Weekend Naomi & Natalya Match Dubbed “One of the Best Divas Matches” of the Year

The internet was abuzz this weekend with the news that former FCW Divas Champion Naomi stole the show in an impromptu match with Natalya at a live event on Saturday.

Naomi, who currently serves as a backup dancer for Brodus Clay, stepped in for Kaitlyn, who was not at the event due to travel issues. According to a report, Naomi won the match thanks to help from her fellow dancer Cameron. The same report stated that it had been considered one of the best Diva matches of the year.

Fans tweeted about the match, some upping the ante and calling it “one of the best Divas matches in years”. Natalya retweeted one such tweet, while giving a resounding “Of course!” to a fan’s question asking if she’d like to see Naomi wrestle on Raw or SmackDown in the near future.

Even those outside the Divas division took notice. Ricardo Rodriguez, best known as Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, tweeted high praise, saying, “Beyond proud of @NaomiWWE For stepping up huge last night at the Smackdown Live Event vs Natalya.”

Of course, all of this is just buzz and won’t necessarily translate to an immediate in-ring push for Naomi, but with this kind of a response to a house show match, you can bet that WWE officials took notice.

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  • Simply Flawless

    I know some people will go crazy at me for saying this but I seriously think Natalya is one of the best divas of all time. In my opinion she is much better then Lita and Trish, and I am sure in no time Naomi will show that she’s equally as brilliant. I really hope they give both of them a proper chance they deserve it!

    • shannymac

      I totally agree. If Nattie were actually used to her full potential, there’s no question that she would be as big as Trish or Lita ever were. In the ring, no one can touch her skill level. She’s also charismatic, smart, and likable, not to mention gorgeous.

    • kreece

      youre not crazy at all haha! Natalya is probably the best female wrestler around, the woman can do so much and is great to watch! Shame they don’t do much with her

    • litafan2000

      You are not crazy Natalya is a much better wrestler then Trish and Lita. What made Trish and Lita so good was the pushes they were always given. If Natalya was given pushes like them we would see how amazing she really is. It’s such a shame!!!

      • perceval

        No, what made Trish & Lita so good was they connected with the fans. They could take a one minute backstage segment, grab the crowd by the throat, and say, “Pay attention to us!” which, in turn, told WWE, “Push us!”

        The 2004 feud for the title, leading to that Raw main event, wasn’t supposed to happen. The company was heavily pushing Victoria as the face of the Divas, and Molly & Gail as the top heels. Neither Trish nor Lita were supposed to come anywhere close to the Championship, that year. Trish was regulated to being the valet of a midcard jobber, while Lita was stuck into a lame angle with Kane.

        Trish was being DE-pushed, while Management had given up on Lita as a Championship contender. They got THEMSELVES out of that. The FANS pushed for Trish vs Lita. Vince and Creative finally gave in.

        What makes the best is more than pure technical skill. It’s being the Total Package, the right combination of in ring, mic, & storytelling skills, plus charisma. Were Stone Cold or the Rock the best technical wrestlers in the world? No, not even close. But, they were the best Total Packages of their era. Being the right combination of things made them, overall, better than Bret Hart, even though neither came close to his technical skill.

        For a modern Diva example, see AJ Lee, and what she built a valet role into. I’d say the last several years have proven that you can’t simply make anyone into a Trish or Lita. Because, God knows WWE tried (Gail, Victoria, Mickie, Melina, Candice, Beth, Michelle, Maryse, Kelly… all attempts to create the Next Trish Stratus).

        We don’t actually KNOW how good Natalya is, overall. We know she has the mat skills, but she might have the same limitations her uncle Bret, or Molly Holly, did. They’ve always had her playing second fiddle to someone else, like Maryse or Beth. Give her a decent feud, and see what she can do.

        It’s not like the Division has anything to lose, at this point.

        • Jhonmarco

          They tried with Gail? LOOOOOL.

          WWE actually had something special with Melina, Mickie, Victoria, Candice, & Maryse. Melina was a great heel and her work in 2007 & 2008 featured top mic work as well as great wrestling. The mic work was definitely on Trish’s level and the wrestling was well beyond Trish’s. Same goes for Mickie (as a babyface & heel). Neither got all the chances Trish or Lita got though. The little chances they did have, they did great. Their backstage segments together were gold and their matches were great. Backlash 2007 was just amazing. I really don’t understand why they didn’t ultilize them to their full potiential. Could have easily surpassed Trish/Lita IMO.

