SmackDown Spoilers: September 21st, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* Layla defeated Natalya with Eve Torres on commentary.

* Santino Marella beat Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match. Cesaro had the match won but Aksana fell into the ring and injured herself so the referee was distracted. Santino got the win via roll up. After the match, Cesaro broke up with Aksana in 5 different languages. (Source)


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    y it always Nattie?? -__-

    • Blowbangfan

      I know – it’s stupid, right? Arguably their top talent (along with Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres and Kaitlyn) and she can’t get a win?! It’s unbelievable really. I wish they just had a woman wrestling show where real storylines and more likely match outcomes would occur. Girls like Aksana, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, Layla or Rosa Mendes would never be able to beat someone as skilled and talented as Natalya. Beth Phoenix maybe. Eve Torres is awesome but still a longshot. I adore and worship Kaitlyn but I’m out of my mind if I say she’d beat Natalya. Tamina is a good opponent but some people would say that’s stale. I wish Natalya would get more respect from the WWE but as long as she’s happy I am. Still, it would be great to see her kicking butt like we all know she could…

      • EVEROCKS

        Yea. I would add Layla, and Naomi to your top talent list though. Kaitlyn is a top talent based more on persona. Kaitlyn will no doubt in my mind become a great wrestler someday soon! One of the main things that bothers me the most about wrestling is how unrealalistic they. Kelly beats BETH PHEONIX, who is nearly 3x her size with a role up….REALLY??! Pathetic. I think Natalya is easily the most talented female in the company right now. (Paige, SDR in close second.) Nattie is a diva in the wrong era along with Beth. I wonder what it would’ve been like to see Lay and Aksana in the Lita/Trish era?? Hmmm. But anyways Natalya needs to be taken very much more seriously. And they need to bring back the womans belt and put in on her.

  • Addy

    They need to bring up new heels.. every week it seems to be Beth and Natalya getting pinned.

  • SweeneyTodd

    And they split Aksana from Cesaro, after a loss against Santino (Non Title Match).

    • shokko22

      WTF! thats one of the worst decisions wwe has made this year!

      • xxQOXxx

        Cough* Replace her with Del Rey *Cough

        • Looking Glass

          Why so people can bitch and moan about how she’s not wrestling like they did when Nattie managed the Hart Dynasty?

        • JamieKym

          Cough* Seen it already. Bad Choice *Cough

  • javiousmckenzie

    I pretty much expected Aksana to in some way split with Cesaro and end up with Santino and as far as the Layla Nattie situation ughh the divas are so stale right now i just cant

  • OJ Von Erich

    Well hopefully they get a little time since they put on fun matches together… Eve should be cool to hear on commentary, I’m sure she will be spouting nonsense about how she’s so happy and grateful to Booker… Aksana split from Antonio, NOOOOOO!!!

  • redsandman99

    Hopefully it’s decent.They generally have good chemistry so it should be . I’ll be interested to hear Eve on commentary. Hopefully Cole will push her on the Kaitlyn situation and that will get continued. And with Aksana getting split from Cesaro I wonder if we’ll be seeing her wrestle more.

    • Blowbangfan

      That would be cool to see Aksana wrestle more (as awful as she is) but I would only want that if they had 2 Diva matches per show, when we’re probably averaging 1.5 per both Raw and Smackdown combined.

      Even cooler, what be seeing Dolph Ziggler dump Vicky Guerrero for years of being “the better half” in the relationship and being dragged down by her nagging and annoying voice, to instead pair up with Aksana as his new valet/girlfriend. Maybe that could be the motivation needed for him to win a major title. Also, he could feud with Antonio and Vickie Guerrero could suddenly become Vickie Cesaro? Who knows, but I think that would be pretty cool…

  • SweeneyTodd

    It was a 1 minute match…

    • VarsityBaseDude

      I was just going to say this. Natalya and Beth having a feud is totally out of the question now unless they do something drastic. I do not think fans will be as excited.

