Bellas Comment on WWE Departure

The now former Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki — real names Brianna and Nicole Garcia — have commented on their WWE departure via Twitter.

The ladies wrote:

Bella’s have left the building… Happy ending at the Nutter center??? Well at least we finished it off! #ByeByeBellas

Meanwhile, has already launched a photo gallery looking back at the Bellas’ four years in WWE.

Bella Twins Officially Gone from WWE
The Bella Twins’ First WWE Rival Weighs in on Their WWE Departure

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  • Nostalgia

    I didn’t care at first, now it’s become surreal…

  • javiousmckenzie

    I honestly never thought Kharma would come back and attack them due to her losing the child and what all they said to her im sure she dont want to relive that or even acknowledge it

  • EveLover

    Something tells me, this is a work. Its not like every other release.

    • Choko

      What are you trying to say? You have probably not watches WWE long enough to know that every release doesn’t need to be the same.

      A lot of superstars have been fired live on television over the decades, also WWE recently fired John Morrison via. the internet when Laurinaitis did the same thing Eve did in the above video. Was that a work aswell? I don’t think so…

  • Melina&Mickie4ever!

    -_- ! Im sadden by their lost , BUT while people leap for joy we can go back to our great divas division …..what 10 second match will we get on SD. At least we have NXT not much hope but a tad but.

  • Litaker61

    Goes to show the state of the womens division when they show more personality in one tweet than they have their entire career…

    • Air-Bourne

      Says the Michelle McCool fan hahahahaha LOL.

      • TheTruth

        Are you retarded? Michelle carried the divas division since 2009. Haven’t you noticed since she left the divas division is in a big mess?

        • OwenMccool

          LITERALLY CARRIED. I only started watching and loving the divas because of michelle and layla, I even paid for PPVS and have the DVDS.

        • art

          Michelle’s “Personality” sucked in wwe she came out to nothing….

        • Air-Bourne

          @THETRUTH Where in my comment did you see me say anything about Michelle McCool’s ability? Oh yeah that’s right fucking NOWHERE. If you’re going to call me out at least justify your argument with something that actually relates to what i said and not something that randomly pops into your head. And as for calling me retarded when you brought up something that wasn’t even mentioned? That’s rich. I responded to @LITAKER61’s comment about the Bella’s having no personality when they showed more in 3 1/2 years than Michelle did in 7.

        • Crazy_J

          First of all DONT use the word retarded it makes you seem stupid and right off the bat like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          Moving on.. the reason it SEEMS McCool carried the division was because nobody else was given a chance when she was given every chance along with Layla. Laycool hurt the division it didn’t help the division and thats why we are stuck now with nobody who has a character because for 2 years we only had 2 characters and that was Laycool. with the exception of Vickie.

          So don’t even try to play Miss McCool America, because to be honest.. she was boring.. she didn’t get reactions.. she wasn’t interesting.. she’s the reason I know I quit watching for a while. I liked her the night she left.. thats about it and the only reason I liked that was because I knew Layla would get to prove she wasn’t another McCool.

          If you were the one given a storyline, mic time, and ring time to bury everyone around you then yeah you are going to look like you carried a division. now that is some real talk instead of your fantasy land where you think calling people retarded is “cool”.

    • Choko

      Michelle has 0 personality until Layla helped her.

      • TheJoJoIsCrazy

        Mm. Let me see how I phrase this. Because this part of the thread has run on into a completely different context. Let me start with
        I’m not a fan of the Bella’s wrestling skills. I thought they were better starting than finishing. Their characters were their skill set. I have to remove any opinions with their perosnal lives out because they haven’t exposed much to me, really. I don’t understand the need you have to bash them especially in a forum that’s open to those who apperciated them. The article wasn’t open to judgement of their capability or their person but a simple regard to them for what they gave and a happy farewell. If you disliked them so much you could’ve taken it to some format where expressing dislike for them was appropriate. Opinions are warranted yes, when appropriately applied. In general people hide behind the ” I speak my mind, tell it like it is becuase I am opinionated” attitude falsely think it rights them to speak rudely of others and in the places where that person, place or thing is supported.
        I appreciate and sometimes share your opinion on the Bella’s ( bringing my point back to you) but this, to me, was not the appropriate place to do it. Peace and Love, Man.

  • Nostalgia

    Well Cameron and Naomi transition into wrestling roles to fill the void??? Or will they call up new divas?…

    • lbthewrestlingnerd

      Hopefully they let Naomi wrestle and keep Cameron as far away from wrestling as possible

      • Choko

        How will Cameron be able to integrate herself as a wrestler if they keep her as far away from wrestling as possible?

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    Cry me a river >_>

    They don’t care about wrestling, they’ll just go back to being models or whatever.

    • Kaledrina

      you sound so bitter and i don’t get it :s

      • Air-Bourne

        She’s a troll. Simple as.

