SmackDown Redux (January 11th, 2013): AJ Lee Shows Her Bite


Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! This week on the blue brand couples collide as AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler take on the team of Natalya and The Great Khali in tag team action. Can WWE’s newest power couple knock out WWE’s odd couple? Check out the match below:

The Superstars kick off the match for their respective teams, but Dolph quickly tags in AJ after taking a beating from Khali. AJ enters the ring and starts skipping around Khali (Vintage AJ…), but leaps on his back when he goes to tag in Natalya. Nattie quickly pulls AJ off of her boytoy and slams her to the canvas. AJ manages to get away and back to a vertical base, but Natalya lays her out once again with a vicious discus clothesline.

Natalya goes to finish AJ off with the Sharpshooter, but AJ bites her on the knee, forcing Natalya to break the hold. AJ scrambles to the corner to escape an enraged Natalya, but her opponent comes charging with a flurry of punches. Natalya goes to pull AJ out of the corner to finish her off, and gets bit in the face for her trouble.

AJ takes advantage of Natalya’s bewilderment and lays her out with a Sliced Bread #2 off of the ropes to pick up the win for her team. Post-match, Dolph and Big E. Langston attack Khali and Hornswoggle, while AJ looks on.

Thoughts: I’m a big fan of both AJ and Natalya, so it hurts me to say that I didn’t really care for this match. Not that there was anything with the match technically speaking, it just felt like a filler match that didn’t really accomplish much at all in terms of storytelling. On the plus side, he match did showcase AJ’s crazy side with the biting of Nattie’s knee and face. Hopefully, we can get a singles match between these two next week on SmackDown. Until then, goodbye!

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  • shaky209

    So AJ is taking lessons from Former Heavy Weight Champion Mike Tyson.I guess what ever works Me I think that’s a little low..Biting someone to win.I’d say that’s dirty fighting Well maybe next time Natayla gives AJ a taste of her own medicine..!!I’d hope that sooner or later the refree would step in and DQ Aj And stop the match.bitng What can you say about someone that uses biting and On TV !I know I seen it myself and couldn’t believe it..!

  • shameronstar

    So the divas can slap, pull hair, and now they’ve learned bite! So what what does wwe think the women are Pokemon or something?

    • TNATaraNonstopAction


    • Felipe

      My thoughts exactly.

    • ANatural36

      You forgot Ass Slap lol so they need to forget one XD

    • Raekon

      Was about to say it myself. :p
      Now we need to give them elements and spiting attacks and then categorize them in a pokedex so one can catch them all. x_X

    • Flawless

      LOL love the pokemon mention!

  • GailKim95

    I’m just happy AJ is back in the ring. And this did develope a story as they are probably slowly trying to build AJ up so that she seems like an actual contender for the title when WWE decides to start a title feud with her and probably Kaitlyn

  • Rhawk

    AJ… she’s crazy! Not that this isn’t news to anyone though. =-P

  • qcevolution

    Ive always hated that super dramatic rebound Aj always does after the sliced bread. It just seems like she’s overselling the impact lol

    • DivaDestiny

      Glad to see I’m not the only one. That has always annoyed me. She actually oversold a lot in the match for some reason. She’s one of the best sellers of the Divas but she was just off last night. :/ Overselling is just as bad as no selling, imo.

      • 09DHK

        But there ARE some divas (past and present) who can oversell and make a move look amazing (present tense, Alicia Fox; past tense, Mickie James, Melina, and Beth Phoenix).

        • Raekon

          well it depends on how you “overselling”, in AJs case (sad but true) she oversells everything and most of it badly.

  • wwestarlee

    People werr going crazy over aj’s slice bread when it wasnt that greati think another diva could have did it better maybe Naomi just saying and poor nattie better go to the doctor lol

  • DJ8946

    The match was just to show even more that AJ was crazy & it did its job. I would love to watch AJ vs Natalya because AJ is gonna be the small heel & Natalya is the powerful technician.

  • KJ Mendez

    I think it would’ve been better to see the standing version of the sliced bread . But anyway even though this match was pretty short & not as actionable as I’d hoped , it was still entertaining . I laughed just about the whole time . Nattie’s screaming & AJ’s devil smile as she bit into her got to me . I agree that this was just to show what dirty things AJ does in order to win as a heel . Hopefully she’ll be in the ring more often .

    • puppies

      The standing version looks so unrealistic. It makes it even more obvious that the opponent is carrying her. Using the turnbuckle/rope looks much better in my opinion.

      • KJ Mendez

        I respect your opinion (:
        But I just love the standing version a lot better . Has she ever done it using the ropes ? Like a stratusfaction sort of move ? That would be interesting to see .

        • Raekon

          The standing version is like puppies already mentioned totally unrealistic and looks totally fake and bad.

          Using the ropes makes the move work cause one can see that she gets the elevation by using them.

