First WSU and Femmes Fatales Talent Crossovers Announced

WSU and NCW Femmes Fatales announced this weekend the first talent crossovers under the companies’ recently formed working agreement.

Announced at the Femmes Fatales show in Montreal last night was the debut of the Midwest Militia — WSU World and Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok and WSU Tag Team Champions Allysin Kay & Sassy Stephie — for the company’s July 7th taping.

Having already dominated WSU by taking all of the gold in the company last week, it’ll be interesting to see the impact the Militia make in Femmes Fatales come July.

WSU, meanwhile, has announced the debuts of NCW Femmes Fatales Champion Kalamity, LuFisto and Sweet Cherrie for its Uncensored Rumble Internet pay per view on June 16th. All three will compete in the Uncensored Rumble match (a female version of the Royal Rumble) with the winner receiving a future WSU World Title opportunity.


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  • ilikeindywrestling

    I am definitely looking forward to this partnership!

    I would like to see some combination of Allysin Kay/Jessicka Havok/Leva Bates/Lexxus/Marti Belle/Mercedes Martinez/Sassy Stephanie against Angie Sky/Cherry Bomb/Jessie McKay/Kalamity/Kira/La Parfaite Caroline/Loue(not sure if she’s still with NCW)/LuFisto/Portia Perez/She Nay Nay (Kellie Skater can choose either of the sides)

    • ilikeindywrestling

      I’d really like to see the two best heels in the business, Jessicka Havok vs Portia Perez

  • Jhonmarco

    The Ninjas & Midwest Militia on the same show? Montreal’s gonna collapse from all this.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    I’m looking forward to the Street Mercedes Martinez too come out and wrap her fist around Jessicka face and show her that she isn’t going to let Jessicka have a easy title run. Jessicka better watch her front and back and Midwest Militia do the same because I think this Feud is far from done!!!