          Victoria, in my eyes is just as much a legend as Trish or Lita. She was nothing like Trish as a heel or face. She had her own thing going and it worked. She was used horribly in her last few years, but definitely left an impression. Still not given as much as Trish/Lita though.

          Candice was definitely turning into Trish 2.0 in a good way, then the injuries came. Let’s just leave it at that.

          Maryse is probably one of the most charmastic divas in the past few years or so. She was just great, the wrestling didn’t click for the most part, but she was passable there. Still everything she did entertained, definitely not used or pushed as hard as Trish/Lita.

          All of these women could have surpassed Trish/Lita or at least be on their level of stardom if given a fair shot.

          BTW totally agree with the Natalya praise! Love her.

        • FoxyKimLover

          One of the only reasons Trish and Lita connected with the crowd is because they were introduced with male characters. Trish was always seen with T&A and Lita was with the hardy boys. Both stables became over brining attention to the women involved! Without the men they worked with there would be no Trish and Lita.

        • theprincedann

          Without Victoria or Molly, and maybe Jazz, there would be no Trish.


    • wweandtnadivafan

      your not crazy she did grow up and receive training from the dugeon

    • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

      Simply Flawless I for sure will not call you crazy your ringht wrestling skills compared based on that alone Natalya is the better wrestler!!!!

    • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

      I 1000% agree!

      • beliEVEr

        Agreed. Natalya is a good solid wrestler. She can make practically anyone look great in the ring with her. Not to mention she’s beautiful and very likable. Naomi also is great too, though. Her match with AJ last year on NXT was one of the best Divas match of that year.

    • christopher_cc

      keep dreaming she’s not near as good as Trish and lita what dimension are you from natalya is a good wrestler but she is not better than Trish and lita what so ever

  • Raynex

    I’m really anxious to see footage of this match, we need Naomi and AJ wrestle instead of doing other on-air jobs. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    • perceval

      My guess is they’re waiting for the NXT girls, & are keeping AJ & Naomi in high profile roles to keep them over until they’re ready to have a real Division. Remember how Trish, Lita, & Molly spent 2000 and most of 2001 in valet/manager roles until Jazz was brought in and they were ready to have a real Division starting with Survivor Series. But, all that valet time meant there were three very over women with a long running three way rivalry already established. The rivalries just shifted to being about the Championship.

  • kreece

    I hope that someone recorded the match and will eventually put it on YouTube. It’s no doubt that these 2 girls had a great match :)

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    Good for her for stepping up and filling in at the last minute. I’ll reserve judgment on the reports that it was the “best match ever” because I find fan reports biased, but I’m glad that her fellow superstars gave her mad props.

  • redsandman99

    I would have loved to see that match. Hopefully this does mean Naomi will get to wrestle. Hell, align Natalya with Damien Sandow and there can be mixed tag matches with them vs Naomi and Brodus if they don’t want to break Naomi away from him yet.

  • shannymac

    Put this women in the ring, dammit! Nobody cares about Brodus Clay in any way, shape, or form. Scrap his flop gimmick and let the real star get her chance to shine.

    • http://www.mschif.net bdlou

      I humbly disagree. I enjoy the Brodus character a lot. Yes, it’s repetitive, but it’s also fun. It’s also over with kids, which is important to them right now.

  • shameronstar

    I must have a good eye for talent because 2 years ago I dubbed Naomi a “wrestling prodigy”! This might me random, but for some reason I want to see Naomi vs Hamada. Also, I think that Naomi vs Sara Del Rey could instantly reinvigorate the divas’ division!

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      You’re not the only one and im pleasantly surprised that the WWE did such a match. As for the girls, I know they can bring it.

    • Mr.Snark

      Yes she is!!! Ever since her match with Serena I have been a super fan!!! And Del Ray vs Naomi is something I want to see. I also want to see Naomi vs Paige. I think that it could be something so special.

      And my biggest dream match is Sarita vs Naomi. Two of the most underrated chicks on tv going at it. A veteran vs an upstart.

