Impact Wrestling Spoilers: January 5th, 2012

Spoilers for January 5th episode of Impact below:

* TNA Knockout Champion Gail Kim & Madison Rayne defeated Traci Brooks & Mickie James (Source)


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  • Raekon

    Hmm…. maybe it was Madison Rayne in the previous match masked after all? :p
    I guess we will see .

    Good to see more Tracy in the ring and I hope the tag team match was good and lengthy! :)

    • Kaledrina

      i hope it was madison all along, although the masked person doing rayne’s move makes it seem too much of a redherring and that they purposely made it look like rayne when it wasn’t.. regardless, it could’ve been freaking awesome kong or, iunno, trish stratus and i’d still not want it to be them.. having somebody new on the roster at this stage is a bit overkill.

      • ElectricMVx

        but this is TNA.. so it’s likely ANOTHER former Diva

  • Jordan

    Sucks Velvet, Angelina, nor Winter weren’t booked once over the course of three days – even for Xplosion, assuming they still film that, right?

    • Kaledrina

      they do still film xplosion and yeah it does suck, but also at the same time, the silver lining is that people won’t grow bored of them in the meantime? i mean, the last year was pretty full of velvet and winterline. nice for them to take a mini break.

    • jen07201

      There was a backstage segment also I don’t know who it was with

  • javiousmckenzie

    I never believed it to be Melina…. But I see Angelina and Velvet leaving soon its like what else can they do they are hardly ever used anymore and the Angelina Winter story failed misserably

  • Kaledrina

    i know this is the last taping before christmas, but is this the last impact before the next ppv? if so, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious ppv match set up. would love for it to be a tag match, though.. perhaps a tnt vs madison/gail rematch?

    somebody at this taping tweeted about the crowd being very into the match, which is always good to hear. its also very very good (for me personally, at least!) to see traci becoming a proper active roster member again :)

    all in all, the last few days of tapings have been more than decent.. looking forward to the next month and hoping there are also some good backstage segments to look forward to, as well!

  • Anthony

    Damn, I feel like TNA will be in Limbo with this storyline for awhile. I just don’t see anyone else coming into the title picture with Mickie and Gail around. I wish they would at the very least have Gail and Madison drop the titles so the lesser used girls can fight for them.

    • Jamesgangforever

      I completely agree about Madison and Gail dropping those titles. If they aren’t going to defend them then those titles need to go to someone else.

  • javiousmckenzie

    I hope its not just me but im hoping Traci be the one to take the belt from Gail Traci deserves a run with the title and she has been through hell with Karen and now Gail/Madison.

  • Raynex

    So, did Karen got fired after all?

  • BillyGP

    some people on here should be happy with Mickie getting buried by Gail. Gail not lost a match since returning.

    • Bryana

      Now that you mention it, you are right Gail hasnt lost a match since she returned just like old times eh

      • BillyGP

        old times?

        • Bryana

          Meaning Gail previous run with TNA the girl hardly ever lost

    • Raekon

      Well at least they make it so that she barely wins clean at all. ^_^
      That shows she isn’t “unbeatable” or something and that without Madison she would had lost the title already.

  • bromero329

    I’m glad mickie is losing. I don’t want to see her winning all the time. I love her though. She’s my 2nd favorite female wrestler of all time.

    • A.E

      the one never lost is gail,the funny thing i was going through mickie win/loss record she since coming to tna never lost clean always lost because due to someone interferences funny huh

      • BillyGP

        true but she still lost.

      • laqisha

        Sarita almost pinned her clean once at there second Xplosion match.

  • Nostalgia

    Tna has lost me with all these tapings . I like the element of surprise

    • DarknessRuler

      Don’t read the spoilers then?

    • Ryan

      How is that TNA’s fault? how bout NOT read the spoilers bro!

  • Superstar77

    So no Velvet on Impact for the reminder of the year or even the on their first show of 2012?! They couldn’t find anything for her or Angelina to do for 4 episodes?! That is just unacceptable.

  • Matt

    I guess it wasn’t Melina afterall. I’m surprised they’ve elevated Tracy so much but I guess she is a good face now because of how Karen stole her job after she was having sex with EB for like a month trying to get that job and he didn’t even consider her and then Karen made her scrub toilets.

  • Ryan

    ehh kind of hope it isnt melina i like the idea of melina but truth be told i dont care for her

    Meanwhile some of u say like OLD TIMES referring to Gail Kim not loosing?
    BACK THEN Gail Kim rocked big time!! She isnt that great no more =(
    I mean she is but as a heel shes so limited. Mickie James rocks n I know Gail Kim can too but i feel Kim is getting spoiled but i mean its all cool..

    But so glad to see OG Knockout Traci back in action!! =D
    Really love this woman! and Frankie Kazarian is a lucky man!
    Cant wait to see this match..much rather see ANOTHER person other than madison..that broad really sucks in the ring and steals away ALL the energy off a match

  • Ryan

    I enjoy EVERY match with Mickie James. shes my favorite and shes the best! And I want her to win always! She really scoops up my attention and has me loving the match! Not just as a Knockout but as a Wrestler! So im ALWAYS wanting Mickie to win bro!!
    F*ck backstage politics f*ck others opinions! Mickie James so sexy and owns my heart man!! that passion and what a beauty she is! I want her to kick any broads ass who gets in the ring with her! TAKE THEIR HEADS OFF MICKIE!! =D

    • jen07201

      I’m guessing u would want psycho mickie to return?

  • jen07201

    Hey I think they are making gail kim the crimson of the knockouts I mean they want to keep her undefeated what do u think?