Eve Torres News: ‘Attack of the Show’ Interview, Us Weekly Best Dressed

WWE’s Eve Torres dropped by G4’s Attack of the Show earlier this week following her win on the Stars Earn Stripes reality show.

Watch her interview below:

It’s been a good week for Eve, obviously, given her win on the NBC show — but she also won another contest, Us Weekly’s “Who Wore It Best?”

In the latest issue, Eve, caught rocking the same look as LaLa Anthony and Denise Richards, was voted the best dressed out of the trio with a whopping 52%. Pretty cool mainstream mention for Eve!

Check out a scan here.

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  • Lita-Sault-666

    She’s so cool :P.

  • Chryst Voegele

    I never disappoint her in everything & I proud of her since first time I know who she is. Hope WWE not ruin this golden girl with crap treats.

    • Chryst Voegele

      *I’m proud

  • shokko22

    The video isnt working for me :(

  • Poison Ivory

    Wow that was actually a really amazing interview. She managed to stay like 30% on character, so that WWE could show this on their website or something. She should defo appear on a bigger talk show like Letterman or Conan.

  • lucky1now

    see told you her name is out there its steps she has to take she isnt gonna be an instant success
    i hope wwe really uses her now which might translate to the divas being used more

    • charleshp

      Given WWE usually punishes those who have outside success, I would bet the opposite.

    • ajfan83

      Eh, Kelly got her name “out there” too, and she hasn’t been a regular on TV in months. WWE is paranoid about their male stars getting too popular, so you can bet they are even stricter on divas, who are expendable from a business POV. Attack of the Show interviews wrestlers all the time, and she happened to get her picture taking with a couple of actors. Not exactly a big deal.

      I don’t mean to bash Eve, I just think people jump the gun. Some celebrity site recently talked about which wrestlers had the most income, and only one woman was on the list: Chyna, with about 1.5 million. I can name a few former divas that probably equal or surpass that, but the point is Chyna was mentioned because her name rings a bell with people, unlike all the other women to come out of WWE.

      • Eve4Life

        Because Chyna Does Porn & Thus, Gets Her Name Out There…A Lot Of People Must Be Buying Her Films If She Makes 1.5 Million. NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN OR DISRESPECT CHYNA! :)

        • ajfan83

          Nah, Chyna is hardly mainstream anymore. She’s a freak show draw for the porn industry, but nobody else is really paying attention to her. BUT… she’s the only real “celebrity” woman wrestler, which is why she made a list that focused on recognizable names to the public. I know damn well at least a couple of divas have made more than 1.5 mil, but they don’t have Chyna’s fame.

      • lucky1now

        I’m just hoping that wwe can begin to see eve as a draw now n hopefully rebuild the division
        Who knows where eves head is at as to whether she wants to let fame get to her head
        Kelly was a different story she doesn’t really have what it takes to wrestle she decides she wants to take a break possibly see other things


    It’s amazing what a enhanced Eve last year was kelly Bitch.

  • amb3r

    Very cool interview!!