  • OneManX

    I’m not gonna hold my breath on the praise. WWE House Shows are just another different world and they are given way more leeway to kinda fuck around and give stuff more time, compared to RAW/SD or even PPVs. Also, Naomi is a talent, I’ve never been high on, she was ok on NXT and just REGRESSED in FCW she got progressively worse, so maybe she has been working on her game. But, I’m not buying into the hype.

    • Lovedaddio

      Her match with AJ on NEXT in 2010 was still the best Divas match of the last 3-4 years, IMO.

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox SEXYOFTHESEXIST2011

    they need to put Naomi in matches i hope someone recorded that match and hopefully this will help WWE Officials to make her a breakout Diva

  • Raekon

    I wouldn’t give too much on the hype cause in the houseshows the divas are getting 10-15 minutes time often and are having less restrictions so its obvious that they can do and show more than on tv or even partially on nxt.

    Naomis moveset is flashy in overall and Nattie works greatly with everyone so I’m quite sure that it was a very entertaining match with lots of action and fun.

    Fans that otherwise get to watch only 30 seconds matches on raw and smackdown are of course suprised when such good matches come in to play.

    So I would say it was indeed a good match but the hype is exaggerating a bit.

    • WWFoverWWE

      Actually a lot of superstars have been praising Naomi on twitter, as well as Natalya who retweeted that it was one of the best diva matches. The match has gotten a lot of attention everywhere. It is definitely legit.

      • FrankNFurter

        Kaitlyn isn’t the one being praised about her performance so of course all the praise from Naomi’s own colleagues are exaggerated.

      • Raekon

        Not using tweeter so I don’t know what’s going on there. Thanks for the heads up. :)

        Did these superstars saw Naomi working down in FCW or whereelse or do they know her only as brodus clay dancer which would of course justify the surprise on her good in ring skills?

        I don’t doubt they had a good match, I just know that Naomi unfortunately comes mostly across as “awesome” due to her flashy and athletic moveset than “fantastic skill”.

        That’s why I’m not giving into “super hypes” that easy.
        Should they indeed be valid, then all power to her!

        I like Naomi and her moveset but she tended to be very sloppy down in FCW(most of all her last few matches) and even she is very talented and athletic, she couldn’t carry newer divas in a match.

        So it was, either her coworkers adapted to what she were supposed to do and delivered or the match would end up with akward spots.

        Natalya can carry ANYONE in this world and make them look good so it’s very easy for her to adapt into others peoples movesets so they can “pull their thing”.
        That’s all I meant and it’s based on what I saw so far.

        I really don’t know why you would add Kaitlyn into this and why you are trying to attack me in any way.

        If you don’t like my opinion then don’t reply or at least reply properly instead of mixing up a person that wasn’t involved in the match in the first place.

        I saw Kaitlyn in houseshows in her first year in the WWE and she did indeed awesome.

        Could say because someone like Beth can make almost anyone look good in the ring anyway but Kaitlyn wrestled Kelly and made Kelly look great so I don’t think I need to add anything else into that.

        You are right that I can’t tell unless I watched the match.

        That’s why I wrote that I’m sure that it was a good match because of the girls involved, but was a bit overcautions about the hype anyway.

        • FrankNFurter

          Whoa there, @Raekon I was in no shape or form taking a dig at you personally.

          I was making a point that its easier for most people to believe Kaitlyn had a highly praised match w/ Natalya on her own merit than Naomi. Due to the fact that people believe Naomi is just “flashy” & her she lacks technical ability, which I personally disagree with.

          “I saw Kaitlyn in houseshows in her first year in the WWE and she did indeed awesome.”

          But you did happen to prove my point with the above statement. When Naomi is praised, it is because Natalya did all the work, but when Kaitlyn does well, she “indeed” does well.

          Did you see Naomi vs Audrey (a fairly inexperienced diva)? That match was better than 93% of Kaitlyn’s matches in her entire career, but that’s just my opinion.

