Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2012: Best Finisher

2012fanawardsThe results are in! Over the past two weeks you have been voting in your thousands for the winners of the 2012 Diva Dirt Fan Awards. All of the votes have been counted and verified, and it’s now time to reveal who you’ve picked…

Best Finisher

The nominees were:

Eat Defeat (Gail Kim)
Glam Slam (Beth Phoenix)
O-Face (Athena)
RamPaige (Paige)
Sharpshooter (Natalya)
Sky Yim (Mia Yim)
Snap swinging neckbreaker (Eve)
Superfly Splash (Tamina Snuka)
Tess Shocker (Brooke Tessmacher)
Widow’s Peak (Tara)

And the winner is…

Widow’s Peak – 23%

Glam Slam – 20%
RamPaige – 14%

Did the right person win? Tell us what you think in the comments or by tweeting @divadirt.

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  • Johnyfaction3

    I am honestly loving that the divas are winning basicly every award. More because they of the writers choice awards outcome. It is also very fun seeing everyone else revolt. I do like that the widows peak won. Haha.

  • melina prez

    Thats what i voted for! ;)

  • E-Man

    I think the right people won…… may not be the order in which I would have liked, however. I’ll take it.

  • pumped up kicks

    Grrrr love the widows peak but I was kinda hoping the O face would take it. Its ok though the widows peak is the s**t

  • Crazy_J

    Ever since the voting for this started I felt like the widow’s peak would win, and yay it did! :-)

  • DJ8946

    The GlamSlam shouldn’t even be 2nd. Its easily botched.

  • Rhawk

    I personally think the O-Face is better than any of these, but Im not upset with the winner so congrats to the Widows Peak.


    YES!! WP forever

  • Getdownwithachola

    Skyler Moon’s new finisher should’ve been up there.

    • sugarrush28

      Seriously cause it’s amazing. anyway I voted for the Widow’s Peak because I never get tired of seeing it.

  • aldo

    I knew it! And this is probably going to be the winner for the other finisher competition.

  • Lita-Sault-666

    I think the widows peak is one of my favourite finished, period.

  • Marlon Eric

    Widow’s Peak won. That’s okay. Don’t know why the Glam Slam is nominated. It’s boring because it’s so protected. Hell, you either have to be Alicia Fox to sell it perfectly or Michelle McCool to legit take it on your face.

  • divaindemise

    The tournament idea was a flop. Sorrrrrreeeee.

    The Widow’s Peak is probably the foremost thing that defines Lisa Marie Varon as an iconic wrestler, besides the longevity of her career. It’s a suitable acknowledgement.

  • https://www.twitter.com/KiannaFury phenomenalkstyles

    That award was an obvious, too! That move is what made her lethal her entire career.

  • SweeneyTodd

    Oh a TNA win. A wonder

  • JamieKym

    Shocked O-face wasn’t a runner up. Glam Slam as a runner up is laughable.

  • Melissa K Killer 2010