Diva Dirt TV: A Look at Layla’s WWE Return

Layla is back and she’s now the Divas Champion.

Diva Dirt TV takes a look at Layla’s return to WWE this past weekend:

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  • OwenMccool

    lover herrrr :)

    • OwenMccool

      also this guy is hot LOL

  • Prescott

    Oh, the humanity. Having to put this over instead of talk about the non-return of Kharma, who was being chanted for (in the DIVAS DIVISION!? Are you Serious Bro!?). I feel your pain. Even when the Divas have the tiniest TV window, even when they have probably two or three of the very best female wrestlers that exist, even when they have two rare generational talents in both Beth and Kong, even when they have a bevy of cookie-cutter model-athletes that work for sacrificial fodder to perfectly build it up, even when Twitter went ballistic thinking Kharma would get her ideal, well-timed, even perfectly-named revenge on the Bellas as a perfect return, even when any respectable commenter on female wrestling would’ve booked it had they had the book, even when Beth/Kong has been asked for since God-knows-when, even though we know they’ll dick it up due to small time-windows and backstage politics anyway, they STILL DON’T DO IT.

    So we can get… Layla in a knee brace! Going over fast! As a babyface somehow! And I’ve been a Team Flawless supporter in the past, too, since they rebounded from painfully ruining Mickie to being pro w/ Nattie, pro w/ Beth and several others in their run. *I* held back from calling them TBP ripoffs. I called MM one of the very best of the moment because she had come so far. Now to see this? They knew there was no way to give Layla a glory run if they pulled the “It-Books-Itself” buildup to Beth-Kong. 8 out of 10 people on this site, given a notepad, markers and 10 minutes, could’ve done better than WWE will likely do (on purpose).

    So instead of even that, they just keep Kharma on the shelf, put Beth there too, and give us the reverse. The reverse of what both of those rare-generational talents stand for..the reverse of what most womens’ fans want. OK hate me, sure, been there..still its the truth, bottom line. Yes, I know trying to get WWE to book reasonably is like trying to get Brodus to sell or the Funkadancers to remotely dance in rhythm. I know pointing out the truth makes you a “whiner” or “hater” or w/e. Too bad. Truth begs to be communicated that much because the business isn’t in ANY shape to grow under Vince’s spoon-fed crapola and his signature political decision-making.

    Now I welcome back Layla, sure, at the same time, they needed to expand the Diva time window, have her at her “Flawless heel” trash-talking best, feud her with Kelly on the Diva midcard for 3-4 months, and do a full-out, long-planning, crazy build with Beth as the face hoping to finally overcome the odds and beat Kong. That’d actually spike buyrate from the Divas (for once), generate buzz (for once), put Beth over, for Summerslam and give you a few PPVs before that too. Also it makes Kong so big that when they transition her to feuding with a Kelly, a face Layla, whoever (a big newcomer angle?), that face gets massive heat transfer and looks great. Kong is super pro and knows how to subtle sell it to eventually (keyword: slowly, making you want it…) put them over. This comeback is embarassing and risks putting Layla in with Sheamus as “force fed champs the people will chant down.” Good luck, sound guy.

    • Jhonmarco

      This long ass comment for Layla’s return? lololololololololol

      • javiousmckenzie

        @JHONMARCO This long as comment you took the time to read

        • http://twitter.com/sulkingbeauty adifferentsame

          Actually, from an editorial standpoint, I found Precott’s comment a more compelling piece than the article itself.

        • Jhonmarco

          I didn’t, I scrolled down & noticed it.

          And let me fix that *This long ass comment*

      • Jhonmarco

        Adifferentsame, fair enough. Just seemed odd to leave an extensive 4 paragraph comment over a return.

        • http://twitter.com/sulkingbeauty adifferentsame

          I interpreted his comment as a reflection of the direction of the division, or more or less, the things that are wrong with it, but I guess I’d rather hear intelligent longwinded views than diatribe!

          Different folks, different strokes, though. :)

        • Jhonmarco

          Looking back at my comment, it kinda came off catty. Apologies to Prescott!