      • Blowbangfan

        Definitely agree with you, VARSITYBASEDUDE. It would be cool to watch Beth and Natalya in the ring AGAINST each other but WWE totally flopped on the Divas of Doom so maybe one day, they can be a dominant tag-team in TNA but I highly doubt it; I just hope because I would love to see both these powerhouse Diva thrive instead of being an afterthought. It’s too bad but what can you do, when creative is poo?

  • Rickalicious92

    Hey remember when Beth and Nattie were on the top of the division?? So much for Divas of Doom.

    • VarsityBaseDude

      They still are Divas of doom. Doom to be jobbers via new girls unfortunately.

  • Acrant

    The division is two groups.

    Layla, Eve, and Kaitlyn.

    Everyone else.

  • shannymac

    Let me guess, they have an ~intense stare-down~ afterwards.

  • rodneyclint

    As great as it is to get to hear the ladies talk, one on one matches with commentary is pretty boring. So much for any thought going into this storyline, I think they peaked at the “who hurt Kaitlyn” segment. You could be on the optimistic side and hope something more goes down once Kaitlyn comes back though.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Couldn’t it be rosa? Or a tag match just something different than again atkeast there’s a match!

    And the aksana split from Antonio I’m actually interested in this maybe Aksana will go face again Boone funny Aksana bpwas the best!!(: haha

    • VelvetLoveFan

      Blonde * and was the best* sorry 4 the misspelling

  • TehKardashianKing

    Natalya AGAIN? *Facepalm*

    Why not… uh… oh yeah, I forgot… there aren’t any heels wrestling left except for Beth and Nattie. -.-

    Alicia doesn’t count since she’s a tweener unless they find a way to turn her into an official heel, Tamina is basically non-existent on the main roster and Rosa is still managing the team of Primo and Epico.

    Three words: Bring. In. Pai-. Oh wait, she isn’t 21 ’till next year. :/

    Why the hell did they make Aksana leave Antonio for SANTINO of all people!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • Jillian Rayne

      Ok, no one hate, but I feel like I’ve missed something here. Why would WWE not bring Paige to the main roster until she is 21?

      • redsandman99

        @Jillian Rayne Reports have said WWE doesn’t want to bring her up on the main roster until she’s 21.

        @Tehkardashianking Aksana was dumped for Antonio. She didn’t leave him for Santino and there’s no word yet whether she’ll join Santino or anyone else.

        • Jillian Rayne

          I guess I just don’t understand the logic considering Kelly Kelly was under 21 when she debuted.

        • redsandman99

          Yeah…either the reports are full of shit or WWE’s changed their policy about performers that young since then. It’s been six years since she debuted that’s plenty of time for a change like that.

        • Jillian Rayne

          I hope the reports are shit then because I can’t wait for Paige to debut.

        • WWFoverWWE

          WWE likely changed their policy. Performers younger than 21 still qualify as kids and WWE wants adults traveling on the road. Kelly just got luck with her timing, she would’ve never debuted as 19 in 2012.

        • Raekon

          Kelly debuted as a dancer and did nothing else till she was at least 20.
          Paige is 20 already? I thought she was 19? O_o

          I too find this type of policy stupid but oh well.

          Maybe they will use Aksana more in the ring now so she needed to be split from Antonio so she has the time for that.

        • redsandman99

          Paige just turned 20 not that long ago.

  • lucky1now

    I’m hoping for a good match

  • wl75

    It looks like they may lead Askana towards Santino- apparently what happened is Askana distracted the ref so Caesaro could hit a finisher, but then Askana slipped so the ref didn’t make the count- which lead to a Santino comeback. Caesaro then dumped her for costing her the match.

    • WWFoverWWE

      Santino does draw in the women with muscle (Beth, Tamina, and now maybe Aksana?) xD

  • WWFoverWWE

    Who wants to place bets on when Beth and Nattie will be leaving? I give them one more year of this mistreatment.

    • Kessuki

      i bet beth will be first to go, given she’s been there much longer.

