In Video: Ivelisse Velez Talks WWE Tenure, Wrestling Against Her Family’s Wishes

PWInsider has spoken to former NXT Diva and soon-to-be TNA Gut Check contestant Ivelisse Velez in a video interview posted to their website.

The interview, which was conducted before Ivelisse revealed her TNA news, features topics such as Ivelisse’s time on Tough Enough, her NXT experience and the emotional topic of her pursuing a wrestling career against the wishes of her family.

Watch the video below:

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  • DjayDay

    How someone is that good looking and that skilled in the ring and gets released. She must have really pissed someone off. Oh well, she’ll bring something really awesome to the Knockouts Division.

    • Number One

      I agree. WWE really screwed up by releasing her.

      • Christo82

        Yep, could have joined with Rosa and The cousins( Primo and Epico) vs Naomi, Cam and Sweet T and Brodus. Could not even imagine a Naomi vs Sofia Cortez match.

    • Raekon

      Some trainers down in the developmental want you to be a puppy dog that does everything they said without a question.

      So if you show confidence on your craft or try to give some additional input out of experience, you are marked as “respectless” and as having an “attitude”.

      • art

        @Raekon BUT she has to learn the wwe way of things & having a bad attitude or putting input they dont want to hear will get her in trouble which it did…

        • Raekon

          I’m sure that you also heard Michelle MC Cools interview right?

          Which means that when they got heat due to their match with Melina, neither her, nor Melina said anything or tried to stand up their themselves out of “respect”.

          So if they would had said that they added their spot in their match because they thought it would make the match better would had been a bad attitude?

          I’m sure it’s not.

          However, when Jericho stood up for them she thought “thank you, thank you” instead of thinking I should had said that.

          Of course she couldn’t, she is a woman after all and for the WWE they are only “meat” that has nothing to say.

          Letting yourself getting treated like a slave or a robot that has to shut it and take it no matter how fair or unfair a situation is?

          If you are for it ART all the power to you but I’m happy that girls like Ivelisse, Kong and others still stand up for themselves.

          This type of attitude of the WWE Agents and the treatment they are giving to the divas is actually a bad attitude, not the other way around.

        • Raekon

          Erm… I would like to take the “meat” comment back, it sounds badder than it was intented and is exaggerating the whole thing a bit. Sorry. :/

        • DjayDay

          I love how you make it seem like its ok to be released for having a voice Art…

    • Lily

      I was actually just about to write the same comment.

      She’s so gorgeous yet so talented in the ring ….WWE really let go.

  • divaindemise

    I said this when she was in WWE and I’ll say it again: you seriously can’t take your eyes off this woman. The camera loves her face.

    • divaindemise

      That said, I think she should tone it on the blusher.

    • Jillfan1

      I agree she’s very beautiful she has an exotic look like Layla who I also think is very beautiful

  • TorrieStacyCandice


  • WWFoverWWE

    I REALLY like Ivelisse. I hope TNA doesn’t waste her talents like they did with Sarita. This girl is a star.

    I also think she’s really misunderstood :(

    • Jillfan1

      I also think she is misunderstood; I know even gail Kim in a recent interview wished for a cameo with Sarita such a shame they better not mess with ivellise she can carry the division since Tara(love her) is leaving sooner rather than later it shows

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    IMO this woman has IT whatever IT is. She has the looks, the ability and the attuitude to be a star. Hopefully WWE’s loss will be TNA’s game. Do the right thing TNA and this woman

    • Jillfan1

      AGREED she has “It”

  • Future-Knockout/Diva

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for TNA to sign her and that she will excitement back to the knockouts divison.

  • Raekon

    I really hope everything goes well and she get signed but also properly used.
    All the best girl you deserve it! :)

  • charovnica

    It’s funny how people immediately blame the trainers that she was released from NXT.You don’t know what happened there,so stop jumping the gun for no reason.If she’s so great she’ll find her place outside the WWE with no problem.But to be honest IF she was the same in NXT as she was in Tough Enough with the costant “I can’t ” and “I have nothing left in me to move on”…no wonder she was released.And I said “if”,so don’t jump the gun on me now.

    • Raekon

      Since I’m the only person that mentioned that, you could had directly replied. :p

      Not jumping any gun, people blame it on her attitude when it’s obvious that it was the attitude of a trainer/agent of the wwe instead.

      Someone with a bad attitude isn’t signed or booked by so many promotions and being kept so alone this fact should show that her attitude is ok.

      She is still signed in AAA, working iPPVs for SHINE Wrestling, making appearances in FWE and more.