      • lbthewrestlingnerd

        I’m bitter because they’re so horrible in the ring and don’t care about wrestling- they’re a disgrace to the wrestling business

        I’m not a troll by the way, I just care about wrestling :)

        • melon2617

          I wouldn’t say that they don’t care and that’s unfair to claim that. They have been in the company for four years and Nikki showed more pride in becoming the Divas Champ for six days than any other Diva I’ve ever seen. She took that belt everywhere she went.

          Maybe Brie wanted to move on. Maybe they both wanted a break from the road. 300 days a year is a lot to be away from home. The Garcia clan seems like a tight knit bunch and maybe they just want to enjoy their lives.

          I don’t know them, maybe I’m way off but you don’t either. These women have to love what they do in order to work this schedule for years and years, regardless of how they got their breaks.

        • xAJLeeNerdx

          How do you know that they don’t care about wrestling? Is it a proven fact? Did The Bellas state that they don’t care about wrestling? NO. Just because they had no wrestling background before they got signed by the WWE doesn’t mean that they “don’t care” about wrestling

        • lbthewrestlingnerd

          Listen, I don’t give a flying flip where the women come from, although experience would be preferred, if they can wrestle. Women like Naomi with dancing backgrounds, they’re cool. Women outside of WWE like Hikaru Shida with acting backgrounds, they’re cool. Etc. Because they can put on matches that are watchable, even good matches.

          If you don’t improve, you don’t care. If it’s impossible for you to improve for some reason and you care, you’d quit soon for the sake of the business.

        • melon2617

          Again, that’s not necessarily true. Some people LOVE math class, but they struggle with it. That’s not to say that they don’t love it, but maybe it’s just hard for them.

          You don’t dedicate your life to your craft for something you don’t give a crap about and to say, you quit for the sake of the business is silly. Every wrestler or Diva says that the rush of the crowd, of the lights, of just being in the ring is addictive. Women like the Bellas and K2 (who are praised by their peers for their dedication and determination) work 300 days a year and put their bodies on the line to entertain us, they wouldn’t do that for just a paycheque.

          I have found several matches with the twins and K2 to be entertaining, but they get no credit. It’s always “blank carried them”. Well, I don’t believe it was all their opponent’s doing.

          What about guys like Flair, Hogan, et al. who just don’t hang it up and end up detracting from the business? Do they not love it either? They’ve stayed too long and their performances are subpar. Are you going to come down on them too?

        • lbthewrestlingnerd

          They’re not dedicating their life to their craft. If they were, they wouldn’t be horrible. See Naomi and Layla, they’re proof women with no wrestling experience can become pretty decent wrestlers. If you care, then you try to improve. If you REALLY care, they would have gotten into wrestling before WWE.

          People that keep wrestling too long, it makes me sad, but I still respect them more than divas, bodybuilders, etc. if they were talented in the first place. Even more respect for wrestlers who hang it up when they know they should even if they have to quit early due to injury.

    • Lily


      Wow, you’re very open about your opinion even if it’s rude or not. I like opinionated people (:

      • lbthewrestlingnerd

        Yep. I’m a no holds barred type of woman, I tell it like it is, I don’t hold my views back. Thanks. :)

    • cutymania

      && you know this for a fact?? bumping on your back/head/neck day in and day out, dealin with politics, working a grueling schedule etc was all just for fun? your so full of it. Trish Stratus, Michelle McCool, Victoria? They had wrestling backgrounds too? their passion and dedication was all an act too right, they didn’t really care…smh… Your logic is so flawed it aint even funny. When they were signed they couldve easily declined, but they didn’t, they went through training and did the best they could in an already limited division.

      @MELON2617 – agreed 100%. I don’t see how people can sit there and say with confidence, that such and such don’t care. Don’t know if you know this LBTHEWRESTLINGNERD, but the wrestling “business” is a pretty f’d up “business” to get into, let alone perform for 4 years in the #1 wrestling company in the world. Don’t know The Bella Twins personally, but at least I’m not gonna judge them or make assumptions about whether they do or do not care about risking serious injury every time they compete in the ring.

      • melon2617

        Except in the case of the Bella’s, they did. They used social networking to improve their characters, trained constantly, etc. You don’t know who is dedicated & who isn’t. For all you know, Naomi is in it for the pay cheque thrilled to death with her funkettes gig because she’s not wrestling. For all you know Layla is the honey badger & she don’t give a crap. Considering that other superstars congratulated K2, Beth, & Nikki on recent title runs & only JR congratulated Layla, an argument could be made that the other wrestlers don’t care for Layla or her “passion.” (I’m not saying that’s how it is, just speculating)

        We don’t know what happened with the twins either. Maybe creative had nothing for them for so long that they took their leave. The fact that it’s open ended enough for them to return to tangle with Eve makes me think that we don’t know the whole story.

  • Flybytre

    bye bye Bellas I’ll Miss Them Both

  • Isobel Lynette

    I’m going to have a nervous breakdown. :(

    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

      hahahaha. this made me laugh so much, good call.

