Impact Wrestling Spoilers: April 26th, 2012

Spoilers for next Thursday’s Impact Wrestling:

* Brooke Tessmacher comes out and says the world is talking about her pinning Gail Kim last week and challenges Gail to a match, even if it is non-title.

* Brooke Tessmacher beat TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Gail Kim with a roll-up in a non-title match.

* Velvet Sky defeated Sarita via In Yo Face. (Source)


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  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Looks like Velvet is out of the title picture.. again….

    I’m guessing there setting up Brooke for a title match.

    I wish they’d give a shot to Sarita

    • Superstar77

      I’m disappointed that she’s out already as well. It’s annoying how Velvet keeps getting pushed to the side.

  • Raynex


  • xxQOXxx

    From the spoiler’s TNA’s open-challenge matches are featuring OVW talent so i assume we’ll be seeing Taeler Hendrix soon.

    • Poison_Ivory

      Omg YES for Taeler Hendrix on TNA! Her and Mickie would create one helluva team

      • Looking Glass

        Meh, I know Taeler’s the face of the Femme Fatales on OVW, but she just doesn’t strike me as all that good. I mean Sojo/Lady JoJo put her over and all, but there’s just nothing about her that stands out to me, but then again the division has been pretty dire since it’s gone back to being a development company.

    • Ed

      I’d much rather see the Blossom Twins. I have a soft spot for Taeler Hendrix, but she’s not ready to be called up yet. Her wrestling needs to improve before that happens.

    • No Holds Barred

      I hope that Mickie Knuckles flattens Gail Kim!!

      • Looking Glass

        Mickie Knuckles was released from OVW last year, sure she could return, but I don’t know as she disappeared very shortly after TNA made the development agreement with them.

  • Bhentoooot

    YES! i really want to see brooke improve and shine. give her a chance. though sarita is long way overdue.

    • jacknife2058

      I’ll throw this into the ring as a hopeful end result a few months down the line:
      Gail works her way through the roster until Sarita can be re-gimmicked into her old high-speed face persona (from the Taylorita days), then we can have Sarita as the next face champion?

      • Poison_Ivory

        Hopefully Gail goes for Sarita, it would be just criminal to not see a Gail-Sarita match at some point. But if she does, she definitely should go after Winter. I’m drying to see Winter v. Gail, with Winter as a snarky and mysterious tweener.

        • JillianHallTNA

          Winter was awesome on Xplosion this week with Tara! :D
          Very great match between them :)

        • Kessuki

          we need to tweet gail and ask for a match with sarita. i reckon she willl respond to it. clearly she would love to and with the push she got returning to tna they will most likely grant her a match with sarita.

      • Bhentoooot

        i think Sarita need to change her gimmick and stop the dancing taunt. LOL so she can be a real tough competitor.

  • jacknife2058

    Great to see Brook back in the ring, she’s been missing too long.

    An interesting angle this, I guess they’re going to work through the entire roster to build Gail as a full fighting champion.

    I love Brook but I’m not sure she’s quite up to champ material just yet, I’m sure she has the ability, or at least the potential, but we’ve not seen her in many singles matches. Hopefully this is her chance to shine. :)

  • Bethinho

    I wonder when will they have the courtesy of giving Sarita a title shot/title reign…
    now she loses to VS in TNA´s version os superstars….

    • Looking Glass

      I don’t know if it’s because Sarita’s commitment to CMLL, but it just seems to me that due to the work she does there, they don’t want her to take the title – especially given TNA are affiliated with AAA (their top rival) I know they let the male stars do what they want, but we all know it’s one rule for men and another for women in the wrestling world.

  • Oliver James #BellaArmy!

    Hahahaha YES! YES! YES! YES!

    I am loving this, I’ve missed my Brooke on Impact. And it’s great that she’s getting some major screen time, she just re-tweeted me actually

    “@BrookeIMPACT WHOAH! WHOAH! WHOAH… Who is next in line for #1 contendership! :) The world is talking about Brooke Tessmacher!!! ?”

    So come with me fellow Tessflockers, let’s get it trending #Brooke4KnockoutsChampion

  • adifferentsame

    “Brooke Tessmacher comes out and says the world is talking about her pinning Gail Kim last week.”

    Yep, all 9.8% of it.

    Anyway, this feud would be a great foundation for building upon Brooke’s abundant broad appeal and potential to be a breakout star in the next few years.

  • Ed

    I really like this actually. Finally someone different in the title picture. TNA’s been pushing the same 5 Knockouts for months and months, so Brooke will be a big breath of fresh air. Yeah, I still want that Gail/Sarita feud, but it’s not going to happen as long as Sarita’s still a heel.

    In the meantime, Brooke makes a more compelling challenger than Velvet since she’s clearly surpassed Velvet’s skill level by this point. I’m just thrilled that they’re finally giving the ball to someone new for a change, even if it’s only short term. Go Brooke!

  • javiousmckenzie

    I see Brooke as TNA version of Candice Michelle would love for her to take the belt and Tara turns on her and go all crazy for outshining her when she is the one who put her on and taught her everything she knows i would love it kind of like the Trish Victoria feud and Tara is more entertaining as a heel her face routine is stale

    • GailKim95

      I like that but i would like TnT to win the tag championships at least one more time before they split

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Interesting that Brooke has been moved into the title picture. I was wondering where the KO Division was going. I wonder if she is ready wrestling wise to be a serious contender though. She isn’t bad in the ring but she is a bit green. It will interesting to see how this goes.

  • bromero329

    im glad brooke is getting a shot. im not mad this ends in a roll up. it doesnt make gail look weak. she got tricked and lost. unlike wwe tnans matches never end in roll ups so its nice seeing this on tna. its like brooke is winning by havin gails #and rolling up. idk if i make sense but im not mad shes won by roll up. plus she doesnt have a finisher lol .

    wwe need to take notes!

  • melon2617

    So, when WWE throws a feud aside in favour of a random contender & a roll up, it’s evil, but when TNA does it, it’s cool. Gotcha.

    Anywho, poor Velvet. Once again she gets shoved aside for a WWE castoff. It’s a shame because she’s used as “the” KO for promotional stuff but she can’t get a decent KO program & title reign because TNA needs to put another castoff front & centre.

  • KillerKing

    Two things I don’t understand:
    1) Why is everyone begging for Gail vs. Sarita? Sarita is obviously a heel right now, and it’s not like they’re gonna turn her any time soon as she’s paired with Rosita.
    2) Why are people upset that Velvet is out of the title picture? She had her rematch which she lost, so now she’s done lol.

    But anyways, I’m excited for Brooke. I think this is her chance to really prove herself. If she feuds with Gail, it could make or break her. This is her chance, and hopefully she doesn’t screw it up.

  • MattyM

    YAY #Brooke4knockoutChampion

  • EverybodyScream

    Brooke DID NOT win by roll up . She pinned Gail after a move , idk what it was .

  • sieghrt

    Anyne wanna see an Epiphany vs. Gail kim match?

    • Mikas

      I’m afraid that match would be doomed to fail. People would instantly compare it to the classic Gail/Kong feud, but Epiphany is no Kong…
      That doesnt mean it cant be a good match, but it would be overshadowed too much.

    • Kessuki

      i have no idea who epiphany is *shock/horror* but i will youtube her for the comment mikas made. i love me large women.

  • EverybodyScream

    Brooke won via Belly to Back Facebuster . Gail had the match most of the time , Brooke played the helpless girl . Gail kept wasting time talking about how Brooke was a joke instead of focusing on Brooke . Gail underestimated Brooke before letting Brooke breathe and get herself together which led to Brooke fairly pinning Gail , one leg over her head .