          :( ugh RV. I totally wish I didn’t screw my membership up there. </3 *sigh*

        • dunk20

          The same way you are screwing it here.

        • Jhonmarco

          Not really. I screwed up the way I handled myself with JillianHallTNA & the Lita fans, but everything else I’ve done fine. This is rich coming from you Dunk. At least I’m willing to admit my errors, while you like to call people out for things you yourself are gulity of.

        • Choko

          Since when has it been illegal to write a long comment? you need to calm down your cattyness.

      • josh101

        I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw that long ass story about nothing. Lol

    • Raekon

      Thanks for the read Prescott!
      Well written and on point.
      I feel totally the same and I had wrote it in the other layla threads already.:(

      • dunk20

        Johnmarco theres clearly a difference between what we do. You pick up on everybody and oonly bitch on people with different opinions, while I only pick on with people who pick on others. As i clealry respect fans who respect the divas. And this is a diva site afterall.

        Great comment by Prescott! Really on point.

        • Jhonmarco

          Everybody? Actually I don’t. I can remember mutiple times where you just came off as a troll. Who have I picked on because they had a different opinion? If I argue with someone it’s due to how they present their opinion. Aren’t you the same person who defended a user for using the term “fag”? Yeah, enough said there.

        • Raekon

          @JohnMarco you picked on me several times only because I had a different point of you or opinion and the selfish behaviour you showed several times made me just to ignore you since there was no point to argue with someone who writes and acts like that anymore.

          The only reason I’m replying to you this time is to give you the confirmation that there are indeed people on these site you picked on and I’m definately not the only one.


        • Jhonmarco

          I’ve picked on you? When?

          If you’re talking about our arguements over Rosa & Kelly, those are debates, not me picking on your different opinion. People need to realize the difference.

  • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

    i was expecting dirty comments about Jake.. i guess is too soon xD

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    jake doing laycools entrance turn almost killed me with lol’ing so hard lol..

  • KillerKing

    I reeeeeally can’t stand the way he cocks his head every three seconds when he talks. Lol it sounds kinda nit picky, but it actually distracts me from what he’s talking about every time he’s on camera.

    But as far as Layla goes, it was exciting at first but it kinda seems like they’re still going down this whole 2 minute matches route, so my excitement has died down very quickly. I’ve moved on from Layla completely and just want Kharma to come back lol.

  • Kris

    Omg Jake iz so cute when he does hiz layla taunts XD <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/osuchuckie knockoutdivafan930

    Damn Jake is sexy! Can he do one shirtless!

    • Xotchtl

      iSecond that motion!

      • TibarnEl

        Now THAT would be #flawless ;)

  • Crazy_J

    I am happy for Layla that she is back and obviously getting pushed, but I still think they did her wrong because she would’ve gotten a bigger reaction had they not brought her back in Chicago and when everyone expected Kharma.. it just isn’t fair to Layla if you ask me. But good luck to her :)

  • mandoceleb

    Jake, I am so glad that you are gay! <3!

    • Xotchtl

      He is? From his previous videos I would have had guessed he was straight.

      • mandoceleb

        Oops, guess your dreams just got shut down!

        • Kessuki

          LOL!!! u may still be wrong but yh that whole flawless turnaround gave it away. back off mandoceleb hes miiiiiiiiine. ;)

  • Xotchtl

    Am I the only watches the videos because of him? Lol

    • http://sickreasonstobebeautiful.tumblr.com/ no rain

      you’re not alone xD lol

  • IRuleMe

    I think this is Layla’s last shot. She’s back, they put the belt on her, she wasn’t getting a reaction before she got hurt, and she didn’t get a reaction at Extreme Rules (how can you not get a reaction in Chicago?)… Layla’s just not over. She didn’t get a good reaction Monday. I think this is WWE giving her one last chance but I don’t see it working out. I don’t see her hold the title two months from now.

    • Raekon

      It’s because they did it the wrong way.
      She only turned face in her last match before she got crushed by kharma and left for a year.

      They should had build her up a bit first before they attempt a title run but no… they had to force it so people neither had the time to care nor a reason to since they all waited for someone else to appear.