      In SHINE she even joined the stable Valkyrie, which contents female talent that wouldn’t accept anyone with a bad attitude in their stable to even start with.

      Just a few infos there in case you dont know these things yet. :)

      • charovnica

        First of all I do not refere to you or just diva dirt.It’s all over now.Ever since she was released it was an issue and I’m getting sick of it.

        But now that you jump with some made up “facts” in favor of you perspective,I have to say that all you just mention doesn’t mean anything.I know all about her indy things going on for her right now,but that does not mean she hadn’t had the bad attitude back in NXT,this can easily mean that she learned the hard way that in a work environment you can’t be a bitchy character backstage especially when you’re new.So far we’ve heard the perspective of a woman who was shot down by WWE,how does that prove anything? :)

        • Raekon

          Past Divas already mentioned similar things and were called out as having a “bad attitude”.

          In fact, every past diva that allowed herself to speak up and show confidence.

          You just need to see what Maria, Michelle, Melina, Tara, Gail among many others already stated and you’ll know it’s not made up facts.

          If she were a bitchy character backstage, there wouldn’t be privat pictures at the beach together with paige, raquel, christina among others either.

          Kong was also called out of having a bad attitude backstage prior to her release aswell btw.

          “Strangely”, every indy promotion received kong and ivelisse with open arms prior to wwe and still do afterwards so if they were THAT bad backstage, I highly doubt that they would get received that way.

        • charovnica

          Why do you think you’re the only one who listened to their interviews?Those girls were already in the actual shows so it’s a whole different story.Never I said the WWE were saints,but they weren’t even back in the day when women’s wrestling was great.You’re acting like you know it all,but you don’t,I don’t know everything either.

          Also the bitchy attitude can be towards the trainers and not a particular diva in training,you again go on with your assumptions.Wrestling business is not a walk in the park,welcome to the real world.You don’t get used to how things go around quickly,you’re gone…

          Also Kharma herself clarified that she understood and agreed on why she was released.It wasn’t because of her bitchiness only,it was for her to get time and deal with what she’s been through.WWE saw a gold mine in here,I’m sure,as much as people trying to make WWE look like a company full of retards,there is a reason why they’ve been around for so long.

          Also as you can see NXT tolerates talent,so the rule of Melina vs Michelle also called “being too good” doesn’t apply for Iveliese.

          The truth is we can spend all day throwing made up “facts” and assumptions and we still won’t know for sure if we’re right or wrong,so It’s all pretty pointless.At the end of the day this doesn’t hurt the divas division since her release we got more girls that are capable in the ring and has promising characteristics to make it.And Ivelease is doing pretty well outside the WWE,so whatcha gonna do about it…

        • Raekon

          Never said that I’m the only one that listened to these interviews and for someone that says the WWE aren’t “saints” you are trying to defend them quite a bit to say the least.

          Ivelisse praised Normal Smiley as trainer.
          So much about being “bitchy”.

          No one needs to “try” to make the wwe look like retards, they are managing to do so themselves pretty well.

          “Don’t be a bully, be a sexist instead that doesn’t allow any diva to outshine a male wrestler!”.

          Because thisis a “males business” and women have only to be “eye candy” in it, so all the fans would rather make polls about “who is the hottest diva” instead of having something good to talk about the division in terms of characters, storylines and proper matches.

          Have a great day


    Please TNA,Please!!

  • Kessuki

    didnt watch much of her matches on nxt but have lately seen her in shine and she is really good so i hope tna do not let her slip through the net. sign her now!! although it will be disappointing to see her unable to do future ippv’s.

  • Jake

    I rarely believe dirt sheets but reports of her attitude was believable to me. She didn’t have anything nice to say about her co-workers in her interviews and later on she started shouting on Twitter about how she is the original Anti-Diva and hinted that Paige stole her gimmick. She seems unlikable to me.

    • Raekon

      Ivelisse was the original anti diva prior to paige and was with the wwe prior to paige aswell so….

      I don’t know about twitter wars and stuff cause I’m not using it but in her interview, she even said she was happy that paige came along and had the same idea of being an anti diva.


      Paige and her are friends.

      • Jake

        They don’t even follow each other on Twitter. That doesn’t sound friendly to me.

        • Raekon

          You can find pictures of them being together at the beach hanging out on the net.

          Twitter isn’t everything either.
          I’m not using it at all and have a lot of friends. :p

    • puppies

      Weren’t they an anti-diva stable or something?

  • Connor

    She looks alot like the Bella’s, I had never noticed until I seen the picture and video!

  • sugarrush28

    She’s good in the ring but there is just something about her that I don’t like. I can’t put my finger on it though. I will say that I love the darker hair on her.