    • Raekon

      They are both getting featured a lot (well every week) so no matter if they currently job to other divas or not, they are still getting more TV time and a good paycheck than Divas like Alicia or Tamina that are rarely or nowhere to be seen most of the time.

      So I don’t see them leaving because of that.
      Most of all since they had their championships and their spotlight in the past and probably again in the future.

      It just generaly sucks that they have only the Divas belt that includes only one feud going on most of the time.

      • Bethinho

        “so no matter if they currently job to other divas or not, they are still getting more TV time and a good paycheck”

        bingo!stick something in your heads,Beth and Natalya will NEVER leave WWE by their own decision.
        the problem here is that anything good they MAY get in the future will be ruined by what they´re getting now.Beth is long the powerful dominant diva and Natalya is….nevermind…

        • Kessuki

          rumours circling online regarding beth retiring from wrestling in a couple of weeks. and you said?

  • Kessuki

    i doubt nattie will ever have a decent divas title run again, wrestle trish in a dream match, have a singles match at WM or wrestle Beth. She aspires to be as successful as her uncles but i’m afraid that she’ll be waiting until forever to achieve anything on a similar scale and by then the peak of her career may have been wasted and left her with little time to win titles elsewhere. i have a feeling in the next 18 months beth will leave and natalya willl depart shortly after.

  • knockoutdivafan930

    So it would be interesting to see Aksana get used more now in the divas divison. She is a new face and has really only wrestled one single match since being brought up. It would be cool to see her run back to Teddy, and after weeks of chasing him, Teddy finally agrees to forgive her. Soon Aksana is alway with Teddy, who is always with Booker. Since Aksana is around all the time she start’s to pick up things about the show and helps Teddy make suggestions to Booker about matches and such, which angers Eve, who has been too focused on being Champion and not the assistant, thus setting up a fued between Aksana and Eve. Aksana would eventually become the new assistant with the help of Teddy or Booker fires Eve, and replaces her with Teddy. Eve lashes out be attacking Aksana and blaming her for the being fired. Aksana gets tired of being pushed around by Eve and challenges for the title, which she wins with help of Layla and Kaitlyn.

    • kreece

      Im probably not the only one saying this but I don’t think Aksana is ready for a title shot just yet, she’s still ring shy in her matches. I could see her helping Kaitlyn win the title, it’d be cool if she became assistant, leading to a sub fued while kaitlyn and eve fued, and at the next ppv she hits eve with her finisher and kaitlyn pinning her?

  • Raekon

    Sounds underwhelming and old but I hope that they will at least sell it well.

    I’m actually buffled that they would split such a very functional pair like Antonio/Aksana.

    Maybe they did it so Aksana can work more in the ring now?
    I guess time will tell. I just don’t want her to be teamed with Santino as the “comedic duo”.

    Most of all since I don’t find Santino funny for 99% of the time.

    Which was rather the opposite when it comes to Aksanas greatly placed wording in some cases that made her funny and likeable as a face Diva.

    With that said, the Divas division has hit another deep low.

    Previously we even had a top ten ladder with Divas in the powerwrestling magazine where in the last few months got cut to top 5.

    Just checked the on released for this month and there is only a top 3 (layla, kaitlyn and beth).

    Anyway, the division lacks when it comes to divas and even the storyline thankfully didn’t got cut bur rather continues, I really hope they will use the remaining next weeks to build things up more and involve the other divas aswell.

    Tamina was already olaced in the nxt intro which indicates she is a main or regular there.

    Alicia appears once in a while only and Kelly is more absent then anywhere near the building.

    Rosa turned to a manager only on the main roster (better than the main jobber position to say the least).

    Unless they indeed involve Aksana now that she is free from valeting somehow we have only Layla, Nattie, Eve, Beth and Kaitlyn.

  • Bethinho

    time for things to go back to isn´t everyday like last week.

  • nathan3050

    Anybody think kaitlyns attacker may have been Sara del rey?