        • Raekon

          As I already said, I DON’T doubt that Naomi did well, nor did I say anywhere that she isn’t good.
          All I said is that people MIGHT have overhyped the whole thing because of the following points:

          – many doesn’t know her from FCW
          – many know her only as Brodus dancer so they might have been surprised by her skill
          – her flashy moveset

          Naomi tends to be sloppy in the ring due to her moveset that is partially hard to pull off.

          That’s why I suggested in a other topic that it might be good for her to replace a move or two of her.

          I said that I’m sure that she and Natalya had a good match.
          Without watching it is hard to say that it was indeed “awesome” or anything else while in Kaitlyns case I watched the match so I can tell if it was good or not, that’s the difference.

          Natalya was praised on making everyone look good because it’s true in my opinion. That doesn’t mean that Naomi did bad.

          The match you are talking about wasn’t good(Naomi vs Audrey).

          The timing was mostly off and parts were sloppy because Audrey couldn’t keep up with Naomis speed at times and Naomi couldn’t carry the new girl so I doubt it was better than the matches Kaitlyn had against Natalya, AJ (FCW), Rosa (FCW), any of Kaitlyns houseshows matches, Tamina and many others.

          With that being said and even the Commentary had destroyed the whole match, the final NXT match between Naomi and Kaitlyn was a great match and showed that these two girls are two of the most talented ones on the roster because in that match Kaitlyn had like 2 months experience and Naomi only 1 year and 1 month or so.

          So when Naomi and Kaitlyn build a tag team down in FCW it was gold for me cause they worked well as a team and put up good matches.

    • Lovedaddio

      Your points about the difference between house shows and RAW/SD are very valid but I don’t really think you could say whether the match was good, awesome or terrible unless you saw it. So maybe that hype isn;t exaggerated

  • jayjayholler

    I’m so pleased for her, she bloudy deserves praise. Hopefully she’ll start getting some more action!

  • WWFoverWWE

    Did you guys have to use that picture? There’s so many better ones of Naomi-_-

    I’m just hoping this translates well for Naomi and WWE finally opens their eyes.

  • lucky1now

    I’m really hoping that this pushes wwe to do something with her they know she can wrestle since nxt but now they know that the fans are behind her as well

  • javiousmckenzie

    Yes Naomi slays she is like a female Kofi Kingston. Im so ready for her to be put into the ring i really want to see this match on Superstars.. I hope WWE gives Brodus and her some type of mixed tag feud

  • https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox SEXYOFTHESEXIST2011

    WOW im suprised people are being critical with the Naomi & Natalya match I don’t what NXT Season 3 They Saw But Naomi Was 2nd best female wrestler of that season the 1st being AJ , And I Know Natalya Is a great worker and can make any Diva look good in the ring But I believe in the plus they you guys havent heard anything that said Beth , Layla , Tamina ,Ect.. having matches dubbed the greatest Divas Match of the year Honestly Give Naomi credit she hasn’t wrestled in forever it doesn’t matter how flashy their moveset is , is how they carry themselves so im happy for her match against Natalya dubbed the greatest Divas Match of the year which surprising why can’t some people just be for her

    • https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox SEXYOFTHESEXIST2011

      *just be happy for her

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i really hope this opens the door for her to wrestle on TV, and make officals realize she is ready :)

  • http://twitter.com/#!/madslam200959 madslam2009

    I really hope this translates into Naomi’s TV in-ring debut. I really think she could grow to be the top diva and with her background with Brodus, she could really get the crowd behind her. I also hope Cameron has been training since she was devolping pretty rapidly before she got sent to the main roster. If they have promote Naomi and Paige to TV in ring comptition and give a bit more ring time to the divas matches, I honestly believe that this could breathe some life back into the division. WWE has gotten a bit back on the track with the weekly matches and an actual title feud, but they had already dug themselves deep in a rut.

  • Matty

    Put this girl in the WWE ring RIGHT now.
    The Divas Division needs fresh talent, who can really put on a good show. Naomi and Cameron could be really successful as a tag team using their popularity from Brodus Clay.

    I am so excited to see how the WWE responds to this, as I am sure this will not be ignored.

  • AfroJack

    Wow good for her!! This is also the first time she’s wrestled since she took on Audrey Marie on FCW last year!

