Diva Dirt Legacy Award Class of 2012 Revealed: Jacqueline Moore and Jazz

Diva Dirt is pleased to announce today the two honorees in its Diva Dirt Legacy Award Class of 2012: female wrestling veterans Jacqueline Moore and Jazz.

We are honored to welcome Jackie and Jazz to the Legacy Award winner’s circle alongside Trish Stratus (2010) and Manami Toyota (2011).

2012 marks the first year that Diva Dirt has honored a class of recipients rather than an individual; this is due to us wanting to honor more deserving females each year.

Additionally, we are pleased to work alongside SHINE Wrestling to present Jazz with her award live on Internet pay per view on July 20th. Jazz is scheduled to face Sara Del Rey in the main event of SHINE 1. (Order the event on iPPV.)


Diva Dirt (www.diva-dirt.com), the number one and most visited online resource dedicated to female wrestling, is extremely pleased to announce today not one, but two Legacy Award recipients for 2012. The Legacy Award Class of 2012 will include wrestling veterans and icons, Jacqueline Moore and Jazz.

The Diva Dirt Legacy Award, launched in 2010, celebrates the excellence and achievement of pioneering females in the world of wrestling. Joining the elite circle of past winners, this year we welcome two women who have both forged successful careers, and have enjoyed longevity the likes of which is rare for women in wrestling.

“With so many women worthy of being recognized, this year we have decided to up our game by acknowledging the Class of 2012, rather than having an individual recipient. The Class of 2012 will comprise of two incredible seasoned veterans that may not get the recognition they deserve,” said Diva Dirt Editor, Melanie Rob.

With over two decades of experience, Jacqueline Moore is one of the most decorated female wrestlers in North America today. Between 1997 and 2011, Jackie was one of the most consistently seen women on wrestling television with stints in WCW, WWE and TNA. The Dallas, Texas native was the first ever African-American woman to hold the WWE Women’s Championship and has held it on two occasions. Additionally, she is only the third woman to hold the Cruiserweight Championship (however, the first on WWE television) and the first ever woman to be included on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500.

“I’m honored to be selected for the Diva Dirt Legacy Award. This means a lot to me. I put in a lot of hard work and dedication over the years and I feel truly blessed. Thank you Diva Dirt for the love and honoring me. This brings me great joy,” said Moore.

Meanwhile, Jazz, who earned her fame through the original ECW masterminded by Paul Heyman, has forged a career as one of the toughest women in wrestling. From the infamous ECW glory days, to her time in WWE where she was a two-time Women’s Champion. In recent years, the Louisiana native has become a revered veteran on the independent circuit, competing for promotions such as Women Superstars Uncensored, NCW Femmes Fatales and ChickFight. In 2010, WSU inducted her into its Hall of Fame, and that same year she headlined the company’s first ever Internet pay per view.

Commenting on the award, Jazz said: “It’s most definitely an honor to be recognized as a female professional wrestler. Not only a female wrestler, but an African-American wrestler. People have no idea what I’ve put my body through mentally, physically and emotionally to get to where I am today.”

Diva Dirt Editor, Melanie Rob added: “I have fond memories of following both Jackie and Jazz’s careers, and have long admired and respected them. Often they may be overlooked, but Jackie and Jazz are old school, tough women who have given their lives and bodies to wrestling, and have certainly paved the way for young wrestlers today.”

Once again, Diva Dirt will present the Diva Dirt Legacy Award in conjunction with the Female Fight League (FFL), an organization that unites all-female promotions, as well as fans, to bring respect and exposure to professional female wrestling.

“I’ve had the honor of running wrestling shows featuring both Jackie and Jazz and I can not speak highly enough about what a positive role model these women are to fans and to up-and-coming wrestlers. These women are true professionals and truly deserving of the prestigious Diva Dirt Legacy Award,” said Jason Deadrich, founder of the Female Fight League.

Additionally, Diva Dirt is pleased to work alongside SHINE Wrestling to present Jazz her award live on the company’s debut Internet pay per view on July 20th. Jazz is scheduled to main event SHINE 1 against Sara Del Rey.

