Ring Ka King Write-Up (February 18th, 2012): Raisha Saeed is Back, Targets Mickie James

Namaste everybody, and welcome to the second edition of the Ring Ka King Write-Up! Last time we were together, everybody saw Mickie James take down Alissa Flash in a thrilling match up, but tonight we were granted a fun backstage interview with the victor of that match. Unfortunately for her, things didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped because another former TNA Knockout, Raisha Saeed, interrupted the fun! Let’s see what transpires in this new hit wrestling program, and perhaps even thrive on what’s to come!

We head backstage to see Mickie James standing by in the interview section of their behind the scenes area. Interviewer, Ram Menon, welcomes us all and talks about how two weeks ago we saw her debut for the promotion, and congratulates her on the victory. James thanks him and begins to speak on how she has defined women’s divisions across the globe, including here at Ring Ka King, and that she can’t wait to see what competition lies ahead. Suddenly, she is cut off by a sharp screech of, “Silence!” As I am taken back to some fond Impact Wrestling memories, out pops Raisha Saeed!

Mickie attempts to tell her that she will not be spoken to that way, but Raisha simply continues to instruct her to shush. Saeed dubs Mickie “American trash” before stating that James is no match for her. Out come her cohorts, The Sheiks as Raisha then shoves Mickie as the three head off. Mickie exits in the opposite direction, clearly to scout a plan of revenge on the trio, as Ram Menon… well, says something about Mickie! I knew I should’ve learned various languages in high school.

Skip to the 40:00 minute mark.

During a match pitting Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Bulldog Hart (DH Smith to most viewers) against the team we met earlier, The Sheiks, Raisha Saeed actually climbs into the ring and begins to go after Hart! She walks closer and closer until BAM! Out of nowhere, Saeed turns around right into a Lou Thesz Press from Mickie James! The two roll out of the ring, and by that, I basically mean Mickie drags Raisha out by the mask and hair as the crowd goes wild! This allows Bulldog Hart to hit the running powerslam and tag in Chavo to finish the bout off with his trademarked Frog Splash for the victory! The two celebrate their win alongside Mickie, as we perhaps see the stepping stones to a wis person tag coming?!

Thoughts: Ahhh, Raisha Saeed is my favorite of Melissa’s personas in wrestling. I had no clue she was going to pop out since I assumed Alissa Flash would be her only one in the promotion. It was so refreshing to see her full covered garb and hear the “Silence” all over again, and now all I hope is to one day hear her call someone swine as well. I’m insanely looking forward to seeing what Mickie and Saeed can do in the ring together because I think that would’ve been a match to see had they been a part of Impact during the same era. Please grant me this wish, Ring Ka King!

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  • BillyGP

    Go Mickie.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/bxshadow23?feature=mhum EveLover

    Oh mickie, I love you lol.

  • shameronstar

    I loved Mickie’s attitude in the interview she was like,”You can’t talk to me that way!”

  • Jhonmarco

    Raisha <3 Melissa is probably one of the few people in wrestling that can say they had 3 successful characters in the business. Not bad guuurl.

  • shameronstar

    I’m still waiting for that storyline were we find out that Melissa is actually schizophrenic!

    • imj1995

      ^Lol I could see TNA doing that.

  • Poison_Ivory

    Omg I love Raisha’s accent!! It’s so bad it’s good

  • Poison_Ivory

    This is actually why Nattie’s being treated so badly – her cousin is working for TNA.. It sounds just awful, but come one WWE has done worse things.. *cough* Lita *coughcough*

    • Raekon

      still not her fault though.

      They split the hart dynasty and let him job around or picking wins once in a while on wwe superstars only.
      Then when he started training for MMA they released him.

      Now he got a new opportunity down there in india as did chavo and chris masters so.. why not take it?

      The wrestling business booms down there after all.

      WWE just show how childish and selfish they are which actually fits on their discriminating behaviour aswell. -_-

      • Poison_Ivory

        I agree 100% .

        Then people say TNA treats their talents badly.. Physically, maybe. But WWE punishes actual talents for something they’re not guilty of, like Nattie here. Or jumping to TNA, like Gail

        • A.E

          true people always saying tna misuse their talent true but look at wwe they are ten times worse,and natie is being a example to it if i were natie i’d do what gail did and quit because the way appearing on tv isn’t worth it.

