TNA Announces ‘Open Fight Night’

TNA announced on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling a monthly ‘Open Fight Night’ special of the show.

The Open Fight Nights will be different from regular episodes of Impact Wrestling as TNA will introduce one outside talent per month to take part in an on-air tryout called a ‘Gut Check challenge’. They’ll be judged by three TNA officials, and should they impress, will be offered a TNA contract.

Also on Open Fight Nights, any member of the roster can call out another wrestler for a match and that person must compete. TNA champions, including Gail Kim, ODB and Eric Young, must also be ready to compete as they may be forced to put their titles on the line on Open Fight Nights.

Of course, it could be interesting to see a potential non-TNA female appear on Impact Wrestling and vie for a contract. It seems that given TNA’s deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling to be their developmental territory, talents competing in the Gut Check challenges will likely come from there. OVW’s current roster includes CJ Lane, Taeler Hendrix, the Blossom Twins, Epiphany and former TNA Knockout, Sojo Bolt.

TNA has previously used non-contracted females in on-air segments during Awesome Kong’s (now Kharma in WWE) open challenges in 2008. During that period, talent including Serena Deeb, Sojo (who was later signed) and Daffney (also later signed) appeared on Impact.

Watch the announcement on last night’s show:

Which female talents would you like to see invited to compete in a Gut Check on Impact?

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    you know what, i really like this idea, it is original and creative and very interesting to see who shows up, now OVW doesnt have the best roster of women lol, but i would like to see Epiphany try out

  • darkangels

    OVW women roster will play a big part in the open fight show taeeler hindrix and the blossom twin are set to debut on the show

    • Rhawk

      Got proof of this? =-\

      • darkangels

        yess OVW is tna new development teritory and hindrex and the blossoms have got praise from ko talent like tara on how good thay are in the ring. most insiders say hindrix and the blossoms will on the impact roster at some point in the near future

        • Ed

          Not that I don’t want the Blossoms in TNA (I do), but to what insiders are you referring? Do you have a link to any of this info? Sure, most of us have seen that picture Tara tweeted with her and Hannah/Holly, but Tara doesn’t do the hiring.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Maybe this could give Melina a chance to appear :)

    • Rhawk

      Pfft please, if Melina wanted to be on TNA, she’d be champion in less than a month on main Impact TV.

      • Poison_Ivory

        And since JoMo is gonna return to WWE, I don’t think she would want to jeopardize her bf’s job.

        • Kessuki

          jomo is comin to my town in dec i cant wait. it will cost £30 to m&g him.

  • Joshi Rules

    Give Taeler Hendrix a chance! She deserves it, especially after the awful experience she had with Glow recently. :(

    • Ed

      The Blossoms are only OVW women TNA should sign. Taeler Hendrix isn’t ready for TV yet, but she might be a good candidate for a developmental deal. Speaking as someone who follows OVW, they’re the only ones that are even worth looking at. Those others need to stay off my TV screen.

    • No Holds Barred

      What happened with GLOW?

      • darkangels

        ovw women roster
        hannah&holly blossom
        josette bynum
        taeler hendrix
        brittany devore
        c.j. lane
        izza belle & jessie smothers
        taryn shay
        not the best women wrestling roster but could be a good addition to the ko’s division as a jobber to midcard division

        • Looking Glass

          ACTUALLY….Josette Bynum is in a non-wrestling role (though I’d love a Sojo Bolt return) Taryn Shay, Jessie Belle and Izza Belle Smothers have all been released and the Blossoms alongside Epiphany, C.J. Lane rarely appear (though are under contract) Cheyenne is an independent worker, who either trains at OVW or works their from time to time

        • SherriShepherdWWE

          OVW has a very sloppy womens division, i think not one of them should go to TNA,but if i have to pick one i would pick either Epiphany or the Great Cheyanne

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    The only title I’d say is ACTUALLY safe from this is the World Heavy Weight Title !

    this is just another way to screw over Sarita’s Knockouts Champion Title Shot/Regin ! I wonder who they are going to bring in to challenge Gail ? We could throw some names out there but we all know its going to be a former Wwe Talent or the same former knockouts that always come back for one match. If TNA actually brings someone NEW in I’d be surprised

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    so when is the first episode!!!!!!!, and also it will be interesing to see it go up against Smackdown on fridays

