TNA Sacrifice Discussion Post

TNA presents Sacrifice live on pay per view tonight.

Discuss the show in the comments!

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  • Choko

    I don’t even know who I should root for. lol

    • Choko

      Oh well, go Gail Kim!!

  • Ouellet

    Gooooooo Brooke!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarknessRuler

    Pumped up crowd tonight. I hope the Knockouts match get some good reaction. I bet some ass shaking will surely pump this crowd haha

  • Brandz785

    Awesome match so far !

  • Brandz785

    Brooke needs to stop copying Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat -.-



  • DarknessRuler

    That was an awesome match. Damn Gail went all the way to the third rope for that dirty pin

  • clintocki

    Phew! She cheated, but thank gosh, Gail retained. Next challenger please! :D

  • TaraFan19

    Gail Kim for longest reigning Knockouts Champ please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kessuki

      id like that. but she needs to turn into a face champion.

    • Kaledrina

      there’s only a week until that happens, right? so unless she drops it on impact at tomorrow’s tapings (which i don’t see happening), she’ll definitely be the longest ever.

  • Kessuki

    whooooo!!! i was hoping gail retained. :) just tuned in to see her get the pin with foot on top rope. whatever helps her win i guess.

  • FrankNFurter

    OMG, that match was GREAT! I had my doubts going into the match, but it was damn good. I love Brooke and Gail, let’s keep this feud going. The crowd was totally hot the entire match too. I need someone to upload this on YT NOW!

  • Brandz785

    I have a feeling that there’s gonna be a 3 way at the next PPV between Gail, Velvet and Brooke. Since Velvet was cheated out of the title 2 already and Brooke got cheated tonight (: Omg can’t wait :D

    • Choko

      that is on TNA this week my Malosa.

  • Kaledrina

    loved it.

  • GailKim95

    Brooke did amazingly!!! Gail was great as always too. I hope that this feud continues on because this match was great and the crowd was into it and full of moments when i legit thought Brooke was gonna get the win. But i hope we get to see round 2 at Slammiversary!!!