In Video: Lita Stars in Music Video for JD & the FDCs

Since her departure from the WWE in 2006, four-time Women’s Champion Lita hasn’t dropped her punk rock persona.

From fronting the punk band The Luchagors and hosting the Atlanta radio show PunkRockalypse for five years, Lita–real name Amy Dumas–has now lended her face and voice to a new music video for UK rock band JD & the FDCs’s song “From The Shadows”.

A barely recognizable Lita appears throughout the music video in corpse-like makeup and performs a spoken word portion that she wrote herself.

Watch the music video below:

Are you liking the undead Lita?

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  • Ace Of Base

    Checked it out a few days ago, this is awesome! I had heard she did vocals for this track last year and to finally see the video is a treat. I actually like it very much. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead and I know one of her friends works on the show as a makeup artist. So Lita rocking the “walker” costume as a corpse bride is pure awesomeness! A treat for any and every Lita fan.

    • Vivianna

      i didnt know one of her friends is a makeup artist on TWD, that’s awesome. I liked the video and song too.

      • Ace Of Base

        I believe it’s Shane from the Luchagors.

  • puppies

    You can’t tell it’s her at all. She looks disgusting, but in a good way since that the point haha.

  •!/fuzzy.lumpkins Fuzz

    whats with her obsession with weird dead creeps ? :/

    • Ryan

      Maybe she’s like Tina from bobs burgers…
      The more the merrier, ooh, double trouble.

      • jonboi

        Haha ryan a love me some bobs burger & little freaky tina

  • Johnyfaction3

    I not really a fan of this kind of music, but Lita has always been so cool. Haha. I like that the drummer had CM Punks hoody I believe.

    • Raekon

      He had CM Punks T-Shirt on aswell. :p

  • misschrissi7

    Amy looks amazing in the video.

    off to watch the video again & download the song

  • Getdownwithachola

    Great song though.

  • pumped up kicks

    The song is awesome

  • Matt


  • WweLitafan4ever

    Cool for Amy.

  • jonboi

    Not a fan of this kinda music But cool video & song Amy can rock the diva/zombie/dead bride look gotta love me sum dumas

  • WweLitafan4ever

    WAIT…The chick in the white dress is LITA? You’re kidding,I honestly didn’t recognize her at all. I saw her on the tv screen and recognized her voice,but I didn’t know she was the corpse. Damn!!

  • AdrianRay

    Stunning :)

  • Raekon

    I would had made much more out of this video cause having the band staying on the same spot the whole time became kinda stale for a song like this and for the effort they put on making Lita be a Ghost/Corpse on the run.

    The make up on her was awesomely done, the song is nice but like I said, they could had benefited from the location and her outfit a lot more. :)

  • charovnica

    Ah,love the song actually..but I agree.The video is too stale for a song with such rhytm.Amy’s make up was top notch though!