Destination X Rewind: Tara vs Daffney (2010)

Ahead of this weekend’s Destination X pay per view, we take a look back at previous editions of the pay per view.

2010 | Both Daffney and Tara have had their fill of playing crazy characters, but what happens when you have them collide against each other? At Destination X in 2010, Tara put her Knockouts Title on the line against the Zombie Hot one.

Check it out below:

What are your memories of this match? Tell us in the comments!

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  • defineinsanity

    Omg love Daffney that girl can wrestle!

  • Jhonmarco

    A very underrated match. I personally loved it and was one of my favorites from the girls in the post “Kong/Kim era”.

  • Eveyy

    love the match.
    love daffneys style and technique- but congrats to miss tara. (:

  • Flybytre

    This Was One Of My Favorite Daffney Matches + She Had That Cool Submission Move On Tara.

    I Wish Tara Would Bring Back The Arachnophobia, The Black Widow, And Her Superkick She Use As Finisher Moves That A Be Awesome.

  • Marlon Eric

    I’ll forever have nightmares of Daffney’s face next to that spider container. “Hahahaha….” LICK..

    • MNM4ever

      me toooo!! hahahah that was an epic moment.
      i miss daffney :( I thought the match was great and each of them had an entertaining and unique moveset

  • pumped up kicks

    That match was fantastic! I miss Daffney.

  • Ryan

    Damn forgot how good daffney could wrestle!! The top hat her voice her make up, her laughter, her style just everything about daffney was hot!! One of the sexiest moments I’ll never forget was durin spin cycle where dr Stevie PhD was holding daff and guy asked her what she tweets about? N she answered ” I tweet whatever dr Stevie tells me to tweet haha so sexy!

    Btw match wise daffney rocked n was ultra tough n Tara was usual kicking ass! Get well soon daffney my Zombie hot!!

  •!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

    Im sorry but I didnt think this match was good at all. I love tara so so so much but she was much better in wwe IMO. I think she is much better than this match showcased. I really am trying to get into tna but I just can’t. Daffney was beyond sloppy IMO IDK I just didnt like it at all.