Maxine Confirms WWE Departure, Thanks WWE

It’s official: Maxine is gone from WWE.

The NXT Diva, real name Karlee Perez, confirmed via Twitter today that she has come to terms with WWE on her departure and thanked the company.

She wrote: “We have come to terms on my release. Its been a ride I want to thank @wwe for the experience and understanding on my feelings. Its not easy saying goodbye. But there are other options at which I can do. To my fans you may not see me on the WWE screen but on another. I want to do nothing but get the real chance to entertain all of you…sometimes you have to make that chance for yourself!! I want to take all of you with me…so I hope you all understand why i made my decision.”

Perez also added that she wasn’t planning on going to another wrestling company, writing: “I’m not going to another wrestling company that is not in my plans!!! I didn’t ask for my release to go to another company.”

Perez, who was signed in 2009, has primarily worked on NXT, first on the all-Divas season in 2010, and then for the past year on the fifth season where she has been one of the main focal points.

Yesterday it was reported that Perez had quit the company, which was confirmed to us by sources today.

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  • #ThankYouBellas

    OMG! -.-

  • WWFoverWWE

    The funny thing is WWE will continue to not care and still treat the divas division like crap.

    • lelloo7

      well i cannot argue with that, but Maxine’s decision was stupid imo…
      She just got out of NXT, she’s still a rookie.. she only covered the basics and she competed on raw like twice or so, she should’ve been patient…
      Thats what kaitlyn did, here she is now…
      Thats what tamina did, she’s still around
      thats what kelly and layla did when they were used as strippers and when they were fresh wrestlers
      And HELL that’s what AJ’s done and man look at her now.. she’s the star !!

      • WWFoverWWE

        Maxine didn’t want to be pushed, she was just wanted to be on Raw or Smackdown in any role (even valet). She was also having issues with the contract they had for her. Something is telling me it wasn’t a standard WWE deal.

      • Raekon

        Maxine couldn’t be called a “Rookie”.
        She was in the WWE for 3,5 years already.
        I understand her frustration at parts but she obviously doesn’t want to be a wrestler anymore and has other plans like acting or similar.

  • JJ

    I’m more upset about this than the Bellas, McCool, Maryse or (possibly) Kelly leaving.

    • Jordan

      Time to call it for what it is – if Kelly wasn’t in on that short little battle royal on Monday – she’s gone.

      • Lita-Sault-666

        …but eve wasn’t in it either, and she’s not rumoured to be leaving, she’s waiting to return to tv in fact. Not being in the battle royal won’t be the decider on if she’s going to return or not.

        • Jordan

          But Eve isn’t taking bookings elsewhere at the same time. She’s representing the company on a TV show. Kelly is gone, and that’s unfortunate in a sense. Despite what preconceived notions people have about her BTS. She’s a draw to an event card.

      • Jhonmarco

        Conclusion-jumping are we Jordan?

        • Jordan

          Call it conclusion-jumping but history shows us a name like K2 doesn’t just fly off the radar without being written out unless they’re suddenly released.

        • Jhonmarco

          Uh, she’s been off the radar pretty much before these “taking time off” reports showed up. Why didn’t you jump to conclusions then?

        • lelloo7

          JORDAN, eve just shot a reality show.. i call that booking elsewhere ;)

        • Jordan

          The difference is, Eve is representing WWE on “Stars Earn Stripes.” it isn’t an just independent booking or appearance… With Kelly, the creative booking of the Divas became discombobulated and she started (oddly) slipping further in the ranks once she lost the title, went onto Superstars matches and Layla’s interchangeable tag partner then Alicia Fox 2.0 for Beth – so I think, “whatever the division is slipping beyond the point of return so who knows what will happen at this point”, but then she’s gone and starts accepting bookings under her real name, doesn’t appear in a battle royal that was what? 2-3 minutes? and had every Diva on the roster involved. I get Eve but the whole deal with Kelly just seems to be a done deal.