SHINE will air exclusively via WWNLive.com, and like Diva Dirt and the Female Fight League, is committed to further bringing women’s wrestling to the forefront with its exciting new product.

Lexie Fyfe of the SHINE management team, added: “Jazz really helped pave the way for women wrestlers for the new millennium.  She was one of the first female wrestlers to have a match on ECW and she was pushed against the male competitors too. I thought that was pretty big at the time. And then she moved to WWE where she had the spotlight for a while.  I know the younger wrestlers name her as an inspiration and so do some of us who were already wrestling at the time. That is saying something for a career. Jazz is well deserving of a lifetime achievement award.”

Fans are encouraged to order SHINE’s debut show, SHINE 1, on iPPV at www.wwnlive.com.

Watch Jacqueline vs Jazz below:

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  • shameronstar

    I’ve got to say it! BLACK POWER!

    • http://www.facebook.com/BrandonTyler95www.twitter.com/Brandon_Tyler14 BTylerHenderson

      HELL YEAH! Lol

      • #1FoxFan

        yeaaah buddi!!

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    awesome choices, both women are so worthy of the award,

    however, now i am thinking everyone is gonna bash your choices, just because Lita has yet to be given this award too lol , but i thin k these are awesome choices :)

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Both of these women broke a lot of barriers. They wrestled men before Chyna did it (well, Jackie). Both had strong feuds with “the” Divas of their time (Jackie/Sable and Jazz/Trish) and Jazz holds the distinction of being the only African American woman to compete @ Wrestlemania and retain.

    Congrats to them!

    • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

      I guess layla & Alicia doesnt count right?

      • sugarrush28

        I think Melon meant defend a title and retain. Layla and Alicia never did that and I don’t think Layla is black.

        • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

          Exactly. Jazz is the only African American woman to defend a title @ Wrestlemania. Actually, she is the only African American woman to compete for a title @ Wrestlemania!

          As for Layla, she’s not black. She’s biracial; white and Moroccan, which is Arabic.

        • http://myspace.com/bigdogpimp20 Kantrell

          That besides the point I’m pretty sure wwe universe view her as mixed African American anyway… Lol but anyway I read your comment wrong sorry bout that..

          *walks away slowly*

    • #1FoxFan

      yeah i’ve always thought Layla had some black in her too.

  • Raekon

    Huge congratulations to both of these awesome wrestlers and women! :)
    Love them both since the first time I saw them back then! :)

  • Jhonmarco

    While not my favorites, congrats to both! They both are incredibly tough and amazing women. Good choices!

  • shannymac

    Two very deserving, very badass ladies!

  • perceval

    The US gets represented! Yay for us! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/BrandonTyler95www.twitter.com/Brandon_Tyler14 BTylerHenderson

    Jazz and Jacqueline are two of my favorite women’s wrestlers that are black and from the Attitude Era of WWF/E. The Divas and Knockouts of today owe just as much to them as they do to women like Trish and Lita. When you think about it, if it wasn’t for Jacqueline’s feud with Sable getting super over with the fans back in the 90s, the WWF Women’s Championship would have never been reactivated which would mean that the Divas of today or back then could have never even existed. And Jazz was one of the first athletic looking women to actually compete against other women in WWE on a weekly basis (not taking anything away from Chyna, of course). Congratulations to the both of them and I hope that WWE brings them back one day…even if it’s only for the 1,000th episode of RAW.

    • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

      Jackie was also the first woman on the PWI 500, under the name Miss Texas, breaking barriers for women like Chyna.

      • perceval

        To add, Jackie also holds the record for number of Championships on nationally televised promotions with 12. I can’t see even Mickie James reaching that number.

        8 time USWA Women’s Champion
        1 time UWF Women’s Champion
        2 time WWE Women’s Champion
        1 time WWE Cruiserweight Champion

        And, for those who say “The USWA? So what?”: TNA is the SMALLER Jerry Jarrett founded promotion. Before it became the first major victim of the Monday Night Wars, the USWA was huge. TNA’s Impact Zone has a capacity of 1400. The USWA’s home arena, where Jackie won those 8 Championships, the Mid-South Coliseum, held over 10,000.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Jazz was cool
    Very very underrated

  • fahkyooh

    Amazing choices. I grew up watching these two with the likes of Trish, Victoria, Molly Holly, Ivory and a few others. Greatest times in women’s wrestling and these were two amazing contributions to the division in it’s prime.