    • SigmaX

      She did get a pop in chicago and got a bit welcome back chant and yea the Kharma chants kicked in not longer after…but also those Kharma chants did not last as Layla started showing off her moveset those chants stopped..and that is saying something because those chants could have been obscenely loud and continued for the entire match as it was Chicago after all.

      And she got better pop on Monday especially after she drop kicked and pinned the bella.

      I am baffled by the impatience of diva fans and trying at every single turn to downplay Layla upon her return..to repeat it has not been a gawd damn week yet and diva fans are all up in arms.

      I will agree though I did wish she got a build to her return ..but regardless as a Layla fan it is par the course with her , she and this is very notable especially when it comes to the Laycool stint Layla gets saddled with very little but yet ends up doin better than anyone expects her to , and this will be no different IMO.

      But now with the Bellas out of the way Raw is lookin rather intiguiging for my flawless queen.

      • Raekon

        I didn’t downgraded Layla by any means and if you had saw my past and present postings about her you would see that I actually love her.

        All I stated was that WWE did it the wrong way once again and left out the number one contendership by throwing her randomly into the title even she actually didn’t “deserve” it rosterwise since she was absent and has fallen into the limbo on the ladder.

        The only thing that made it a bit bearable was that Eve was involved so people can tell “she screwed up” by throwing Layla into the title by skipping others.

        I’m happy she is back but at the same time I disliked the way they immediately throwed her into the title with not build up at all.

        Sure, the Bellas had no more time since they were leaving at monday but they could had let a other diva (Alicia or Tamina?) grab the title for a week or so, let Layla make a special appearance, start a feud and give layla the title after.

        • Crazy_J

          I halfway agree with you. I do think the WWE brought Layla back completely wrong time and place. Now that the Bella’s(whom she beat for the title) are gone.. we are left with… no feud. I think the WWE see’s Kharma as a big impact on the diva division and they are right but we know whe WWE puts all their eggs in one basket it never turns out good. All they are going to have is a diva division that gets buried by Kharma and she’s the only one that will get a reaction UNLESS they make her a heel which I find hard for them to make her heel or face because people will cheer for her and boo for her no matter what they do. Back to Layla though.. if they were going to have her win the title then they should have let the Bella’s win it a little earlier so that Layla could’ve had more buildup with them and WWE should’ve made it a little more known Kharma wasn’t coming back. Layla kinda got thrown under the bus as soon as her music hit and not Kharma’s. WWE never really centered the diva division around ONE diva before so I don’t get why they are trying to do it now-a-days. Don’t they realize it’s rather boring and leaves everyone else characterless.. didn’t they learn from Laycool. If someone says I’m wrong because they centered it around Lita or Trish before I don’t buy that because during their time there were several diva’s with a character and thats why we got into it so much. Now it’s like we get a month feud just so the title can change hands and it doesn’t mean anything because we are buying time for a new diva or a return just so they can be champ for a month and then onto the next big thing. I like Layla I just feel that she’s holding the belt just “for now”.. it isn’t exciting and it should have been. We’ve yet to see her do any new moves that she’s done in FCW. She’s already done the famous roll up… we need someone who realizes thats a problem writing.

          I think they also could’ve just vacated the title and had a tournament for the belt and when it was down to 2 diva’s, then Layla’s music should’ve hit and made it a 3 way match. That would’ve had a bigger wow factor considering we all pretty much knew the Bella’s were leaving it was obvious they were going to lose the belt so nobody really cared.

  • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

    Mmm Jake is so damn fine!! He has to do one of these videos shirtless ;)

    I’m happy for Layla & have always been a huge supporter of Layla :)

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    Jake is sexy, jeez. But I’m glad Lay’s back. And whats with all the “she didn’t get a pop”? From what I could hear at both ER and Raw she got some pretty decent pops. That’s good considering she lost all her steam from the win over McCool due to the injury. I just hope the WWE invests in her and her title reign.

  • bromero329

    jake is sexy. however i agree when he twerks his head every 3 seconds its like lmao wth. and if he is gay than YAY :D hes hot. however i hope he isnt one of those fem guys lol

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