Former WWE Diva Lita has been featured on’s list of the 20 “Coolest Tattoos in WWE History”.

Although Lita — real name Amy Dumas — has many tattoos, has highlighted her three-eyed demon shoulder tattoo as her standout ink.

The tattoo was ranked at #9 on the list, the reason being that Lita was “one of the most devious ones [Divas]. It’s fitting, then, that her sinister side is on display.”

The four-time Women’s Champion had the tattoo done during a trip to Amsterdam.

Lita often detailed the experience in interviews, saying once, “When I was 19, I went to Amsterdam and a friend had got a tattoo there earlier. I liked that artist’s work and brought the tattoo back as a souvenir from Europe. It doesn’t mean anything in particular, I just asked the guy to use his creativity.”

Who do you think has the best tattoo in wrestling?