  • karl

    Firstly i can’t believe its been two years since you started giving out these awards!

    Secondly they are two great choices. Especially Jackie. She was the women who got me interested in womens wrestling in the first place. I think she is amazingly underrated and deserves more praise than she gets, so its great to see you giving her the award :D

    • joshmm3

      I feel the same way. I remember Jackie from her memphis days and then when she was on wcw. Those matchs she would beat up the pin and throw them back in the ring. I always thought she deserved more titles and opportunties. She was awesome in the ring!!

  • perceval

    Something else I just noticed: For the first time, the Diva Dirt Legacy Award winners don’t share their names with a car brand. :)

    • AfroJack

      LOL how random. But is there a Stratus car brand!?!? :S

      • perceval

        Yeah, the Dodge Stratus was manufactured from 1995 to 2006. It retired the same year Trish did.

        • Future-Knockout/Diva

          Honda Jazz? LOL

        • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

          I’m partial to the Nissan Jacqueline lol

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Now this is my kind of news. Both of them deserve it!

  • http://youtube.com/stephenpeppard stephenpwwe

    Both well deserved, love both of them.

  • ry3211

    Good choices as they are both great at wrestling. Also Jacqueline Moore has always been one of my fav wrestlers.

  • pumped up kicks

    very exciting news! both women deserve this!

  • Isobel Lynette

    Great choices! Congratulations to them!

  • MRvinaro

    Again No Lita!!!


    • WweLitafan4ever

      of course not
      thats not surprisng

      • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

        Well, to be fair to DD, there are lots of women who broke down barriers in women’s wrestling, not just Lita.

        Trish redefined the role of women in wrestling. The reason that the Divas had magazines, photospreads, major storylines is because of Trish. WWE had never had a woman like Trish before who was gorgeous and great on the mic and could kick ass in the ring. The fans watched her evolve from eye candy to the greatest of all time and was a legit celebrity in Canada in her own right.

        Manami Toyota has had a 20 year career that inspired some of the greatest women’s wrestlers of the current era, including Natalya and Sara Del Rey. She has put on matches that put male wrestlers to shame.

        Jazz and Jackie broke down some serious barriers. Jackie was the first woman on the PWI 500 because she built her career wrestling men. Had Jackie not paved the way, there would be no Chyna, Jazz, etc. Jazz wrestled more matches with men than she did with women before she signed with WWE, during her stint in ECW, she mixed it up with the guys in the ECW arena! That’s bad ass! Jazz and Jackie broke down colour barriers in an industry that is often accused of being racist. Jazz was the first woman of colour to compete for the WWE Women’s title at Wrestlemania and is the only woman to this day to hold that distinction. Jacqueline was the first African American women’s champion.

        I’m not saying Lita isn’t awesome, but DD can’t honour everyone all of the time. Each of these women deserved this award for what they’ve done and Lita will deserve hers when her time comes. Look @ Christopher Plummer. That man waited years and years to finally win the Academy Award that he so richly deserved. That doesn’t mean the actors who won before him didn’t deserve their awards or take away from Plummer’s resume. It just means that his time came later.

        • WweLitafan4ever

          No-one said that Lita was the only one who broke down barriers.
          She or He just said again no Lita and ofcourse Diva Dirt wont give it to Lita..that wasn’t surprising.

        • fahkyooh

          I really don’t feel like Lita broke any barriers. I mean, yeah, the Litacuranna’s were cool and whatever but she was injured during the peak of women’s wrestling. She contributed nothing to the time and storylines the women ended up getting. That was all because of the success of the Trish and Molly Holly feud. Even Trish’s first feud with Jazz really only had like 2-3 minute matches. The division didn’t start evolving only after Molly’s haircut and heel turn. And Trish’s second feud with Jazz took it to new heights, along with the Victoria feud that followed shortly after.

          Lita returned to a division that Trish basically evolved.

