Female Wrestlers Take Part in TNA’s ‘Gut Check’ on the Road (Picture)

Former NCW Femmes Fatales Champion LuFisto celebrated fifteen years in professional wrestling by participating in TNA’s most recent “Gut Check” alongside Courtney Rush.

For those who don’t know, Gut Check is a two-hour seminar that covers “multiple aspects of professional wrestling… prospective professional wrestlers, announcers, managers, valets and referees will be evaluated through promos, drills, simulated matches and in-ring work by TNA Head Agent D-Lo Brown.”

The seminars also allow for management to scout upcoming talent to appear in the televised “Gut Check” segments that take place on Impact Wrestling’s show.

LuFisto tweeted a picture of herself with Rush and Brown from the Gut Check which took place prior to TNA’s live event in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

  • Rhawk

    Here’s hoping Courtney impressed enough to appear for TNA more in the future. Lord knows she deserves to be on main TV in the near future.

    And Lufisto does too, however with TNA I have a strange feeling she’d end up like Hamada did, and not in the good way.

    • darkangels

      i think at this point in Lufisto career she does not care Lufisto having fun besides hamada knew very little english to really connect with the tv viewers ps ask delray if she ready to come out of the indies the answer would be hell yeah.

      • Rhawk

        Well hopefully I’m wrong that IF TNA signs LuFisto that she gets treated well over there. She along with Courtney do deserve some mainstream attention.

  • darkangels

    Great it is time for Lufisto to come out of the indy scene and get the worldwide exposer she deserves and rush would be a great talent for tna knockout division.

  • Jhonmarco

    LuFisto vs. Tara would kick so much fucking ass. Why this woman needs to go through “Gut Check” is kinda silly. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rush getting hired.

    • AfroJack

      You sign yourself up for a gutcheck (costs $1000 I think), but WWE/TNA ask you to come for a tryout match. They just needa make sure you perform well in all those things listed in the article

      • cutymania

        I’m pretty sure it works the same way for tryouts. Only a couple of times WWE invite wrestlers to tryout for free, most times the wrestlers have to actually go to them and pay $1000 for a tryout.

  • http://www.gailkimsource.com Danni

    Oh Heck Yeah Lufisto!

  • Ed

    Don’t care for Lufisto; always found her kind of annoying. But I’d love to see Courtney Rush get a shot.

    • Londonboy

      Can i ask you why you find Lufisto annoying.
      I think she is a great wrestler and has a great Character
      and iif Tna Hired her and used her in the right way she could be as over as Mickie James .
      As for Courtney i would love to see her get a chance i have watched her in Shimmer and she is a good wrestler with alot of personality.

  • AliciaLaylaLover

    I want to see, The Blood Thirsty Vixen Amanda, my fav wrestler of all time ! :D

    • Rhawk

      They made a massive mistake with Orlando Jordan when he was around, I doubt they’d risk the same thing with Amanda, too controversial for mainstream… although I’d give them probs if they attempted it at least.

      • AfroJack

        I didn’t mind that Orlando Jordan was bisexual, not a homophobe. But the whole squirting himself with that lotion was over the top and I didn’t like that.

        If they let Amanda be Amanda, it shouldn’t draw any controversy. But if TNA went over the top it could ruin a career. Someone in WWE creative posted the idea of Melina’s character being a man but Stephanie quickly nixed it because she felt it would ruin Melina.

        • AliciaLaylaLover

          That would really ruin Melina.
          But I wanted to see Amanda as a Knockout, not as Transgender Knockout, she is a woman now, and that is what matters.

        • AliciaLaylaLover

          That would really ruin Melina. But I wanted to see Amanda as a Knockout, not as Transgender Knockout, she is a woman now, and that is what matters.

        • cutymania

          the thing is, Amanda being the first transgender wrestler (i think), is part of her appeal and what people will talk about when her name is mentioned. There is no point trying to change or ignore it and besides, it’s not like she’s Jenna Talackova nor is she the most amazing wrestler, Amanda’s past and her life journey would get a lot of people talking if she ever became a KO. Some of the best gimmicks in wrestling are just real people with the volume turned up.

          But there are double standards in wrestling, just like in life when it comes to LGBT community and how they’re portrayed on TV.

  • ShimmerSupport211

    Oh my god if Lufisto or courtney rush don’t make it im going to be pissed. tna already denied sara del rey years ago. don’t fuck up this time!

    • ShimmerSupport211

      if courtney rush makes it what will shimmer do for their tag title situation ? spoilers for volume 45 and 46 show courtney and sara del rey winning the tag titles and going on a run.

  • javiousmckenzie

    Steven always get to take pics with the ladies lol

  • Kessuki

    no doubt they impressed in the ring. important part is was tna imressed with what they saw?!! i sure do hope so. would love lufisto to join tna just to see her wrestle at Lockdown.

    • ShimmerSupport211

      lol why wouldn’t they be impressed ? these two alone are better then half the locker room of knockouts they have.

  • Mariah Dynamite

    Courtney Rush is hot! Wouldn’t mind her appearing on Impact!

  • Indymark75

    If the Hogans and Dave Lagana have consulted Dave Prazak on how to book female wrestlers, then I could see Rush and LuFisto having a chance. From a wrestling standpoint LuFisto would have Tessmacher for lunch, but sadly that’s far from the only thing TNA looks at for marketability.

    • ShimmerSupport211

      Ask sara del rey, who is the best female wrestler in north america… remember her tna tryout ? she didn’t look like the beautiful people so she didn’t get hired. its not even like sara del reys ugly but she cuts good promos, good on the mic and can play a good face and really good heel. as for in ring skills…. refer to the first sentence of the paragraph… you wouldn’t hire some like this ? hopefully they make up for that with these two.