Maria Kanellis Stepping Into Ring for ROH, Facing Sara Del Rey in Mixed Tag Match

The females will finally be stepping into the squared circle for Ring of Honor, as the Queen of Wrestling Sara Del Rey and the First Lady of ROH Maria Kanellis face off in a mixed tag team match on the company’s next iPPV, Boiling Point.

Ring of Honor revealed on their website earlier today that Del Rey will team up with Eddie Edwards, as Kanellis partners with her boyfriend, Mike Bennett. The match finally responds to what fans clamoring to see the Women of Honor back in the ring.

It begs the question, though: Could this be the start of the full fledged division we’ve been waiting for? After all, Del Rey told us last year that ROH was planning to put together a division this year. Of course, with word spreading that Del Rey is WWE-bound, will there even be a division considering the obvious choice for centerpiece of such a division is the Queen of Wrestling.

Boiling Point will air Saturday, August 11th, and comes to us from Providence, Rhode Island.

You can either purchase your tickets here or order the show on iPPV through

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  • SherriShepherdWWE

    wow Sara looks really pretty in that picture :)

    • shameronstar

      I was about to say the same thing! A good hairstyle and outfight usually does the trick!

  • moonpiggy

    Maria is going to get killed. I am fine with that.

  • LadyGoDiva

    I was wondering if we’ll see SDR vs Maria even though its a mixed tag team match was kinda hoping for a singles one on one match but I can stick to this one.

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    Sounds good to me. You have to respect Maria for getting in there with arguably one of the greatest female wrestlers today. What a treat for Maria.


    wow. No trouble of pictureing whos gunna win. should be interesting though

    • xxQOXxx

      I wouldn’t be suprised to see Maria/Bennett win to futher his feud with Eddie and to get him(and Maria) some more heat.
      Sara isn’t sticking around so there’s no need for her to go over.

  • xxQOXxx

    Even though i knew she was returning from the Spoilers.
    When SDR attacked Maria on ROH TV this week i marked out like a little B*tch, can’t wait for the Mixed Tag.

    • Flybytre

      So Did I.

  • Ryan

    GAAAAAAAAH!! run Maria!!! =(
    Your too pretty to be manhandled by that beast Sara!!

  • lbthewrestlingnerd

    While I’m glad that Sara del Rey is on iPPV, I’m disappointed that ROH gets her last indy match with the way they’ve treated Women of Honor, and I’m disappointed that this is the match. I hope she at least gets the win.

    • Ryan

      Sara makes MORE money in Japan and all around than by sticking with ROH dude…

      ROH is NOT a place for womens division…not to be mean or anything but if a new company popped out that featured indy stars and it DIDNT have 1/ many women wrestlers and 2/ Enough time on TV…basically…not EVERY promotion needs to have a womens division so dont get ur panties in a bunch dude
      ROH has done great featuring Awesome Kong Roxxi Sara Lufisto and MANY MANY others

  • Flybytre

    Maria In The Ring With The Queen Of Wrestling, Well Maria Thought Beth Phoenix Hits Hard, Wait Til Sara Get A Hold Of Her She Is Gonna Teach Maria A Thing Or To.

  • GailKim95

    Sara and Maria are both awesome in their own ways and i am sick and tired of people not giving Maria the credit she deserves but hopefully Sara can help Maria in the ring and Maria can tell Sara some hints about how to survive in WWE considering Maria was one of the most over WWE Divas of her time