  • cockyflow

    so happy to hear that i check diva dirt daily just hoping theres an update on Naomi I hope that wwe officials take notice and atleast allows her to get physical in some form or fashion and let her start wrestling on nxt even…

  • FrankNFurter

    Honestly, fans never want to praise a wrestler unless it is one of their faves.

    Houseshows may be given more leeway or what have you but there has been EIGHT MONTHS of live events which presumably included EIGHT MONTHS of divas matches and only ONE of them has been given this much praise and recognition.

    Natalya has wrestled an ample amount of live events this year, especially since the divas roster being so thin recently, and her match with Naomi is the only ONE being praised so highly, even by their fellow co-workers & WWE Superstars.

    So please stop with the, “Of course…Natalyta is the best womens worker on the roster, she can make any diva look good” blah blah blah. While this is true, she hasn’t made any other diva “look this good” throughout the year to be deemed “one of the best divas matches of the year”.

    Give Queen Naomi her dues and stop the cynical remarks.

    • MikeChrisH

      Most of Natalya’s houseshows matches get praise, like the ones with Alicia. It’s just they’ve happened so much, people expect them.

      Naomi’s came out of the blue and was last minute, that’s why hers is getting more recognition.

      • FrankNFurter

        I see what you are saying about Naomi being a valet & it being unexpected.

        Though, when was the last time a dirtsheet reported “Natalya vs Alicia (or any diva for that matter) worked the best divas match of the year at last night’s live event…”?

        With thousand of fans attending these live events & social media being so prominent, those matches you speak of should surely get recognition on Twitter at least. Twitter is still going up about Naomi and Natalya’s performance last night. I’m just saying…there is all this hype for a reason.

        • hado

          I have actually seen many reports having Alicia & Nattie as one of the best diva matches of the year at house shows, the same also goes for Nattie & AJ.

        • FrankNFurter

          Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there hasn’t been any other great divas matches at live events, especially ones involving Nattie.

          I was just saying fans shouldn’t discredit Naomi’s ring work because of Natalya’s superior skill. When you put two good wrestlers in a match (AJ/Nat, Alicia/Nat, Naomi/Nat) what would you expect? A standout match.

  • bxradimus

    I heard about this and I really hope WWE realizes what they have in Naomi. She was the best in the ring on NXT. Even Serena Deeb said she’s one to look out for in the future because of how good she is in the ring. It’s just a shame that she’s one of the few we haven’t had a chance to see on RAW or Smackdown yet. Or even the new version of NXT.

    It’s obvious WWE does not care about the women’s division so I wouldn’t be surprised if they just kept her paired with Clay and didn’t take much notice to her match with Nattie. However, I HOPE they eventually start weeding out members of the roster who aren’t relevant/have never been relevant to make room for the up can comers. Give them a chance to walk in the spotlight and see if they can do better than those who have never done anything but have been there for such a long time.

  • http://www.diva-dirt.com candice7000

    Go Naomi. She better work. I look at Naomi wrestle and she is just like really gifted. She need to be a big part in the division. It hasn’t been a girl on the roster take to wrestling to well hasn’t had a wrestling background since actually Michelle McCool. Maybe they’ll let Naomi and Cameron wrestle. Make them in to a stable like The Bella Twins. I know they aren’t related. But they can have that real close friendship like Layla and Michelle did and just take over the division. They can still manage Brodus, but occasionally wrestle too. Then they can turn on each other and feud. I want Cameron to be the heel. I see her with that Kristal/Dawn Marie type attitude.

  • http://divaderby.net/ DivaDerby

    Naomi could easily be a huge star. Her flashy move-set would make her a perfect face. Naomi vs almost anyone would be good, but her vs Eve, Layla, Beth, AJ or Natalya will surely be amazing! Now put Sara & Paige into the mix and they could book amazing divas matches for a couple of years. The WWE has talented girls, they just need to use them.

    • hado

      Naomi vs Alicia was really good, and wouldn’t mind seeing them two perform more longer.

      And Naomi vs Aksana are always good (minus the ones on NXT) so I wouldn’t mind seeing them two wrestle on Superstars or something.

  • Goodvibes

    Naomi needs to wrestle, but like Angela Fong, I have the feeling we may never get to see her do so on Raw or Smackdown. The WWE would have pushed her into the division a long time ago if they wanted to.