    • Blowbangfan

      I actually did have this though as well. I thought SDR as the prime suspect. I initially thought Eve (I didn’t see the PPV live) but after watching the segment; Eve should be cleared of all charges. Definitely not Rosa. Maybe Tamina, but that would be a stretch. I don’t think it was AJ but that would be cool if it was. Pretty sure it wasn’t Alicia, Beth or Natalya. Layla seems extremely unlikely and ridiculous because it doesn’t make sense; albeit, wrestling story-lines often don’t make much sense. Kelly Kelly? Hmm, maybe it was Kelly Kelly? Not too sure, but I still think the prime suspect is SDR and if it’s not her, I’m going to have to go with K2.

  • kreece

    So because Beth and Natalya keep losing recently they’re jobbers? Considering they were in the main picture all of last year and this year? Lol other women have to get a chance too you know.
    I’m glad Layla’s still in the title picture some how, because I can’t imagine her not raise see been one of the main girls for years now.

    • kreece

      her not because she’s been* LORD MY PHONE

    • Bethinho

      sure,other woman need to have a chance but you don´t see that with the male superstars.
      a win over Nattie or Beth means zero now and don´t make anyone look strong,which should be the opposite.Beth´s role as a dominant diva is long gone.

      • kreece

        The dominant role went when se lost to one of those bella twins. I can’t take any of the wins seriously anymore

  • MiPiMafia

    layla vs natalya again.. i’m not surprised.. i mean, let’s face it, Eve is the champion so she can’t job so that only leaves Beth and Natalya as the heel jobber, I know it’s not the right role for them but that’s the only heels they have so we have to deal with it and also, with the current diva ratios, we have seen the same matches over and over again:
    beth vs alicia
    beth vs layla
    beth vs kelly
    natalya vs alicia
    natalya vs layla
    natalya vs kelly
    those matches are what we have been given time and time again and for now, that’s all we are seeming to get.

    and as for the aksana/antonio thing, i’m more annoyed about this because it was rumored that brodus would feud with antonio for the US title and it seemed that way on raw and it was possible that we could have seen naomi vs aksana but now, it seems that we won’t :(

  • MiPiMafia

    also, WWE is in need of atleast 2 more heels on the roster just to bump the ratio up because Rosa is managing, Eve is the champion so that leaves beth and natalya. Rumors are that they don’t wanna bring up paige until she’s 21 which is a shame as thats another year we have to wait as she’s 20.

    They should bring up Raquel, i think it’s time that they do.

    • Like Mike

      I think the issue with bringing in another heel diva is that her only role would be to job at this point and time. Which, I don’t think WWE wants to bring someone in just to give them a lackluster debut in which they lose a lot. I sense that when and if Raquel joins the main roster she’ll be pushed.

  • MiWiRo

    Would be nice to see AJ being the attacker. Considering their history and her attacking other divas such as Vickie Guerrero. She can’t be GM for much longer.

    • Blowbangfan

      Completely agree. If you hadn’t read my earlier posts I think that Sara Del Rio is the most likely assailant, then possibly Kelly Kelly (for some reason), or maybe AJ. I think it would be an awesome debut for SDR for the “least attractive” Diva to take out the MOST ATTRACTIVE in Kaitlyn and not that I’m calling her ugly or anything, but maybe that would be her gimmick much like Kharma had. On to K2; Kelly Kelly would be such a huge surprise since she’s always been a smiling sweetheart, but she has been absent of late and it would be a riveting way to put her back on the Diva map. As for AJ, she’s already bitch-slapped (Goddess-slapped I should say) Kaitlyn twice, but for some reason I don’t think it was her. I do hope it was because AJ is getting quite boring and stale but I don’t see how an attack on Kaitlyn would benefit her in anyway. So I’m sticking with my guns and saying it was SDR. Though, Kelly Kelly would be an amazing incredible surprise. Just hope Greatlyn K8LN gets back in the ring ASAP.

      • Like Mike

        lol no offense but how much of a super Kaitlyn mark you are makes me chuckle. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and who’s to say Kaitlyn is more attractive then SDR or any other diva. Goddess slapped… lol.