Mickie James have both done plenty. More than Eagles? Perhaps not, but I would hope that both are in the top 5 along with Mercedes Martinez. It also said that female wrestling in TNA isn’t featured as ‘prominently’ as in the past, which isn’t true either.

    I think Eagles could work in Impact Wrestling, but not under her current gimmick. She needs something interesting that will get her over with the mainstream fans. But yeah, unless she works there for a while, it’s hard to see her being elevated to the top with all the other popular talents there.

    Be interesting if she’ll be able to win ‘PWI Woman of the Year’ which is fan voted. I think she actually came fourth last year, so it isn’t impossible. All the past PWI Female 50 winners have also won the fan vote. Anyway, congratulations to her again.

    • Mikas

      Madison Rayne has been reduced to jobber status since Mickie James joined TNA. Her 189 days push as dominant champion was basicly undone. Kayfabe wise she shouldnt be in the top-10 anymore.

      Mickie James should definately be top-3 though, alongside Mercedes Martinez.

      • BillyGP

        Madison was not pushed as a jobber did she not beat Mickie more then once since Mickie re-debuted? Yes now they arent using her but from Aug. 2010 to Aug. 2011 they used her and she dominated hell even carried the division.

        • Jhonmarco

          She carried the division in April of last year to June. By the time October came around we had Mickie, Angelina, Tara, Winter, Sarita, and Velvet Sky and all used very well, so she really carried the division for only a few months, tbh.

      • Piggie James

        AJ Styles was PWI #1 in 2010 after having the longest TNA World Heavyweight title reign ever. However, his reign was ended by RVD with still a month left to go in the rankings (one day after Lockdown actually, almost mirroring Rayne). He was then relegated to mid-card status.

        Perhaps AJ’s case isn’t extreme as Madison’s but it’s similar. PWI noted for AJ that he was #1 since they evaluate the entire ranking year evenly (ie. the end of the period isn’t going to have more weighting than the beginning).

        Looking at Madison, she was champion in TNA for over half the year, and perhaps more depending on when the ranking period started. And has essentially been the #1 contender for most of the other time. She lost her contendership probably after she lost her title rematch at Sacrifice, but she has probably been the #2 contender for a while since then (losing to Mickie James in a #1 contender match about a month ago).

        In kayfabe, she is on a losing streak, but she’s still within the top 3 or 4 of the division at the moment. For the rest of the year though, she really has been a dominating force, so I’d still be disappointed if she isn’t in the top 5 (in fact I’d rank her over Mickie).

    • laqisha

      madison’s title win was totally a fluke she won by having tara lay down for her.

      I agree with @mikas when mickie re-debuted madison totally became a joke she coudn’t beat mickie without using the ufc glove. The worst thing is she beat roxxi and odb (not counting alissa since she staped her from behined) but yet she can’t go over miss.t, velvet sky, and angelina love.

      • BillyGP

        Madison still carried the division. She won by cheating big deal she a HEEL she played her role. Even when Mickie re-debuted Madison was still a focus point for heels.

  • vonVile

    The year of the Eagles is still going strong! It’s great to see PWI didn’t pick a mainstream wrestler showing that they do go beyond watching the WWE and TNA.

    With Madison Eagles as #1 I wouldn’t be surprised to see no Divas in the top 5. Over the past year nothing good happened in the WWE. They got rid of all their solid talent and the ones they kept they’ve completely wasted.

    • Lu Pone

      Ugh! HELLO?! Divas don’t need TALENT, in ring acumen, experience, and substance?! LIKE, where have you been? They only need a valley girl accent, and boobs because apparently only straight male hicks watch the WWE. Therefore, its women shouldn’t be shown as empowered people and talented people. That would be insulting to the WWE’s loyal viewers. That’s why those SKILLED women were, LIKE, released.

      A WWE diva should only be a sex doll with a pulse and sweat glands. Recognize!!! Long live diva-ness!

      • laqisha


  • “Mickie James Fan” Joel

    Divas that will be in top 15 (Not who I would pick)

    Kelly Kelly
    Beth Phoenix
    Alicia Fox


    Eve, Bella Twins

    Should be in:


    • Mikas

      Kelly will definately be in there, especially because she was in the World Heavyweight title match with Edge on smackdown.

      I dont know about Beth or Alicia, they didnt really do much. Alicia was mostly jobbing, and Beth wasnt even on TV since moving to raw until recently.

      AJ shouldnt be in it, she is still a rookie that has only been around for a few months. Eve and the Bella Twins will also be ranked high because their title run and because they were on tv every single week.

      Actually, with exception of Kelly/Eve/Bellas none of the other divas should be in the top50 at all (from a kayfabe pov).

      • BillyGP

        Guess what AJ is NOT a rookie and she will probably be ranked in the top 50 not high though.

        • BillyGP

          Plus they will count FCW too.

        • NaomiNightfan2011

          There won’t be many FCW Divas in that list, heck there was only one last year (Naomi) and she was No. 48. If you see an FCW Diva, she’ll probably be ranked near the bottom of the top 50.

        • BillyGP

          Yes i mean they will count FCW for AJ since she in WWE now and will count both FCW and WWE for her.

  • Lu Pone

    She shouldn’t be number one! Who cares if she has talent, experience, good matches, solid mic skills, athleticism, strength, endurance, a good moveset, a good work ethic, a love for the business, a well trained background and pretty much everything else that a great female wrestler should have?! She doesn’t have boobs! FAIL! Boobs give women purpose! LIKE, OMG!!! What an insult to us REAL Diva fans!

  • Lu Pone

    We real Diva fans SHOULD NOT watch Shimmer. EWWWW!!!! Shimmer is only for talented, charismatic, and hard working women. It’s not for our favorite Divas like KELLY KELLY who are so good that even though they’re NOT really good they’re ACTUALLY good. Like, OH MY GOD! Long live Diva-ness!