        • bluejay

          I think you are slightly rewriting history here. Trish was not the first cover girl she is really following a formula that was already broken.
          It was actually Sunny who really made the diva she was the first to actually be marketable. She could talk and had the personality to do mainstream shows and represent the company. Sunny was doing appearences on mainstream shows like ET and Extra and she has had her own show when she was in WWE. Not other diva had control and poise on the mic like she did. Trish did not have much command on the mic she was good at wise cracking jokes and knew how to make her personality shine but she was not a master on the mic. I know that there are some people who don’t remember Sunny during her tenure but she was really the first that paved the way for Trish Stratus. Then there was Sable who really became the diva superstar she was the first to ever really draw for WWE and the first formula of the model turned wrestler. Sable had command over the fans and she the embodiment of the true “diva”. She was the reason why the women’s title was revitalized because of her popularity.

          I know that Trish Stratus has a lot of fans but there is a tendency for Trish fans to rewrite history and overexxagerate Trish’s legacy. Trish Stratus was the most sucsessful of the model turned prototype. All the things that Trish has done such as coverspreads, magazines, was already broken. Women like Sunny, Sable and even Chyna were the ones who really brought the diva to mainstream entertainment. Once they left it was easy for Trish to fill their shoes because that barrier was already broken.

        • WweLitafan4ever

          I really love how Lita is not even given credit.
          Before Lita arrived,women weren’t doing all the athletic moves like Lita did,they didn’t mainevent RAW.While Lita was doing that,Trish was running around in her cowboy hats and shorts.

          This site will revise history and bend over backwards to make Trish look so great

        • perceval


          Lita isn’t jealous over Trish’s, or anybody else’s, acclaim, so why are her more hardcore fans? Do you see the Madusa or Molly fans complaining this loudly any time anybody but their girl gets some acclaim?

          For the record, Jacqueline was doing all sorts of things in the ring and winning Championships years before Amy was Miss Congeniality in ECW, let alone Lita in the WWF.

          Lita almost always comes in third on the Greatest of All Time lists after only Moolah & Trish. Considering she only had one truly great feud where she wasn’t mainly an extension of who she was valeting for (Hardys, Edge), that’s a great accomplishment. But, if you’re honest and objective, you have to respect who that one truly great feud was with instead of just bashing the woman who is the entire reason Lita’s considered one of the greatest women wrestlers and not just one of the greatest valets, especially considering the woman in question had LOTS of great feuds.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Congrats to both….

  • http://jakeyon.blogspot.com Jakey

    Both of these women are often overlooked, so these are great choices. I think what most impresses me about Jacqueline Moore is her longevity in the business. She was already a veteran of the business by the time she joined WWF in 1998, and she managed to stay there until 2004. While she wasn’t consistently pushed, eight years for a *woman* in WWF/E is astonishing.

  • RedHotVixen

    Hell to the yeah!!!! These two are SO deserving of this.

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    Congrats to Jackie and Jazz, love them both. Thanks for the great memories girls, especially Miss Jackie Moore. Awesome Diva-Dirt.

  • natalyagailfan2011

    Congratulations to Jacqueline Moore & Jazz!! Both ladies deserve this award for their hardwork and accomplishments in wrestling. On a side note, I really thought Lita would be a recipient this year. Lita deserves to be recognize for her contributions to women’s wrestling as well. Maybe next year?

  • theprincedann

    I much prefer Jazz.
    IMO, Jackie should have been inducted next year, together with Ivory. Those two are attitude era women, and their names are synomonous with eacg other.
    This year, should have been Lita, Molly Holly or Chyna.

    • cutymania

      Well not exactly. If you also consider Jacqueline’s time before WWE, her generation is more Madusa and Luna Vachon.

      • theprincedann

        Yeah, this is true, but most people are not familiar with that. Just in my head I lump her together with Ivory.

  • adam

    Fantastic choices. Always been a fan of Jackie. But Jazz…..well she was/is such a good anti-Diva. I would love to see her locking horns with The Glamazon. In her promo for her Shine match against Del Rey she looked as though she could more than match up to any other female wrestler out there today (and I would put money on her kicking some men into touch too). Well done DivaDirt.