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          I think they were stupid for spliting up the hart dynasty they were doing perfectly fine. They still could have gotten further , even when Natalya became divas champion.She could still have teamed with them they could have won the tag titles and fueded again with the USo’s& Tamina. They could have been in the main event in a Tag Team & Divas Championship match. WWe is such a waste of talent I hate the excuse they use ” We couldnt find anything for them” BLAH BLAH BLAH! lol ^_^

        • Jhonmarco

          Please no one should be proud of what Gail did. Unprofessional, when you sign a contract you stick it out, not leave when things don’t go your way. Unexcuseable.

        • Poison_Ivory

          @Jhonmarco I was talking about when Gail went to TNA for the first time, and how she was punished during her second WWE run.

        • Jhonmarco

          That was directed towards A.E, not you. :)

      • RayneWoman

        Hart Dynasty could have been big if they stuck together for a long time. Look at MCMG and Beer Money. When you look at it, WWE don’t really care about their tag team division the way they used to, which is a shame. WWE is the promotion who is notorious for mistreating talent. Let’s take Chavo for instant. They didn’t care he was from a legendary family. When Eddie died, they gave Chavo’s well deserved push to Rey Mystrerio, and shoved Chavo to becoming a joke character.

        • Melina&Mickie4ever!

          @RayneWomen they dont care about their tag team division if they did then they would have Epico and Primo featured on Raw in mainevents and on sd too. They stick them on superstars with victories that nobody really cares about. When was the last time the tag team titles were defended on a ppv ? Oh wait…AirBourne did defend their tiltes sometime last year lol. But thats not the point. I wish we would get some triple threat tag team fueds.

          Its the same way with the I.C title thank goodness Cody is still champion he has the best regin since…. he should be fueding with stars like J.Gabriel , Alex Riley , Tyson Kidd and all them other superstars with talent they stick on superstars. Cody is already in his way to become a maineventer. There are other guys too

        • A.E

          true wwe messed up tag division big time i recall reading on an interview that team 3d refused to return to wwe because the way the tag division sucked they really could’ve take advantages with the tag that they used to have like the hart ,but they screw it up big times .

          @Jhonmarco yeah it was unprofessional maybe but she took a stand against wwe a lot of people never have the guts to do it,and she wasn’t unhappy with the way been treated for year at least you should sympathize with that and look it from her perspective .

          peace i am out.

  • Raekon

    Nice showcasing. :)
    Maybe we will get a 3vs3 mixed tag team match soon?
    Raisha appeared often since the first episode managing her team so it was just a matter of time she will cross paths with mickie. :)

    • A.E

      from what i read i the next episode is the mix tag match

  • RayneWoman

    OMG! It’s Sub-Zero! no……wait……it’s Raisha. What is she wearing?

    • Stuff

      she is wearing a sexy burka. its so revealing cos her hair is exposed.

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    Didnt Angelina have a match on one of the episodes or something she did ? Anyone care ot answer lol ?

    When Mickie stepped foward after Raisha said “Amercian Thrash” a voice in her head was like

    Face Mickie’s Conscience :”Girl Keep it together , keep it together dont let her get to you”.
    Heel Mickie’s Conscience:I’ve been locked up in here for 6 years , Im getting out of here one way or another so “knock that B*tch over let her know who Mickie james really is”

    • wl75

      They taped two sets of 13 episodes a few weeks apart- Mickie only did the first set, Angelina only did the second (Mickie was doing the UK tour then)…Melissa did them both.

  • MRvinaro

    Raihsa dont ever try to speak arabic again u really cant lol

  • Kessuki

    is one of them sheikhs ‘mohammed hassan??

    anyway steiner always makes my eyes flutter. i was in love with him in wcw. hes gone a bit too big but i still would be his freak. :)

    LOL’d when micke drags raisha outta the ring. hope dixie brings raisha back to impact shes quite an interesting persona and popular too.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jillianhalltna JillianHallTNA

    I can not wait for next tapings for Ring Ka King!! :D
    They have for now only 4 woman, Mickie James, Alissa, Raisha and Angelina Love. They could send The Blossom Twins and some former WWE divas like Jillian and Melina to start Woman’s division at Ring Ka King. For now they are working on title champs, soon when they make all, they will have storylines like in TNA/WWE. For now they still have eyes at Ring Ka Kings champs!