        • KellyKellyAJFan

          Jordan, actually Eve isn’t representing WWE with the NBC Reality Show. It’s well known that WWE isn’t even on good terms with such military shows anyway not to mention the timing of the reality show and Raw will be head to head on Mondays at 8/7 central. The money won also is being given to a military charity and not a charity WWE is affiliated with such as Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s a completely different scenario than Maria Kanellis with Celebrity Apprentice, trust me. The only thing that WWE will receive out of this is Eve being mentioned as a WWE Diva. But Eve will still receive more exposure for herself and her name alone. And if you want to get technical, Stacy Keibler did DWTS in 2006 and parted ways with WWE shortly after. Another reality show that WWE isn’t affiliated with. So jumping to conclusion that Kelly is leaving while saying that Eve’s situation is completely different is just silly. We could all assume Eve is in “deep water” with WWE because she tweeted she’d be on Raw again but was left out of the battle royal, couldn’t we? But it would be silly. Neither one of them said they were leaving, let’s just leave it at that.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      Yeah, it sucks. Maxine could have been something. McCool leaving I thought would be a blessing cause she definitely took all the screen time and had all the story lines. I guess now people will realize that McCool was pushed to the forefront due to her association with one of the biggest stars WWE ever had (Undertaker). Once she left, they didn’t care one bit about the Divas.

  • #ThankYouBellas

    Well, I don’t care anymore. All good Divas left and Kelly probably will do, too. Will miss Maxine <3

  • Jordan

    Maxine is pretty much the best talker in female wrestling right now next to Angelina Love so seeing such a promising Diva up-and-quit because she’s criminally misused and put onto a web show is a true shame. One can really only think that if she was frustrated regarding her situation in WWE that she’s heading elsewhere, whether it be TNA or any another company, regardless of whatever she tweeted – she wants (and got) out of a contract that probably isn’t up yet so I don’t expect her to be boldly honest about it.

  • JustJ3rmz

    Diva Dirt jumping on this interview lol

  • darkangels

    The divas want to wrestle make a name for themselves like in the attitude era and start making real money like trish stratus was almost a million a year. i am sorry divas division will be gone by 2014 i bet money on it except for vales and ring announcers.

    • mscandy

      THIS THIS THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      • mscandy

        ONLY, it’s the WWE of these days that plays Divas lik second fiddle to the men. We could have a Trish or Lita of this generation, plus many more interesting diva storylines if WWE just cared enough. Maxine can see they don’t take women seriously.

        • The K@rmic HeeL

          Trish wasn’t the only one making close to a million – Lita made more than her in their first couple of years I believe from old reports. But yes, It is sad that the divas aren’t really allowed opportunities to make as much money as the divas of before. Too bad Maxine left. If i was her, I would try talking to Vince and the writers in a subtle, nice way. Not just quit, but who knows what went on. I wish her the best and wonder what she plans on doing next.

    • norisclouds

      She was NOT a million a year. Where did you read that? At most she was at 350k that 600k number is false. You really think Trish was making more money than stars like Edge and Orton? LOL

  • French.One

    I wish her all the best, props to her for stepping up.
    She grow on me since I saw her perform a butterfly suplex on FCW. It makes me sad.because I’m not sure we’ve seen all she can do in a ring …

    Now the question is, who’s next and will the WWE make a move ?

    ps : #WeWantAnInterview

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I’m quit gutted about this, Maxine was certainly unique; attire, moveset, mix skills. She was becoming quite the all-rounder in the divas division, besides AJ of course.
    I think Maxine could have been a little more patient mind, look at poor Rosa for example! ;). Hah! I wish her all the best for the future and would welcome her back to the E! With open arms if the opportunity ever presented itself! ;D

  • 2kute4tv

    Well another potinal great diva is gone just lik when they released savannah and Serena and Tiffany.she hade that melina energy with Stephane’s mic skills and the wwe was high on her #smh…,..,…

  • Haus of Ashley

    Blah. I really dislike that she never got a proper push (especially when she was prime for it) but I guess this goes beyond just that. Sounds like she wants to pursue other revenues, and hopefully the departure doesn’t mean she won’t be welcome back if she ever wanted to come back.

    I doubt we’ll see her in WWE again, but I would love if one day she did, at least with TNA.

  • defineinsanity

    I’ll miss her greatly.

  • Ryan

    Good for u Perez she’s too much woman for we-weak to handle anyways.. No doubt imma miss her I like Maxine a lot she was one of the hottest Dias period!! So goodbye for now Maxine

  • johnny

    That sucks she will be missed.

  • Vak

    good for u Maxine.

  • JDernTrishStratusFan

    Maxine has already been added to the Alumni section on

  • Rhawk

    Saw this article and thought the ‘Thanks WWE’ was done sarcastically. Made me lol, until I saw that she actually thanked them… still lol’d though.
    This isn’t a major loss to the division since they never care for their women, other than AJ I mean. But this is a major loss to my poor little heart. =-( Good luck to whatever she does next…

  • art

    Well she wasn’t getting used & isnt going to wait or see if wwe comes up with anything for her to do…..

    to bad wwe couldnt make her a manger to a raw/smackdown superstar…..she was the future,she was improving & i thought she could be one of the all round divas…..