    • Lily

      LOL i should not be laughing at people having nervous breakdowns.


    It really is is going to be weird without them…no more ‘double trouble’ or ‘twin magic’. It’s weird how you can go from hating someone, then when they leave you wish they were still around. :(

  • DIVAsupporter

    I remember when I couldnt wait for them to leave till they turned heel.. Gonna miss them

  • nitesaver


    They said they werent leaving three weeks ago. People were going crazy at this site for reporting this three weeks ago.

  • mikeparis18

    And Rosa is still here lmfao, love it

    • DivaDerby

      Seriously, why? lol She can wiggle, but so can just about anyone.

      • art

        Rosa isn’t leaving wwe on her own terms like the bellas are…

      • majestylove

        Rosa is a manager today…. And that enought.

  • DivaDerby

    Now that it seems official, I kinda do feel like I’ll miss em’ a little. But, I missed Melina more and Mickie. If this means I’ll get to see some FCW girls or Naomi wrestle, I don’t mind them leaving.

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    Some ppl on this sight r so fucking rude it’s not even funny. I for one think the Bella’s were great wrestlers. They put in some very good matches. Like them vs Jillian and Alici/Katie/Maryse. I think thee PPV match with Kelly was all right. They obviously r passionet about what they were doing other wise they wouldn’t of wasted their time. Ppl act like they personally know the Bella’s. Get over ur self. I will personally miss them VERY much. I remember seeing then for the first time down in FCW an I could not WAIT untill they were move up to the main roster. Now their gone and it makes me sad. I guess I will always have their mathes on u tube.

  • TJÉ TC

    They left just when I saw that their in ring skills got better, especially Nikki’s last matches. I hope that they’re happy!

    • Raekon

      They already had these skills and they had proved it in their time as faces.
      Unfortunately they weren’t allowed to use them after the turn heel because they had to mostly job to kelly and the likes.

  • Bhentoooot

    its because they opted not to resign and WWE is just making it like they fire them so this is how they react.

  • OwenMccool

    what do they mean by nutter centre? is that a diss towards the company?

    • Marlon Eric

      The Nutter Centre is the stadium where RAW was held I’m sure.

  • Marlon Eric

    Now, with the Bellas gone, the only sister act in WWE is Alicia Fox/Caylee Turner. Hmmm……..Just sayin’.

  • foxlive

    i will miss the bella’s ;(

    wwe loss all the good divas dams

  • art

    The bellas were better wrestlers as faces but as heels it was hard to get behind them besides on nxt…..i do wish them the best & maybe even a wwe return in time…

  • Choko

    I hope Kelly is the next one to get the boot.

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      Allready the diva’s division is looking better :)

      Imagine if Paige & Sofia get called up? They would have Beth, Nattie, Kharma, Layla, AJ, Eve, Tamina, Naomi, Paige & Sofia.

      Keep the likes of Kelly, Alicia, Rosa, Kaitlyn, Cameron & Aksana out of the ring.

      Better still release Kelly, Alicia, Rosa, Kaitlyn & Aksana. Keep Cameron as Naomi’s manager ;)

      • velvelove

        There is nothing wrong with Alicia
        She has never had a chance outside of superstars to have decent matches!

      • Kessuki

        Aksana looks great as a valet I think they should keep her. Her wrestling aint too bad either from what I saw of her in fcw and she seems like a quicklearner. You have to remember the golden era was great because it had a mix of divas not just the ones that could wrestle. And I would love to see britani knight called up soon

    • Jhonmarco

      Yet you accused someone on another topic of being mature. Classy aren’t you, Choko?

      • Choko well, that comment wasn’t written by me. I borrowed my phone to my brother and he wrote that. I personally has nothing against Kelly that makes me want her to get the boot.

    • TehKardashianKing

      Kelly Kelly will NEVER get the boot because she’s the top face of the WWE. Well, if they’re trying to make Layla the top face now, then she can be the 2nd top face. Not sure ’bout my girl, AJ…. I’m not even sure if she’s still face or turning heel.

      • Air-Bourne

        I wouldn’t be to sure about that. Mickie James and Melina were also the poster girls for the Diva’s division at one point. Although Kelly is still young so she has that on her side in terms of probably having a lengthier career than most Diva’s.

  • jonboi

    i do not blame the girls for there lack of skills its the wwe who have become complacent when it comes to the womans division and if the wwe cared the girls im sure would be only to happy to up their game that way they could get rid of the divas who can not improve and push the ones that can. i have always thought the bellas were good inring but not good enough to hold the title along with a few others but i wish them well in there future endevours lol

    • xJonFer12494x

      ^ agreed

  • bromero329

    illl misss the bellas. honestly. once eve, beth,natalya, kharma are gone, ill be done with the division. idc for any of the fcw girls.

  • Crazy_J

    Goodbye Bella’s.. I won’t miss you. And now I sit and wait for the next idiot to call me names and act like I took their sucker away.