Comic-Con 2012: Layla, Alicia Fox and Brooke Tessmacher Talk Action Figures and Geek Out

At last weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, a few Divas and a Knockout got their fill of geek culture. Divas Champion Layla and Alicia Fox interviewed celebrities and fans for while AJ‘s husband-to-be Daniel Bryan sought out the perfect gift for his fiance:


Layla was interviewed by, discussing her experience at Comic-Con, the panel she wished she could’ve seen and how “flawless” her action figure is:


Brooke Tessmacher also caught up with WrestlingFigs, talking about comparisons between WWE and TNA, the Divas she loved growing up, and the making of her first action figure:

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  • KellyKay23

    I love Brooke she’s so strong and funny and I do see her rising to Trishs stage

  • art

    LOL it would have been awesome to do the walking dead experience so jelly…
    The knockouts are not the best out there…
    the divas division could be better if vince cared they would be used more & get back to where they once were….
    its awesome that brooke knows her wrestling thou….lays about the butt & brooke is about the butt as well LOL…

  • moonpiggy

    Sorry Brooke but I look at SHIMMER as the strongest and best women’s division/company out there!

  • WweRules32

    Loved layla in that interview she looks soooooo sweet sexy and i could listen to her all day

  • wweandtnadivafan

    aww my layla she is soo right robert pattison is UGLY!

  • AshleyLUVSCena

    i dont know why it gets me soooooo mad when the knockouts think there the best out there sorry not by a long shot once your been around as long as others then sit down and if not for other compines *Coughs* (WWE) you wouldn’t even have a fan base like when mickie gail brooke tara and others went there

    • stchick

      Well I hope you find a reason why it gets yiou so mad Ashley given that what you said made NO sense at all. And “compines” girl sit down somewhere and stop embarrassing yourself lol and smh at the same time. Hell WHAT ELSE is she supposed to say given that she their current champion?

      • AshleyLUVSCena

        just an opinion i mean everybody haves one i mean i don’t take anything away from them and you don’t have to be so mean

  • stchick

    Another thing, so what if she hasn’t been in the biz for long, she’s their CHAMP