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    It was a very classy and nice statement, I respect Maxine, and think if this is what she wants then good for her, I dont think wrestling was her perfect thing and kinda think it was more for the TV exposure, but hey good in the future, and i hope everything works out :)

  • Jordan

    I’m really bummed that she decided to quit, but on the other hand, you have to do what’s best for you. If she’s not happy with what she is doing, why continue.

    I feel like maybe the Divas will finally start to take notice that they don’t have to feel like they are unimportant in this industry. It pays well and you get TV exposure, but if your not getting anytime to show off what you can do, why stay?

    WWE’s problem is that they only choose to push the main stars and the mid-carders are left to fend for themselves.

  • TheLadySamantha

    I’m laughing so hard right now. I bet everyone here is literally bawling their eyes.

  • eyecon

    This does suck i was a huge fan of hers but I do understand the frustration because she was on FCW for ever and seemed like she was never getting off NXT. Its one thing to not be used but then wwe wont even allow you to make any money on the side doing photo shoots guest appearances etc. and that has to be the most frustrating part of the whole experience.

    Good Luck to maxine

  • AfroJack

    not a major loss. it’s not as if her release will affect (effect?) the Divas division.

    It’s still shit.

  • perceval

    What everyone seems to be failing to notice is the comment about not looking to sign with any other wrestling companies.

    If this was a case of someone whose passion was wrestling, she’d be open to wresting somewhere else, like Victoria, Mickie, Katie Lea, Maria, Christy Hemme, Jazz, and Brooke Adams. Notice she talks about wanting to be an entertainer, not a wrestler.

    • Jhonmarco

      And the issue with that is? I’m not shocked, her wrestling did nothing for me, but boy could she work a mic & entertain me. Hence “entertainer”.

      • perceval

        I’m just saying that, from her own words, this isn’t what most of the comments are describing it as: “Oh, this woman is so passionate about wrestling and they won’t give her a chance to live her dream!” It sounds more like someone who was just there for the exposure and as a springboard for other things.

        Given how physically demanding the pro wrestling business is, the bumps, the travel schedule… If it ISN’T your passion, you shouldn’t be doing it.

        • Jhonmarco

          Big conclustion jump there. Just because one doesn’t wish to continue their wrestling doesn’t mean they’re not passionate about it. If so, could the same thing not be said about Trish, McCool, Candice, etc.? While I understand Stratus & Michelle retired, does that mean they don’t care for wrestling as much as SDR or Jessicka Havok?

        • perceval


          Candice left because her injuries didn’t physically allow her to do it, anymore. Michelle left to settle down with her pro wrestler husband, who was also retiring (Yeah, I know, Taker came back for a one off Wrestlemania match to make it an even 20-0, but the guy is pretty much retired). Trish had accomplished everything there was for her to accomplish in that business in her seven years, there.

          None of that applies to Maxine.

          My “big conclusion jump” that she’s not interested in being a professional wrester comes from her STATING it. There are two conflicting stories about why she’s leaving, hers and the dirt sheets. You’re free to conclude that the dirt sheets are right, and know more than SHE, HERSELF, does about why she’s leaving the wrestling business. I conclude that she knows more about her reasons than the dirt sheets do.

        • Jhonmarco

          Where did I say the dirt sheets know more about her reasoning than herself?
          OH, that’s right I didn’t. She is not interested in wrestling elsewhere which is understandable completely. God forbid the girl wanna try other things, lord knows she has the charisma & personality to do it. So I guess we’re just shrugging off the improvements she’s made and all the strides she’s made as well just because she doesn’t want to pursue wrestling outside WWE? I can go on if you don’t like those examples I guess every other model diva that came into WWE that was released & didn’t go to the indies or TNA isn’t passionate about it? Hell if TNA never contacted Brooke we could have said the same thing about her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing not to conitnue wrestling outside of WWE and in no way means she’s not passionate about it. That’s just insane logic.

    • WhalenX12

      I hope not porn. Lol, she put a wink face xD

    • VarsityBaseDude

      It’s possible that she’s only saying that to guarantee her leave from WWE cause with a contract, they do have a hold on that person unless they break them via paying fees or certain dues like leaving a phone company early (maybe not a good example, but well…).

  • WhalenX12

    Im even more sad about this than the Bellas. Maxine was my second favorite diva, and I was hoping she’d be getting a big heel push. Man, Im so sad.