    • Ed

      The first one is this coming Thursday. No new women yet though. The first person to get a tryout is Alex Silva from OVW. Maybe next month…

  • richies88

    yes i love to see really women that can wrestle get try. But Tna treat there women like wwe all tit and ass and rarely use the talent. Look Daffney and Sojo ok not the best of wrestlers i would use them way before eve and kelly or tessmacher or velvet sorry velvet love yea especially in bp but talent as wrestlers no

  • Rhawk

    Not gonna lie, but TNA actually thought of a good idea here. Hopefully it doesn’t tank like most of their things since this is actually a good concept. It gves those down in OVW to see how they would cope on the big screen. Hopefully they will also brance out more beyond OVW and re-invite those who had pre-match tryouts, I mean having the likes of Leva Bates, Christina Von Errie (yes again), Melanie Cruise, those would be good to see.

    • Ed

      I’m crossing my fingers for Jennifer Blake. I still pissed that they didn’t sign her after her tryout.

  • JillianHallTNA

    My username says all :D

    • Rhawk

      Coming from a WWE bashist? Nice…

    • Poison_Ivory

      I just miss Jillian sooooo much on my TV. That woman generated more heat just by saying “ siiiiiing..” than the top heel Diva at the time.

      • JillianHallTNA

        yeah! :D not only she is funny, she is awesome wrestler! Watch her OVW match with Mickie James :D she did 450 Splash and win :)

  • MNM4ever

    MELINA! (although highly unlikely) I would love to see jillian in TNA
    but more realistically, sojo bolt would be great and how about rhaka khan!? lol

  • Superstar77

    I would like to see Brittney Savage and Sassy Stephie get a chance.

  • No Holds Barred

    Jennifer Blade, Taeler Hendrix, Alicia, Godfather’s Ho, Sarita.

    Canadian Ninjas, Regeneration-X, Melina&Jillian, Rachel Summerlynn and ?, Amber O’Neal and Krissy

  • velvelove

    I hope they don’t hire many girls out of this because I like the current roster and don’t want to see any of them go.

  • Mikas

    Results from the first ‘gutcheck’ : OVW wrestler Alex Silva lost in a squash match against Robbie E.

    That doesnt really look promising for the future.

  • Nostalgia

    What if the Bella twins popped up in May and challenged ODB Nd Eric Young

  • FilmJenkins

    I feel this will go the way of past TNA tournaments, including the Bound For Glory series. I’m still scratching my head about what happened to the Top 10 Ranking list.
    Call me cynical, but even though it seems like a cool new idea, the element of surprise will crumble as TNA has SPOILERS for every broadcast; throw in the already made list of wrestlers at OVW, no surprises to really keep your eyes peeled for. Overall, this challenge resonates the early seasons of NXT, a match takes place then I have to hear someone, most likely Hulk Hogan, disect the skills of the indy superstars that grace our TV screen. Those guys can wrestle, but to have Hogan lecture them , eww.
    Of course, what if someone goes over a champion, they could bury them and even the company.
    What’s good is optimally all titles and titleholders get exposure and the roster expands somehow. Plus this helps spare us all from non-sensical storylines from TNA writers.

  • Jhonmarco

    How has this woman not been mentioned in the comments yet?

    ATHENA. This girl needs to be on TV asap.

    • No Holds Barred

      remember that girl Athena from 2002 in TNA, WAY over with the crowd, fans would bring signs telling TNA to sign her, but they buried her.

      I predict the same for this Athena

      • Jhonmarco

        Agreed everywhere she goes these days, after he matches she gets standing ovations & “Athena” chants. This girl is currently red hot, especially after defeating names like Mercedes Martinez, Sassy Stephie, & Joshi talent Ray.

  • Hands.ofthe.Wicked


  • VarsityBaseDude

    Gail is too awesome to lose! I’m guessing this will be one way to have Gail lose. Surprise opponent.

  • Kessuki

    this will be great for the KO division and im excited to see who gail will go up against.

    its a smart idea which would have also been great for beth pheonix to defend her title against some real competition and help create the divas belt into a prestigious and sought after wrestling title until the return of kharma. but wwe would never do this unless it was successful with tna.

  • marcum1234

    Brooke chalangeed Gail Kim and beat her with a roll up