Ashley Massaro, Melina Reveal Their WrestleMania Match Almost Didn’t Happen

Former WWE Divas Ashley Massaro and Melina, who were reunited on last night’s episode of AfterBuzz TV’s Raw After Show, revealed on the program that their WrestleMania match for the Women’s Championship in 2007 almost didn’t happen.

Melina tells her fellow co-hosts, including former Divas Maria Kanellis and Jillian Hall, as well as former TNA star Becky Bayless, that they were almost scrapped while WrestleMania 23 was ongoing, despite the match being previously advertised.

The former five-time champion, who was in her first run as Women’s Champion at the time, was due to defend against Massaro, the then-Playboy covergirl, in a Lumberjill Match.

“We were not going to be on the card at all, but at the last minute [they said], ‘Here we can squeeze you in’,” Melina recalls.

The former Divas say they were waiting in the gorilla position (the area backstage nearest to the entrance way) waiting to find out if they were going to be able to compete.

The match did happen in the end with Melina retaining the Women’s Title.

Ashley also reveals that she broke her foot a week before the match.

The Ashley vs Melina match marks the last time the Divas competed in a singles match or a title match at WrestleMania.

Watch the match below:

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  • Thaila

    You can’t tell that match was ‘squeezed’ in at all…

  • xxQOXxx

    To be far. I’d prefer they’d left it of the card.

    • DAFereldan91

      ^ This. The match was disastrous.

    • norisclouds

      lol yea…I was thinking the same thing. Ashley was terrible.

  • shameronstar

    Oh no, this match is one of the major catastrophic events that nearly killed the divas division!

  • lucky1now

    i wonder if wwe knew the match would be so bad thats why they were willing to cut it

  • Piggie James

    Well it was WWE’s own stupid idea to have this match in the first place (not to mention hire models and not even give some of them proper training).

    But to be honest I’d rather have these bad 1v1 matches at Wrestlemania fighting for the title, than the lame celebrity burying the top heel and doing nothing to help build the division matches we’ve had in the past two years.

  • MattyM


  • BTylerHenderson

    The match was pretty bad, but now we have a reason. Ashley was working with a broken foot and the Divas didn’t even know if the match was going to even happen. I actually commend Ashley (who still wasn’t as experienced as she should’ve been) for even wanting to go through with the match with a injury and Melina being able to try and carry her. Now as far as Divas being involved with WrestleMania in general, they’ve had ample opportunities to have two Divas matches on the card: a title match and your eye candy/special attraction match. They had two Divas matches at WM 20 (Molly vs. Victoria and Playboy Evening Gown Match) and WM 22 (Trish vs. Mickie and Playboy Pillow Fight) so I see no reason why they couldn’t stick with that.

    I think that WWE needs to incorporate that again and let the Divas Championship be defended at WrestleMania because it makes no sense to have a title be defended at all these other PPVs throughout the year except the main one the company looks forward to. It just defeats the purpose of having a title to be honest with you. Just sayin, my opinion.

    • Jcott3

      The only reason there were 2 women’s matches at WrestleMania 20 was because Molly volunteered to get her head shaved. Vince’s original plan was to just have the Playboy Evening Gown Match (Sable & Torrie vs. Stacy & Jackie).

  • bxradimus

    I WISH that match wouldn’t have happened.

    Two of the worst in-ring competitors ever.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      melina was a great competitor so whatever asshole.

  • art

    This match was awful…even thou ashley was terriful you can tell this match is last minute & rushed…i don’t know why wwe would promote a match then almost cut it from the show….

  • Kessuki

    the match wasn’t great and neither diva was my fave but melina wasn’t too bad at this moment in time. there were divas capable of giving melina a good match surrounding the ring so why didnt they pull injured foot ashley from the match and replace her with a fit diva. lol its wwe’s own fault for the poor match this was – bad booking.

  • Ryan

    Love Ashley! She wasnt a wrestler but damn she didnt mind getting down in the ring!! I miss that kind of love for wrestling from divas…Mind U I also feel wwe fucked up with Ashley..they put her on the road not once I assume did they let her put on some decent training aside from what Trish Stratus Mickie James Victoria McCool n Jillian coached her on.
    Kristal Marshal was too legit bro! So was Mickie James n trinity!

    Match itself was NOT terrible and awful like pple described it….come on now
    Ashley was impressed with her for taking bumps like she did!! I didnt like Melina in this time..thought she was a self centered bitch haha and was always happy to see Mickie James kick her ass
    But Melina rocked here watching her and Ash work a match with Ashley n a broken foot forgot how injury prone she was lol
    And Ashley amped up her game too glad she stepped up because she was VERY slow in the ring and she learned to hustle more in the ring! Congrats Ash n Melina u chicks rock

    and yeah Ash looks different now lol..and Jillian Bleh..this chick looks strange
    Maria always as beautiful tho! Hot girls rock!!

  • Jcott3

    I had stopped watching wrestling by this point so I apologize for my ignorance, but why wasn’t Mickie James in this match? Mickie was “The Chosen One” to replace Trish and Lita, so where is she? I can understand them wanting to give Ashley a shot (Vince LOVES cross-promotion), but with “The Punk Princess’ injured AND not being that good a wrestler, making it a triple-threat match would have taken the pressure off of her.

    • Kessuki

      i pretty much stopped when lita left but i remember someone telling me mickie was supposed to face melina but got injured so as the next top face of the divas, ashley was drafted in.

    • melon2617

      Mickie had dropped the title to Melina and almost instantly there was a feud brewing between these two. I assume it’s because Mickie and Ashley had feuded a year earlier so WWE wanted a new and different match. Not to mention Mickie was a babyface and for some reason the Playboy women are always babyfaces and the heel is always “jealous”…love that logic. Ugh.