Impact Wrestling Spoilers: May 3rd, 2012

Spoilers for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling:

Brooke Tessmacher & Velvet Sky def. Gail Kim & Madison Rayne.


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  • Choko

    I want Velvet out of the spotlight.

    • kessa

      so do i, tara should be the tag partner.

  • Air-Bourne

    If Brooke pinned Gail again i will kill somebody.

    • jen07201


      • Air-Bourne

        Because Gail has been dominating Veterans and the company’s top Knockout’s since she returned and all of a sudden she is losing to a rookie who has not been built up as a credible threat in any way shape or form. Don’t get me wrong i love Brooke and i think she has improved a great deal but at this point in her career she should not be receiving a KO title match. The girl has barely been on tv for the last 6 months and she had never won a singles match up until last week, it’s just bad booking on TNA’s part. If they built her up by putting her into mini feuds with the other Knockout’s it would be understandable but they just randomly decided to throw her in with the big dogs.

        • redsandman99

          I totally get your point. I think if Brooke should have been built up a little bit more since she’s really not a proven singles star or has even been on TV for months before this. As fresh as a Gail/Brooke feud is, it could have been better handled.

        • Marlon Eric

          I agree. And I hope some of the fans won’t turn on Brooke because of this. I know more times in the past, with both Knockouts and Divas – if a rookie is forced down the viewer’s throats or win these high-profile matches without steady momentum, people will turn on em.

          Brooke is a good Knockout, but she really should be sort of a jobber. Not getting squashed so much, but losing the majority of her matches, showing steady improvement and winning every so often until she improves.

      • VarsityBaseDude

        Totally agree.

        • fragile

          great posts air bourne/redsandman99/marlon eric. :)

          but do you think it’s more believable since brook has been off tv for awhile (maybe we’re to think she’s been training like crazy) and was part of the knockout tag champs ??

          anyway, i know does seems sort of from nowhere.but from nowhere stuff does happen in sports and in life in i’m not ready to write this off or wish ill on this yet. definitely keeping an eye on this.

          the from nowhere slant is sort of cool/ and it does give gail a built in excuse for the loses.gail seems to be getting taken down from someone she didn’t even have on her radar.and this happens after she thought she went through the division.that does seem like something that could happen…especially considering how cocky gail came across during their match last week.

          not gonna write this off as bad/poor booking yet.i think this has potential.

          however, i’m not gonna argue if whomever thinks someone else should have this opportunity.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    I wish someone reported more deataled spoilers but yes, Velvet and Brooke won, but tonight taping I hope We see Angelina!!

    • Raekon

      Angelina might be still involved in the tapings of the next season of Ring Ka King since she married the indian hornswoogle there after she had another match and small feud with Raisha, a mixed Tag match and a triple threat vs Raisha and Alisha. x_X

  • kessa

    was hoping for some Tara or Mickie. reckon its madison that gets pinned.

  • Kaledrina

    liking the consistency of the feud so far but i am a bit bored of seeing the same faces too often. at this stage i wouldn’t mind a pointless heel vs heel match (say, rosita vs winter) just to see something different

  • VarsityBaseDude

    I don’t want Brooke to pin Gail. The more she does the more Brooke is starting to suck. Why not have her built up by beating some other girls until we get the eventual match between them. If Gail loses to Brooke in the near future though, the KO could be in trouble. I don’t think Brooke is ready to be champ. Give her a few more months. If Velvet had to wait, then why not Brooke.

  • Nostalgia

    I get what they’re doing. Gail has beaten all of the top knockouts and has gotten over confident. they’re showing Brooke as a hungry up and coming knockout who’s hungry for gold. I think she’ll get her ppv title match but Gail will retain

    • fragile

      we’re thinking alike. :)

  • adifferentsame

    I think I’d be more inclined to switch up the psychology and have Gail, the threatened champion, distract her challengers by playing them off against each other. After all, both Velvet and Brooke have made designs on becoming the next Knockouts Champion; it would be logical if dissension developed between Velvet and Brooke.