          In the standing version she just jumps a little when the opponent practically picks her up and shoves her over her shoulder before she drops on her back so the move is sold correctly.

  • Felipe

    I feel as if AJ hasn’t done anything impressive in the ring since her days in nxt. I understand she is suppose to come off as crazy but even Mickie did a good job of doing crazy antics yet still show off some of what she can do in the ring. Hopefully she will not be paired with Dolph for too long because they both need to shine on their own. It feels as if the WWE has no idea what to do with AJ, but they still want to keep her in the limelight so they keep pairing her up with the top wrestlers.

    • kio3j2

      AJ is the only diva that gets a reaction from the audience, so its no surprise that they’re just doing anything to put her on TV. AJ and Dolph don’t have good chemistry together in my opinion, they need to separate asap.

      • Slapavel

        I disagree with aj being the only diva getting reaction

  • Getdownwithachola

    Now it will be funny in the next few years when AJ is the female John Cena type and The diva dirters starts to complain about ho much they missed the Crazy AJ.

  • AndieMcPhee

    I liked the match. The biting thing was pretty brilliant for a start, but the main thing for me was that AJ managed to look like a credible enough wrestler (primarily due to the Sliced Bread #2 which came off great) and yet Natalya wasn’t weakened in the process. She looked like the veteran here who was completely taken aback by AJ’s tactic and lost focus as a result.

    It’s obviously a bit of a stretch given that WWE seems to have no interest in making Nattie a top tier Diva again, but I’d love it if she at least got to work with Kaitlyn in a little series for the title. I don’t want her to go heel because Nattie shines as a fan favourite, but it could really establish Kaitlyn as a wrestler if she got a run with the best the roster has to offer. Think Trish when she worked with Jacqueline, Jazz and Molly after winning her first title.

    • Flawless

      I agree! i’m happy that they didn’t make nattie look weak and the biting made me lol xD. I much prefer AJ & DB then Dolph and AJ though. :( I also loved nattie’s smile and the pop when she began to attack AJ! AJ is perefect in the crazy role.

  • aldo

    I hate to watch Natalya losing, but at least she is face. As for AJ, well, she plays her role very well, but i don’t want to see her in the title picture yet, because there are other divas that deserve the spotlight. AJ is with Cena, and Dolph and then the title? No, thanks. Maybe months after Kaytlin or another diva take the divas title. I don’t wanna get tired of AJ.

  • charovnica

    AJ is no nerd anymore…did you see her after the pin? Her bra was showing,she was licking her hand…She must be a fire ball in bed! lol But yeah,I liked that we finally saw the Sliced Bread,but I agree she oversell it at the end.I love AJ though.I think she’s doing a tramendous job and I feel that Dolph is pulling a little bit away from her which gives the impression that they don’t really mash together as a couple.It’s probably going to be fixed later on when they get used to each other.

    I wanna see a series of matches between Nattie & AJ,and I want AJ slowly to transfer into the heel version from FCW. She can still pull some crazy out,but I want more competitive matches.

  • 09DHK

    Hopefully Natalya didn’t contract slut rabies from getting bitten by AJ. I feel like AJ’s become the go-to diva to edge other top divas out of the company. Notice how they began her mega push as a babyface right around the time Kelly Kelly (the top babyface at the time for some reason) started appearing less and less until her inevitable departure, leaving room for AJ to become the top babyface and make fans kinda forget about Kelly. Now that AJ’s heel all of a sudden, I think that Eve is on her way out next since she’s not as over of a heel as AJ, and she’s been with the main roster longer (a veteran if you will); which is why I don’t think Eve will make it to Wrestlemania after her feud with Kaitlyn finally wraps up after being dragged out for what feels like YEARS. Plus, I just don’t see the room for TWO top heels in the Divas Division unless they’re a team/stable like Lay-Cool or Divas of Doom (which WWE took the ball, froze it in liquid nitrogen, dropped it off the Empire State building and SHATTERED it royally). Seriously, D.O.D. could’ve been the best thing to hit the division since Kharma’s debut; which would’ve done nothing but benefit them since Kharma was written off.

    • Raekon

      Actually there is room for more than one top heels or top faces.
      Check the male division and you’ll understand what I mean.

      As long as they have their own roles that don’t collide with each other, there is nothing to worry about.

      AJs character is mainly with the guys while Eve holds the title and has her problems with the girls.

      Different storylines, no competition.

  • litaluva06

    WWE is very smart for working AJ the way they do.

    Having her become the top heel, who instead of wrestles all the time or wins championship gold, becomes a main event-er by working with the guys.
    Working with the men (top men) always plays in the favor of the Divas.

    Eventually AJ will be a face again, and after all of this working as a main event-er, the crowd will be super behind her.

  • Marlon Eric

    Natalya screaming just makes the whole god damn show for me! LOL It’s like a character in itself..

  • Ryan

    Nice match sorta.. AJ should do the Stratusfaction instead.. And Nattie should bed AJ like she did last year