NXT Watch (August 23rd, 2012): Sofia Cortez Faces Tamina in Her Final NXT Bout; Raquel Makes a Statement

Hello there everyone, and welcome to another edition of the NXT Watch. Last week, Raquel Diaz graced us all with her presence in the form of a video segment backstage, but what will she have up her sleeve this time around? Plus, Divas return to the ring as Tamina Snuka faces off against the now departed, Sofia Cortez in what is sure to be a solid outing between the two. Let the stalling cease to exist, as we delve right into the action!

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We head to the arena as we ready for some Divas action! Following the entrances of both Tamina and Sofia, the bell sounds and we kick things off. Cortez immediately begins to mock the Samoan lineage of Tamina, sparking the Island Goddess to shove her back and score with a nice flip arm drag. Sofia goes for a drop toe hold, but Snuka stops it from occurring! Cortez shoves her back for a two count, before going to town with a series of sharp kicks. Tamina hits a huge chop to the chest, but is soon taken down with a body scissors. The crowd gets behind Tamina , as she struggles to fight out. Finally, Tamina simply stands up with Sofia on her back and moves back into the corner. Snuka with a some takedowns and a running reverse faceplant!

Tamina drills Sofia in the jaw with the Super Kick, but Sofia kicks out! Tamina plants her with a bodyslam and signals that the end is near as she heads to the top rope. Can she?! Will she?! YES! Tamina lands the Superfly Splash for the victory! Tamina celebrates her win as Sofia rolls to the outside, but out of nowhere comes Raquel Diaz! She slams Tamina off of the top rope and proceeds to paint an “L” on her forehead with lipstick. Diaz poses over the downed Snuka and heads up the entrance ramp as the Exfoliating Ugliness Tour commences on!

Thoughts: Fun match between Sofia and Tamina while it lasted, but definitely a little shorter than usual. I don’t mind though because it didn’t feel short enough to where it seemed rushed or unfinished. I wish we had the chance to see a rematch, but unfortunately Sofia is no longer with the WWE (and is now rocking a brunette look to boot). I like that we’re seeing some story added on with Raquel, and it seems that she’s now begun to target Tamina as the next victim of her Exfoliating Ugliness Tour, which should prove to be interesting. I would definitely like to see a feud between two of the women occur, and whichever two they choose would be completely up to them. I think every Diva on NXT brings something to table, whether it be wrestling wise or charisma/personality so whoever is selected should make for a solid outing. Overall, another solid week for NXT in terms of the in ring action, and I look forward to next week since we essentially don’t know what’s going to air where anymore. Surprise factor makes for fun viewing!

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  • http://cruelartist.tumblr.com Shannel

    yeah um wwe’s loss that they released sofia. she was really good

  • redsandman99

    Wish the match was longer but it was still good.

  • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

    Tamina’s? entrance reminds me of Avatar Aang, The Last Airbender’s closing theme song.

  • shameronstar

    Seeing this makes me miss Sofia because she had some promise, but I’ll get over it because Emma and Skyler Moon should be debuting on NXT soon! Also, Tamina looked good in this match she really has grown as a wrestler in the past year especially during her mini feud with Beth Phoenix I hope Tamina becomes more relevant on the main roster!

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    My baby Sofia <3 They lost atalented, young and beautiful woman she looks gorgeous with brunette hair not the last of her she's still young and fresh as for the match short and sweet wish we saw re-matches oh well ps CAN'T WAIT FOR SOME PAIGE NEXT WEEK OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    it was a very nice match, Tamina was great, for me Sofia didnt make me want to get behind her , like i wanted to with Tamina, and so from i have seen on NXT and FCW with Sofia she isnt really a big lose to the WWE, they can prob find someone else just as good as her or even better :(

    i like raquel character

  • WhalenX12

    Anya’s been added to the NxT roster page :D

    • bjorn448

      Yes, but were is Skyler Moon?

      • redsandman99

        According to her it’s under construction.

        • ricky_says_hi

          her old page just had photos on it. they’re likely adding a bio and stuff like height and moves

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Pretty decent match for the time it was given.It’s a shame that this was Sofia’s last match.I wish WWE hadn’t released her.She was beautiful and talented.Plus,the fans loved her(did you hear the response she got when she came out?).I’m really loving Raquel’s ultra diva gimmick(I hope I spelled her name right).It’d be nice to see her have a legit feud with Tamina after this.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    I heart Raquel.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    WWE really dropped the ball letting Sofia. This was a good match and she more than held her own against someone of the caliber of Tamina.


    wish that match would’ve been longer! yet another highly talented diva to loose her last match. :/

    anyway that was a really cool superfly splash. lol love raquel

  • fahkyooh

    Stupid, stupid, STUPID WWE! Are you SERIOUS? I can’t believe they released Sofia. Sofia’s ring-movement is so GOOD, she got screwed. Those kicks in the turnbuckle were delivered with such great movement, nice impact, good fluid movement. The WWE is blind.

  • jayjayholler

    Whenever I see divas on NXT I just think about Maxine :'( God I miss her!!

  • Raekon

    When I’m watching this match, it makes me really sad she is not a part of the division anymore. :(

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    Did anyone esle notice when they were advertising the divas match that they spelled sofia cortez as sophia cortez LOL

  • layglamacool

    NXT Theme song sounds pretty good, anyone know what the name of it is?

  • lilraven27

    I wish this WWE Channel comes out already and they put NXT on TV instead of the internet, this show has always had the potential to be something bigger. Not necessarily as big as Smackdown but it can most certainly put up wwe/ecw numbers if not more. Since it was re-branded from FCW we all know its developmental so why not gives us or at least those that refuse to sit in front of a laptop a peek inside and wow all the stories that could come out of this, one day we could have Layla show up, or Sheamus, or Punk or vice versa and have their champion show up on Raw the possibilities are endless, but i regress Creative is just not that talented.

  • http://www.twitter.com/derricklawson duhderrick

    How do you go from Pay-Per-Views to NXT? Poor Tamina. :(