Impact Wrestling Feedback: February 7th, 2013

Get your weekly dose of Knockouts action on tonight’s Impact. Tune into Spike TV at the start time of 8pm ET.

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  • TorrieStacyCandice

    Finally, TNA Seems Real Without The Tacky Impact Zone!

  • shameronstar

    I love those Tara and Brooke Hogan backstage verbal exchanges featuring Jessie! Tara should have been like,”I’m 2 time former wwe women’s champion and and 5 time and current knockout’s champion. I’m future hall of famer and very for you can’t speak to and treat me this way. I am so telling Stacy, Torrie, and the Kardashians off about you!”

    • Ryan

      Lmfao @ Stacey Torrie and Kardashians

  • Kayfabe!

    Wtf are they doing to Tara? Seriously! Hollering Jessie! Jessie! Jessie!
    She just sounds stupid!!!!

    • Looking Glass

      The same woman who wore a scuba diving outfit to a bikini match, dressed as a sumo and dancing banana?

      • Kayfabe!

        that was wwe! This tna and until now Tara has been portrayed very well but like I said until now!!! She’s a freaking legend! Makes no sense!

        • Getdownwithachola

          LOL you realize TNA is the identical twin brother of WWE???

        • Looking Glass

          A name change doesn’t mean people auto-forget, give wrestling fans some credit in the intellect department. Besides, TNA haven’t always built her, obsessing over a spider when she had the title, lying down and taking a pin don’t scream character build.

        • Ryan

          The only time Tara had show to be a real threat was against Trish Stratus back in 2002-2005
          And again showed a glimpse of hope on her last match against McCool
          And finally against Awesome Kong!!

  • rodneyclint

    Sorry, I think Tara is too old for her role with Jesse! Don’t hate me!