WSU Announces Company Has Been Sold

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) announced late last night that the company has been sold.

A brief line in a press release reads:

WSU is in the process of changing ownership. The sale will not affect any purchases or upcoming events. We will have a press release once the sale is signed.

The current owner is Sean McCaffrey, previously known for running the website Declaration of Independents.

WSU has been a major part of the resurgence of women’s wrestling in North America over the past few years on an independent level, particularly in the past two years. Since 2010 the company has reached new highs, improving its product and expanding — successfully, it should be added — into the Internet pay per view market. Additionally, WSU runs shows much more regularly than other independent female companies, providing many wrestlers paydays. One has to wonder how a potential sale will impact the  company’s recent strides.

Diva Dirt has reached out to WSU for comment.

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i wonder who bought it!!!!!’ maybe the WWE lol, hight doubt that

    • KaitlynLover<3

      looool keep dreaming xD

    • Raekon

      I REALLY hope it’s not the wwe or more than half of the roster would be getting fired because they wouldn’t be “girlie” enough or because they wouldn’t pass as models bodywise. -_-

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    Damn, that’s suprising. They need to make some MAJOR changes though.
    -New physical belts would be pretty nice, they look like toys now.
    -Better roster (get rid of some and then add some). There are women in WSU who are HORRIBLE and need to leave.
    -Improved local advertisement. They need to get the word out more, bring in some more fans, new fans.
    -Improved graphics. Some of the graphics/DVD covers etc. look trashy. Maybe get some FCW style photoshoots for wrestler pictures.
    -NO MEN. I don’t care if it’s a bisexual/homosexual, crossdresser, or transgender man, it’s WOMEN Superstars Uncensored. Leave the men out of the promotion.
    -Cut it out with the lackluster booking. Stop booking the same matches over and over, stop making stupid decisions (ending Jessicka’s streak, casket match, etc)
    (by the way, NWS sucks. They should try promoting with someone else.)

    I really hope that it’s a good owner

    • LadyGoDiva

      I love WSU and everything they do for womens wrestling. But after the backlash from the J-Cup tourmenant I wouldn’t mind any changes from the company.

    • bxradimus

      I agree with basically all of this.

      Everytime I try to watch WSU, I’m pretty disappointed. They’ll have a couple decent matches, but for the most part, the shows are just bad IMO.

      There are A LOT of girls who don’t seem to even know what wrestling is. And having Rick Cataldo on the roster…wtf? First of all, it’s a women’s promotion. Second of all, the guy is AWFUL in the ring.

      The production is usually pretty bad. And it seems the commentators don’t always really know who the people in the ring are. It just seems like an overall unprofessional company.

      I’d like to see it succeed, of course, because that would mean getting to see more great women’s products (like SHIMMER and NCW Femme Fatales). So hopefully whoever bought it makes WSU a promotion worth watching.

    • Jhonmarco


      I like WSU & their main event scene is very strong but everything else is messy.

      They need to trim some of the fat off the roster like Jana, Jennifer Cruz, Becky Bayless etc. There are some homegrown talent who are impressive like Latasha & Lexxus & the Belle Saints.

      I honestly think they need to do something to get more fans because having a crowd of 100 after running shows for 5 years is BAD.

      The company is something unique, they just need to get it together. Talent wise, booking wise, & advetising wise.

  • Josue

    I really hope this doesn’t mean a change in location. Its about a ten minute drive for me and would hate not being able to attend anymore live events.

  • ShimmerSupport211

    never watched wsu, always watched shimmer. but i’ve heard of this company

  • Mikas

    This can only be positive for WSU, Sean McCaffrey and his DOI site arent very populair on the internet (google: McCaffrey ROH Feinstein). There are a lot of websites that ignore WSU whenever they do a show, they dont even announce the results of the show all because of him (his DOI site has spread a lot of hate in the past).

    But i do think he has done a good job with WSU. The first few years were terrible (only slightly better than DWOW/WEW), but since 2010 they were very impressive. I hope the new owner will continue on that path.

  • elsimate

    Attention seeking promotion does worked sale angle